'Whale cams' reveal humpbacks' habits – video

Guardian Environment News - Wed, 2017/04/19 - 6:20pm

Scientists have attached cameras to whales to unlock the mysteries of their lives in Antarctica, revealing where, when and how they feed, their social lives, and even how they must blow hard to clear sea ice and allow them to breathe. Vision: WWF

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UK unprepared for surge in electric car use, thinktank warns

Guardian Environment News - Wed, 2017/04/19 - 4:01pm

Green Alliance says simultaneous charging could potentially damage electronic equipment unless action is taken by 2020

The UK’s energy networks are not ready for a surge in electric cars and solar panels that is coming within the next few years, according to a report.

Clusters of the battery powered cars could result in 1% of the UK experiencing unplanned drops in voltage – potentially damaging electronic equipment – without action by 2020, the Green Alliance said.

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Climate change will fuel terrorism recruitment, report for German foreign office says

Guardian Environment News - Wed, 2017/04/19 - 3:01pm

Report by Adelphi thinktank warns terrorist groups will exploit natural disasters and water and food shortages

Climate change will fuel acts of terrorism and strengthen recruiting efforts by terrorist groups such as Islamic State and Boko Haram, a report commissioned by the German foreign office has found.

Terrorist groups will exploit the natural disasters and water and food shortages expected to result from climate change and allow them to recruit more easily, operate more freely and control civilian populations, argues the report by Berlin thinktank Adelphi.

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Chris Packham charged in Malta after bird hunt confrontation

Guardian Environment News - Wed, 2017/04/19 - 2:52pm

BBC Springwatch presenter, making a film about Malta’s spring hunt of migrating birds, accused of assault and trespass

Chris Packham, the naturalist and broadcaster, has been charged with assault and trespass in Malta after confronting hunters he believed had illegally trapped wild birds.

The BBC Springwatch presenter and naturalist will appear before magistrates on Thursday morning on the island of Gozo after being charged with “attempting to use force” and “pushing against” a Maltese man.

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Renewables roadshow: how the people of Newtown got behind solar-powered beer

Guardian Environment News - Wed, 2017/04/19 - 2:13pm

A hipster brewery in a Sydney suburb has created beer with an environmental message

Newtown – Sydney’s grungy inner-city suburb where a seemingly endless string of Thai restaurants is interrupted by body-piercing shops, clothes stores and a growing number of small bars.

It’s a suburb known for its beer-fuelled nightlife and alternative cultural tastes. It’s also one of the most progressive areas in Australia: at the last New South Wales election, the Greens got more than 45% of the primary vote (and almost 60% after preferences) in the seat of Newtown.

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Renewables roadshow – Newtown: 'What could be better than solar-powered beer?' – video

Guardian Environment News - Wed, 2017/04/19 - 2:08pm

While the politicians dither around energy policy, Newtown is teaming up with a pair of hipster brewers to support a solar-powered brewery and beer with a conscience

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Wildlife Groups Want Giraffes Added To Endangered Species List

NPR News - Environment - Wed, 2017/04/19 - 1:55pm

The global giraffe population has dropped sharply in recent decades, prompting calls to protect the species from habitat loss, illegal hunting and trophy seekers.

(Image credit: Barbara Hollweg/IFAW)

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Cold snap: massive iceberg just off coast draws Canadians eager for close-up

Guardian Environment News - Wed, 2017/04/19 - 9:29am

150ft iceberg, which dwarfs nearby town of Ferryland, becomes tourist attraction as number of icebergs moving into North Atlantic shipping lanes spikes

A towering iceberg is causing traffic jams in a remote town on Canada’s east coast, as tourists jostle for a glimpse of the mass of ice sitting in shallow water just off Newfoundland.

The iceberg, which has dwarfed the nearby small town of Ferryland, is estimated to measure some 46 metres (150ft) at its highest point. “It’s the biggest one I ever seen around here,” mayor Adrian Kavanagh told the Canadian Press. “It’s a huge iceberg and it’s in so close that people can get a good photograph of it.”

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Meet the man willing to spend millions to convince Elon Musk to dump Trump

Guardian Environment News - Wed, 2017/04/19 - 3:00am

Doug Derwin is investing up to $2m to persuade Tesla’s CEO to speak out against US climate change policies and resign from groups advising Trump

Luxury car owners may seem like an unlikely target for organizing a political resistance movement, but to Doug Derwin, it’s all about the make: Tesla.

Derwin is investing up to $2m in an effort to persuade Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk, to speak out against Donald Trump’s climate change policy and resign from his positions in groups advising Trump on business and manufacturing jobs. On Monday, Derwin launched the website ElonDumpTrump.com laying out his argument that Musk’s role in the administration is inconsistent with his role as a leader on climate change.

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Myanmar camera trap survey reveals endangered tigers, elephants and leopards – in pictures

Guardian Environment News - Wed, 2017/04/19 - 1:59am

The first ever camera trap survey in the previously inaccessible Karen State hill forests has recorded a wealth of globally threatened mammals living in south-east Asia’s last great wilderness

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Scotland hosts groundbreaking wind energy project to build new homes

Guardian Environment News - Tue, 2017/04/18 - 11:30pm
Housing association invests in electricity-generating turbines that will fund affordable homes in rural Scotland

Amid the rolling hills and woodland pastures of south-east Scotland, a wind of change is blowing through communities where low wages and casual work sit uneasily alongside the popular image of timeless market towns and pretty coastal villages.

High above rich arable land by the North Sea, three tall wind turbines, blades spinning wildly, have started generating electricity for the national grid with two social purposes: to sell energy and use the income to deliver hundreds of new homes in a scattered rural community while, at the same time, providing additional funds for similar schemes elsewhere in Scotland.

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Dartmoor's spring makeover

Guardian Environment News - Tue, 2017/04/18 - 9:30pm

Walkhampton, Dartmoor A shepherd on his quad bike remarks on the contrast with last week’s rain, wind and mud

From the western edge of Dartmoor, heat haze obscures views towards familiar territory in the Tamar Valley. Up here, by Lowery Cross, in sight of glittering ripples on Burrator Reservoir, ponies graze among dazzling yellow gorse; drab turfy banks are starred with a few violets, and the sound of chiffchaff echoes from coniferous plantations.

Nearby, a bridge, rebuilt in 2015, is part of the footpath and cycleway on a section of the long-defunct Plymouth and Dartmoor railway; across the bridge and via the gently sloping trail, Princetown is seven miles away, twice the distance that a crow might fly.

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Call to classify shark culling and drum lines as threats to endangered species

Guardian Environment News - Tue, 2017/04/18 - 9:20pm

Humane Society applies for lethal shark control programs to be listed as ‘threatening’ under conservation act

Environmentalists are attempting to list shark culling and the use of drum lines as threats to endangered species under federal law.

Humane Society International has applied for lethal shark control programs in in New South Wales and Queensland to be listed as “key threatening processes” under the federal Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act.

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Giraffes must be listed as endangered, conservationists formally tell US

Guardian Environment News - Tue, 2017/04/18 - 9:01pm

Five environmental groups point to ‘trophy’ hunting – largely by Americans who travel to Africa – among key threats to animals

Conservationists have lodged a formal request for the US government to list giraffes as endangered in a bid to prevent what they call the “silent extinction” of the world’s tallest land animal.

A legal petition filed by five environmental groups has demanded that the US Fish and Wildlife Service provide endangered species protections to the giraffe, which has suffered a precipitous decline in numbers in recent years.

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3 Years After Ill-Fated Switch, Flint Mayor Recommends Using Detroit Water

NPR News - Environment - Tue, 2017/04/18 - 2:52pm

The Michigan city tried to save money by drawing its supply from the Flint River, beginning in April 2014. That decision resulted in a crisis when lead contaminated the drinking water.

(Image credit: Ariel Zambelich/NPR)

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Frydenberg to consider shark cull, drumlines after death of WA teenager

Guardian Environment News - Tue, 2017/04/18 - 2:26pm

Environment minister says federal government ‘would welcome any proposal to protect human life first’ after attack on surfer Laeticia Brouwer

The federal government would consider any strategies to prevent further shark attacks off Australia’s coast, following the death of teenager surfer Laeticia Brouwer.

“In light of the recent shark attack the commonwealth would welcome any proposal to protect human life first and foremost,” the federal environment minister, Josh Frydenberg, told the West Australian.

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Malcolm Turnbull warns gas exporters a domestic shortage is 'clearly unacceptable'

Guardian Environment News - Tue, 2017/04/18 - 1:52pm

Talks between government and producers on Wednesday follow crisis summit, where PM threatened reservation policy if supply could not be guaranteed

Malcolm Turnbull has warned the LNG chiefs it is “clearly unacceptable” to have a shortage of gas on the east coast of Australia ahead of new talks with the industry in Canberra on Wednesday.

The talks follow an emergency meeting in mid-March where the prime minister warned the LNG industry he would use the commonwealth export powers “in the national interest” if the companies did not deliver explicit guarantees of more supply to the domestic market. They will include the chiefs of major companies, Turnbull and three cabinet ministers.

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Trump aides abruptly postpone meeting on whether to stay in Paris climate deal

Guardian Environment News - Tue, 2017/04/18 - 10:22am

Unlikely coalition of fossil fuel firms, environmental groups and Republicans are calling on president to stay despite his pledge to ‘cancel’ agreement

Donald Trump’s aides have abruptly postponed a meeting to determine whether the US should remain in the Paris climate agreement, with an unlikely coalition of fossil fuel firms, environmental groups and some Republicans calling on the president to stick with the deal.

Trump’s top advisers were set to meet on Tuesday to provide the president with a recommendation ahead of a G7 meeting in May. However, a White House official said the meeting had been postponed due to conflicting schedules. It is unclear when it will now take place.

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Cherry blossom around the world – in pictures

Guardian Environment News - Tue, 2017/04/18 - 8:59am

From Harrogate to Tokyo cherry blossom is in full bloom at the peak of spring

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Greenpeace fined under Lobbying Act in 'act of civil disobedience'

Guardian Environment News - Tue, 2017/04/18 - 8:43am

Exclusive: Greenpeace says ‘gagging law’ favours big business and refused to register as a campaign group in run-up to 2015 election

Greenpeace has become the first organisation to be fined under the government’s Lobbying Act which critics warned would silence legitimate campaign groups.

Ministers said the legislation, dubbed the “gagging law” by charities, would hold corporate lobbyists to account when it was introduced in 2014.

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