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Chinese-built railway line to cut through Nairobi national park in Kenya

Guardian Environment News - 3 hours 47 min ago

Rail project costing $13.8bn, part of deals signed with China in 2013, will link Mombasa and Nairobi with Uganda and pass through park on special bridge

Kenya’s new Chinese-built rail line will cut through Nairobi’s wildlife sanctuary, officials said on Friday, replacing the colonial-era railway known as the Lunatic Express.

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Fuel cell industry charges forward thanks to big corporate customers

Guardian Environment News - 5 hours 21 min ago

Businesses that want low-carbon, reliable distributed power are turning to fuel cells which, if costs come down, could compete with solar and wind energy for these deep-pocketed customers

Unlike solar panels or wind turbines, fuel cells are usually hidden from sight. But a growing number of big companies are relying on these mini power plants for a steady supply of electricity with a lower carbon footprint.

Fuel cells, which date back to the 1800s, generate electricity by putting natural gas through a chemical reaction. They release about half the emissions of a conventional power plant, according to the US Environmental Protection Agency.

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Zimbabwe calls for extradition of dentist who killed Cecil the lion

Guardian Environment News - 6 hours 30 min ago

Environment minister wants Walter Palmer to face trial for financing illegal hunt, as White House pressured to respond to petition seeking extradition

The Zimbabwean environment minister has called for the dentist who killed Cecil the lion to be extradited from the US to face trial for financing an illegal hunt.

Oppah Muchinguri told a news conference that Walter Palmer, 55, was a “foreign poacher” and said she understood Zimbabwe’s prosecutor general had started the process to have him extradited.

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Green news roundup: Cecil the lion, Paris climate text and Portland protests

Guardian Environment News - 6 hours 39 min ago

The week’s top environment news stories and green events. If you are not already receiving this roundup, sign up here to get the briefing delivered to your inbox

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Heathrow third runway unjustifiable, says BA parent company boss

Guardian Environment News - 8 hours 24 min ago

IAG chief executive Willie Walsh said Heathrow had glossed over its ability to finance the new infrastructure, which he called inefficient and unfit for purpose

Heathrow’s biggest customer, the group that owns British Airways, has dealt a stinging blow to the airport’s expansion hopes by saying the £17.6bn price for a third runway is excessive and “cannot be justified on any basis”.

Willie Walsh, the chief executive of BA’s parent company IAG, warned that his airlines would not pay the outrageous cost for new infrastructure that he called “inefficient and not fit for purpose”.

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Cecil the lion's killer should be extradited, says Zimbabwe – video

Guardian Environment News - 8 hours 24 min ago
The Zimbabwean environment minister, Oppah Muchinguri, calls for the dentist who killed Cecil the lion to be extradited from the US to face trial for financing an illegal hunt. Muchinguri says that Walter Palmer, 55, from Minnesota, was a 'foreign poacher' and said she understood Zimbabwe's prosecutor general had started the process to have him extradited Continue reading...
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Oil spills actually totally good for animals - video

Guardian Environment News - 8 hours 29 min ago
Are oil spills actually good for the environment? And is coal delicious? In this hard-hitting satirical newscast, Dr Bill Nye's "twin brother" Andy Nye finally reveals the truths about climate change and fossil fuels Continue reading...
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The week in wildlife – in pictures

Guardian Environment News - 8 hours 34 min ago

Hippos ganging up on an impala, wolverines of Finland and a Bengal tiger out on a walk feature in this week’s pick of images from the natural world

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Ralph Steadman, Ceri Levy and climate change poems – books podcast

Guardian Environment News - 9 hours 22 min ago
We join Ralph Steadman in his studio as he teams up with Ceri Levy to put birds threatened with extinction in the frame, and hear how poets are responding to climate chaos

This week's books podcast heads to rural Kent on the trail of the artist Ralph Steadman and the film-maker Ceri Levy, who are putting endangered birds under the lens with a collection of explosive portraits, Nextinction.

We hear what happened when Levy teamed up with Steadman to chart the forces pushing birds to the brink of extinction all over the world, how the artist finds birds both real and imaginary in splats of ink, and why doom is not enough.

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What's greener, beef or potatoes? Test your carbon footprint knowledge - quiz

Guardian Environment News - 10 hours 3 min ago

Bananas, mobile phones, heart bypass operations: do you know what you need to change to go green? Test yourself in our quiz

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Scientists call for ban on live salamander imports to US to stop skin-eating disease

Guardian Environment News - 10 hours 27 min ago

Move needed to prevent spread of deadly fungal disease via pet trade to the wild where it can wipe out salamander populations

The import of hundreds of thousands of live salamanders to the US each year should be banned to save wild salamanders from a deadly disease, scientists say.

They say the move is needed to stop the skin-eating fungal disease, Batrachochytrium salamandrivorans (Bsal), from spreading via the pet trade to wild populations, where there is currently no effective way to control it.

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We can stop Shell's disastrous plan to drill in the Arctic. But only together | Daphne Wysham

Guardian Environment News - 10 hours 37 min ago

Shell’s plan to commence drilling in this untouched region would impact climate change efforts, indigenous populations and the marine environment

Shell is putting corporate profits ahead of our future in its determination to drill in the Arctic. Our elected leaders, most of whom are beholden to corporate interests, won’t act. That’s why some environmentalists are willing to put their lives on the line if need be to stop this insanity.

On Tuesday, Portland “kayaktivists” – activists on kayaks – and Greenpeace workers converged near the drydock to prevent MSV Fennica, Shell Oil’s damaged ice-breaker, from making its way to the Arctic. If it reaches its destination, the ship will pave the way for Shell drilling in a virgin territory.

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Climate models are even more accurate than you thought | Dana Nuccitelli

Guardian Environment News - 11 hours 22 min ago

The difference between modeled and observed global surface temperature changes is 38% smaller than previously thought

Global climate models aren’t given nearly enough credit for their accurate global temperature change projections. As the 2014 IPCC report showed, observed global surface temperature changes have been within the range of climate model simulations.

Now a new study shows that the models were even more accurate than previously thought. In previous evaluations like the one done by the IPCC, climate model simulations of global surface air temperature were compared to global surface temperature observational records like HadCRUT4. However, over the oceans, HadCRUT4 uses sea surface temperatures rather than air temperatures.

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Despite Record Heat, Californians Used Less Water In June

NPR News - Environment - 12 hours 14 min ago

Water use in California dropped by 27 percent in urban areas during June. These new numbers show that mandatory conservation targets imposed because of the severe drought are affecting water use.

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Legal battle to unearth Commonwealth Bank's fossil fuel interests fails

Guardian Environment News - 14 hours 29 min ago

The Australasian Centre for Corporate Responsibility, a Commonwealth Bank shareholder, tried to put a resolution on greenhouse gasses to the bank’s AGM

A push to get Commonwealth Bank to reveal details of its fossil fuel interests has failed after the federal court ruled shareholders do not have the right to ask other shareholders to vote on such issues.

The Australasian Centre for Corporate Responsibility, a Commonwealth Bank shareholder, attempted to put an ordinary shareholder resolution to the bank’s annual general meeting, asking it to report on the amount of greenhouse gas emissions it finances.

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Green groups express 'major concern' over Tory policies in letter to Cameron

Guardian Environment News - 16 hours 22 min ago

Heads of 10 groups, including National Trust, Greenpeace and RSPB, call the cutting or watering-down of 10 key environmental policies woeful and shocking

Environment and conservation groups representing millions of people have written to David Cameron to register their “major concern” at the cancellation or weakening of 10 green polices since he was re-elected.

This list of recent policy reversals is shocking, and shows disregard ... for the environment we all depend on.

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Sun, sand, slack tide and a hungry beachcomber

Guardian Environment News - 16 hours 53 min ago

North Uist An oystercatcher is feeding, unhurriedly probing the wet sand and withdrawing its prey with a wriggle of its long orange-red bill

My planned lunch stop looking out over the sea to distant St Kilda had proved just a little too chilly for comfort, but on the other side of the headland, out of the breeze, it’s positively balmy.

In one of the small coves a line of sun-warmed rocks makes an inviting place to sit, and the view across the summer-bright waters of the bay to the scatter of white houses opposite is tranquil. It’s pure pleasure just to lean back and soak up the sunshine while enjoying a drink and a sandwich and at the same time keeping half an eye on the wildlife.

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First sighting for 150 years of fly thought to be extinct

Guardian Environment News - Thu, 2015/07/30 - 4:58pm

Expert naturalist finds metallic-green coloured Rhaphium pectinatum in Devon Wildlife Trust nature reserve

A fly that is thought to have been extinct for almost 150 years has been found alive in Devon.

The last known recording of the Rhaphium pectinatum fly was on 19 July 1868 when the renowned Victorian entomologist George Verrall caught a male and female in Richmond, Surrey.

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show me the honey...

The Field Lab - Thu, 2015/07/30 - 4:11pm
Bartered a TFL paramotor pilot coin for a quart of harvested honey from pro pilot Eddie Carter in Yoakum, TX.  Showed it to my wild bees to make them feel guilty and perhaps lead me to their hive.  Eddie has become a well known member of the PPG community since he took up the sport 4 years ago.  Hopefully he will come out to fly TFL once I heal up and get back in the sky.  Here is his 2011 year in review when he first got started in the sport.  91,98,71,0,B

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Shooting industry must stop putting strain on countryside, says RSPB chief

Guardian Environment News - Thu, 2015/07/30 - 4:01pm

Among other practices, 50m game birds released annually for shooting negatively impact existing wildlife and ecology, Dr Mike Clarke tells landowners

More than 50 million game birds a year are being released for shooting, putting increasing strain on native wild birds and the ecology of the UK’s countryside, landowners will be warned on Friday.

As management of driven grouse moors intensifies, the shooting industry must take responsibility for the impact their industry has on biodiversity and the natural environment, RSPB chief executive Dr Mike Clarke will say.

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