EU coal subsidy phase-out 'completely inconsistent with Paris deal'

Guardian Environment News - Wed, 2018/12/19 - 4:36am

Stay of execution for coal subsidies has been heavily criticised by climate analysts

An EU deal to slowly phase out coal subsidies is “completely inconsistent” with the bloc’s Paris climate agreement commitments, analysts say.

Marathon negotiations ended early on Wednesday with a benchmark CO2 emissions standard of 550 grams per kWh for all European power plants by 2025. But coal-dependent Poland secured a loophole allowing countries another year to negotiate new “capacity mechanisms” that would be exempted from the deadline.

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What would Jesus do? Talking with evangelicals about climate change

Guardian Environment News - Wed, 2018/12/19 - 4:00am

In our new column about the American south and climate change, we go towards Christians who have been resistant to ideas of environmental stewardship - perhaps it’s a message they need to hear in their own terms

I was, frankly, nervous about speaking to people of faith in the south about climate change. I wrestled with my own preconceived notions and past experiences, and was surprised when conversations took inspiring, if not transcendent, turns.

Secular as I am now, I still think fondly of my childhood minister, Dr Lehman, who loved college basketball and Honda Accords (he drove 13 of them during his lifetime). At the conclusion of each Lakeside Baptist service, he’d call the eastern North Carolina congregation to action.

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Scientists Say Miniature Flies Are A Big Worry For Antarctic Island

NPR News - Environment - Wed, 2018/12/19 - 3:03am

A seemingly harmless insect has invaded an island in the Antarctic and, being non-native, is eating up the peat moss and changing the environment. The midges could also infest the Antarctic mainland.

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For One City Manager, Climate Becomes A Matter Of Conscience

NPR News - Environment - Wed, 2018/12/19 - 3:02am

Steven Falk of Lafayette, Calif., has resigned because he says he cannot carry out policies that fail to address the urgent threat of a changing climate.

(Image credit: Dan Charles/NPR)

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Toxic mud swamps fortunes of Niger Delta women years after oil spill

Guardian Environment News - Wed, 2018/12/19 - 12:00am

Ogoniland women produce most of the family’s food but the twin pressures of land grabs and pollution are making it impossible for them to survive

Two women pick a slimy path through a creek, prized by generations of their female forbears for its mangroves, which once provided an abundance of food.

The elder in orange, the younger in blue, they fail to find a single periwinkle snail, a single fish or a usable piece of kindling between them. Their feet struggle to take purchase on the mud, more slippery than it used to be.

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