Steep emissions reductions targets won't drive up power bills, modelling shows

Guardian Environment News - Mon, 2018/09/17 - 11:00am

Exclusive: Research finds claims emissions targets make electricity more expensive are misguided

Emissions reduction targets, even relatively ambitious ones, will not drive up power prices for Australian consumers, according to new research from the Australian Council of Social Service (Acoss) and the Brotherhood of St Laurence.

While the Morrison government has abandoned the national energy guarantee because conservatives complain that emissions reduction policies drive up power prices, the new research finds that critique is misguided.

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Coal comeback could drive up UK energy emissions – report

Guardian Environment News - Mon, 2018/09/17 - 8:54am

Extra coal-burning may lead to problems meeting binding carbon targets

Britain’s ability to meet its emissions targets is being challenged by a comeback for coal power stations that threatens to drive up the energy sector’s carbon emissions for the first time in six years.

Coal plants have become more economic to run than their gas counterparts in the past month because wholesale gas prices have hit 10-year highs. A report by Imperial College London said the extra coal-burning had increased emissions by 15% in September, equivalent to an extra 1,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide per hour.

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Germany launches world's first hydrogen-powered train

Guardian Environment News - Mon, 2018/09/17 - 7:20am

Two trains built by the French train maker Alstom are now operating on a 62 mile stretch of line in northern Germany

Germany has rolled out the world’s first hydrogen-powered train, signalling the start of a push to challenge the might of polluting diesel trains with costlier but more eco-friendly technology.

Two bright blue Coradia iLint trains, built by French TGV-maker Alstom, on Monday began running a 62 mile (100km) route between the towns and cities of Cuxhaven, Bremerhaven, Bremervoerde and Buxtehude in northern Germany – a stretch normally plied by diesel trains.

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Oregon Launches First Statewide Refillable Bottle System In U.S.

NPR News - Environment - Mon, 2018/09/17 - 5:02am

The new beer bottles can be refilled up to 40 times and are designed to be easily separated from the rest of the glass in the deposit system, ensuring that they get refilled instead of recycled.

(Image credit: Cassandra Profita/OPB/Earthfix)

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California plans to show the world how to meet the Paris climate target | Dana Nuccitelli

Guardian Environment News - Mon, 2018/09/17 - 3:00am

Governor Jerry Brown signed an executive order for statewide carbon neutrality by 2045

Last week, California Governor Jerry Brown signed State Senator and US Senate candidate Kevin de León’s SB 100, which mandates that the state obtain all of its electricity from zero-carbon sources by 2045. That in itself was a big deal, but Brown didn’t stop there; he also issued an executive order calling for the entire California economy to become carbon-neutral by 2045. That’s a huge deal.

In order to stay below the Paris climate threshold of 2°C global warming above pre-industrial temperatures, humanity must become carbon-neutral by around 2060 or 2070. If California can meet Brown’s target, it will be providing the rest of the world a blueprint for meeting the Paris target. As the world’s fifth-largest economy, California can provide a powerful roadmap for others to follow.

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NSW government makes U-turn over marine park sanctuary zones

Guardian Environment News - Mon, 2018/09/17 - 12:15am

Coalition’s backdown follows reversals on stadiums, greyhounds, council amalgamations and emergency services levy

The New South Wales government has performed yet another about-face, ditching a proposed ban on fishing at 25 “no take” sanctuary zones in a proposed marine park stretching between Newcastle and Wollongong.

Just weeks after the government announced the plan to create the Sydney region marine park, the primary industries minister, Niall Blair, backed down on Monday after sustained opposition from the Shooters, Fishers and Farmers party.

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