First Step To 'Eco-Grieving' Over Climate Change? Admit There's A Problem

NPR News - Environment - Sat, 2017/04/22 - 5:14am

Psychologists say anxiety over climate change is making some people feel overwhelmed. To talk through their worries, a group in Utah is meeting weekly and the idea has drawn interest in other states.

(Image credit: Judy Fahys/KUER)

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Chew On This For Earth Day: How Our Diets Impact The Planet

NPR News - Environment - Sat, 2017/04/22 - 5:00am

The foods we choose to put on our plates — or toss away – could have more of an ecological impact than many of us realize.

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Nearly 40 million people live in UK areas with illegal air pollution

Guardian Environment News - Sat, 2017/04/22 - 3:59am

Exclusive: analysis commissioned by Labour reveals 59% of Britons live in areas where diesel pollution threatens health

Nearly 40 million people in the UK are living in areas where illegal levels of air pollution from diesel vehicles risk damaging their health, according to analysis commissioned by the Labour party.

The extent of the air pollution crisis nationally is exposed in the data which shows 59% of the population are living in towns and cities where nitrogen dioxide (NO2) pollution breaches the lawful level of 40 microgrammes per cubic metre of air.

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Christian Earth Day lessons: worship by protecting creation | Paul Douglas

Guardian Environment News - Sat, 2017/04/22 - 3:00am

Climate change is a global pro-life issue

Readers of this column know that I tend to focus on breaking science in the climate and energy areas. Sometimes, I stray into politics and other times, I venture further afield. Today, on Earth Day, I was reflecting on best ways to move real action forward and it is clear to me, and almost everyone in this industry, that building bridges between like-minded groups is key.

Frankly, it isn’t just scientists that are concerned about climate change. Our concerns are shared by business leaders, the insurance industry, defense industries, people who enjoy the outdoors, farmers, and many more. Recently, there has been a movement amongst persons of faith as well. In fact, for some people of faith, taking care of the Earth is a mandate from a higher authority. In this light, and to celebrate a very different voice form my own, the following is a guest post by a well-known meteorologist in the USA, Paul Douglas. It turns out he is also a man of faith as well as a business leader. Thanks Paul.

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Bill Nye the Science Guy on Trump: 'We are in a dangerous place'

Guardian Environment News - Sat, 2017/04/22 - 2:00am

Ahead of a massive March for Science in Washington, the popular TV educator attacked the Trump administration’s dismissal of ‘objective truths’

Bill Nye, the face of science in US popular culture, has attacked Donald Trump’s “dangerous” dismissal of climate change and planned cuts to research ahead of the first March for Science in Washington DC.

Nye, an engineer and educator known as “the science guy” through his TV appearances, said scientists should unapologetically throw themselves into the political fray as Trump’s administration seeks to dismantle large areas of scientific endeavor, from cancer research to climate analysis.

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The ice stupas of Ladakh: solving water crisis in the high desert of Himalaya

Guardian Environment News - Sat, 2017/04/22 - 1:30am

An ingenious idea to build artificial glaciers at lower altitudes using pipes, gravity and night temperatures could transform an arid landscape into an oasis

The idea crystallised in his mind one morning as Sonam Wangchuk was crossing a bridge in the Indian Himalayas.

The engineer from Ladakh, in the Jammu region of north India, was already a famous problem solver: a Bollywood film loosely based on his life had grossed a billion rupees in its first four days.

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Earth Day 2017: ‘The experts are fighting back’

Guardian Environment News - Fri, 2017/04/21 - 10:00pm
With a climate-change sceptic in the White House, marchers worldwide are today spreading a message of hope that protest and science can save the world

‘An exuberant rite of spring” is how the New York Times described 22 April, 1970. In Manhattan, and across America, “huge, light-hearted throngs ambled down autoless streets.” Earth Day had been born, an outburst of protest – and revelry – that involved everyone from save-the-whales activists to opponents of new freeways. Denis Hayes, now 72, was the man tasked with organising it. “What we did was pull together an event that told all of those people, ‘You know you’ve really got something in common and this should be one big movement where we’re supportive of one another’.”

It sparked, he tells me, the most profound change in American society since the New Deal. “We now have different kinds of buildings, different kinds of automobiles, different planes, different lighting, different land use. People are choosing to have diets for environmental reasons, choosing to have one child for environmental reasons.” And all that, he says, “didn’t come from political leadership at the top, it came from a bunch of demands down at the grassroots”.

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Chris Packham: ‘Sometimes the best way to make a change is to make trouble’

Guardian Environment News - Fri, 2017/04/21 - 10:00pm

The TV presenter accused of assaulting hunters killing migratory birds in Malta says it’s time for committed environmental activism

We decided to go to Malta because we were fed up with the inactivity from NGOs about the endless trapping and killing of migratory birds there.

We first went four years ago, then started to go annually to liaise with the Committee Against Bird Slaughter. It is an incredible organisation that attracts volunteers from all over Europe. When we first went, we put a video report online every evening showing what was happening – a daily diary detailing the killing of birds – and we got an enormous amount of press for this.

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Global 'March for Science' protests call for action on climate change

Guardian Environment News - Fri, 2017/04/21 - 9:55pm

Tens of thousands rally across the world in a rebuke of Donald Trump’s dismissal of climate science

Hundreds of global protest marches in the name of science kicked off in Australia and New Zealand on Saturday, ahead of large crowds expected across the US.

Tens of thousands of scientists are this weekend rallying around the world in a rebuke of Donald Trump’s dismissal of climate science and attempts to cut large areas of scientific research.

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Three glorious hours cut off by the tide

Guardian Environment News - Fri, 2017/04/21 - 9:30pm

Foulney Island, Morecambe Bay This shingle spit provides winter quarters for thousands of eider ducks

The rising tide fetched with it slews of blue sky. As I walked the causeway jumble of rocks, the sea slopped gently below. I was about to be cut off for three glorious hours on Foulney Island.

Saltmarsh metamorphosed into momentary lagoons. Dozens of curlew settled, probed, then lifted at the water’s ingress. Due west could be seen Piel Island, its castle all turrets and crumbling towers like an old battleship, halfway to the flattened sliver of Walney Island. Beyond that, windfarms.

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British power generation achieves first ever coal-free day

Guardian Environment News - Fri, 2017/04/21 - 7:44pm

National Grid hails milestone as other sources like gas, nuclear, wind and solar allow UK to keep lights on with all coal-fired powerplants offline

Friday was Britain’s first ever working day without coal power since the Industrial Revolution, according to the National Grid.

The control room tweeted the milestone on Friday. It is the first continuous 24-hour coal-free period for Britain since use of the fossil fuel began. West Burton 1 power station, the only coal-fired plant that had been up and running, went offline on Thursday.

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March For Science Organizers Work To Maintain Non-Partisan Position

NPR News - Environment - Fri, 2017/04/21 - 1:34pm

A March for Science will be held Saturday in Washington, D.C., and hundreds of other cities in the U.S. Organizers say the march is a non-partisan celebration of science. It's meant to both encourage political leaders to fund science and rely on scientific evidence when making policy decisions. Critics worry the march will turn into an anti-Trump rally and paint scientists as just another interest group.

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Tory failure to deliver pollution action plan angers environmentalists

Guardian Environment News - Fri, 2017/04/21 - 1:19pm

Ministers submit court application to delay tackling illegal levels of toxic fumes, deemed by MPs to be a public health emergency

The government has made a last-minute application to the high court to delay the publication of its plan to tackle the air pollution crisis.

Ministers were under a court direction to produce tougher draft measures to tackle illegal levels of nitrogen dioxide pollution, which is largely caused by diesel traffic, by 4pm on Monday. The government’s original plans had been dismissed by judges as so poor as to be unlawful.

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U.K. May Have 24 Hours Without Coal Power

NPR News - Environment - Fri, 2017/04/21 - 1:17pm

The country's National Grid announced Friday it was on its way to a full day without requiring its coal plants to produce power. Britain plans to eliminate the energy source by 2025.

(Image credit: David Davies/AP)

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'Uber for bikes' comes to Cambridge – if you can find it

Guardian Environment News - Fri, 2017/04/21 - 9:21am

China’s popular dockless cycle share schemes allow riders to drop their bike wherever they want. Ofo is the first to launch in the UK - but what will our rider make of it?

Ofo, one of a host of Chinese start-ups hoping to do for bikes what Uber did for taxis, has chosen Cambridge for its first foray into Europe, a trial of which launched without fanfare this week.

Chinese cities have seen hundreds of thousands of these ‘dockless’ bikes hit its streets, that now have tens of millions of regular users.

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Electric flying car that takes off vertically could be future of transport

Guardian Environment News - Fri, 2017/04/21 - 6:55am

German company Lilium beats Google and Uber to successfully test a VTOL jet that could be used as a city taxi

The once fanciful concept of flying cars appears to be a step closer to reality, after a German company completed successful test flights of a “flying taxi”.

Munich-based Lilium, backed by investors who include Skype co-founder Niklas Zennström, said the planned five-seater jet, which will be capable of vertical take-off and landing, could be used for urban air-taxi and ride-sharing services.

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Texas's pick to safeguard environment? The man behind Dakota Access pipeline

Guardian Environment News - Fri, 2017/04/21 - 6:20am
  • Committee approves Kelcy Warren for Texas parks and wildlife commission
  • Warren is CEO of company that built controversial North Dakota project

The CEO behind the Dakota Access pipeline might not seem an obvious choice to be designated a custodian of the environment. Texas Republicans, though, appear to disagree.

The appointment of Kelcy Warren to the Texas parks and wildlife commission was approved by a state senate nominations committee on Thursday after a 4-3 vote along party lines, meaning it progresses to a vote by the full senate later this year.

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Reactor goes here ... the £18bn Hinkley Point C starts to take shape

Guardian Environment News - Fri, 2017/04/21 - 6:05am

Adam Vaughan visits the nuclear site in Somerset, where EDF is pushing ahead despite challenges from unions and Brexit

Surrounded by a sea of broken rock and mounds of earth on the Somerset coast stands a small, unassuming sign that states simply “R2”.

It is here that the second of two nuclear reactors will switch on in the middle of the next decade if all goes according to EDF Energy’s plan for Hinkley Point C, proving that Britain can still build new nuclear power stations and, more importantly, providing 7% of the country’s electricity.

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The week in wildlife – in pictures

Guardian Environment News - Fri, 2017/04/21 - 6:03am

Sharks at night, a feeding vampire bat and California’s wildflower super bloom are among this week’s pick of images from the natural world

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Is It Safe To Eat Moldy Bread?

NPR News - Environment - Fri, 2017/04/21 - 6:00am

No, say food safety experts. Molds can easily penetrate deep into a soft food, like bread. But you can salvage other foods with tougher surfaces, like cabbages, carrots and hard cheeses.

(Image credit: Alex Reynolds/NPR)

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