Conjoined baby turtle saved by Italian marine biologists

Guardian Environment News - Thu, 2016/08/18 - 8:01pm

Survivor from twin endangered loggerheads is separated by scientists and freed in Mediterranean Sea

Marine biologists in southern Italy have separated conjoined twin loggerhead turtles and released the surviving newborn into the Mediterranean Sea.

The release occurred this week along the beaches of Campania where the endangered loggerheads nest every year.

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'Secret' gas contracts hurting competition, Josh Frydenberg says

Guardian Environment News - Thu, 2016/08/18 - 5:25pm

Coag meeting will agree on a significant suite of reforms, federal energy and environment minister says

• If energy ministers bow to gas industry they’ll be deciding in the dark

A meeting of state and territory energy ministers will tackle secret long-term gas contracts in an effort to make the sector more competitive, the federal environment and energy minister has said.

Speaking to ABC’s AM on Friday, Josh Frydenberg took aim at the opaque contracts’ role in raising the price of domestic gas. Australia had a tight gas market because it was exporting liquid natural gas, he said, raising the domestic price to world levels.

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Threatened By Rising Seas, Alaska Village Decides To Relocate

NPR News - Environment - Thu, 2016/08/18 - 4:49pm

Rising sea levels have eroded Shishmaref for many years. Now, the Inupiat Eskimo village has voted to move. One resident told NPR that it's a matter of protecting their unique community.

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If energy ministers bow to gas industry they'll be deciding in the dark

Guardian Environment News - Thu, 2016/08/18 - 4:38pm

Coag meeting could spark a run on exploration and development – yet do nothing to increase competition

• Secret gas contracts hurting competition, Josh Frydenberg says

Friday’s meeting of every energy minister in Australia is looking to be at risk of bowing to gas industry demands and sparking a run on gas development around the country to head off a supposed shortage.

If they do that, it will be in the absence of any clear picture of actual gas supplies in Australia.

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Business chiefs attack UK government failure to secure energy supply

Guardian Environment News - Thu, 2016/08/18 - 4:01pm

Poll shows strong support among IoD to tackle climate change, a bigger push for renewables and for PM’s move to review Hinkley Point

The Institute of Directors (IoD) has backed Theresa May’s decision to review the £18.5bn Hinkley nuclear scheme but launched a savage attack on successive government policies for failing to deliver energy security.

The traditionally conservative employers group also released an opinion poll showing three-quarters of its members supported action to counter climate change with strong backing for solar, wind, and even tidal power.

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Alaskan Village Votes To Relocate Amid Climate Change Fears

NPR News - Environment - Thu, 2016/08/18 - 1:28pm

Residents of Shishmaref, Alaska, voted this week to relocate their village to escape rising sea levels. NPR's Ari Shapiro talks to Esau Sinnok, a Sishmaref native and an Arctic Youth ambassador, about the decision to move.

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Louisiana tries to rebuild after floods: 'Thousands of people lost everything'

Guardian Environment News - Thu, 2016/08/18 - 11:16am

Torrential rains that began a week ago brought 6.9 trillion gallons of water down, damaging some 40,000 homes and leaving 4,000 people in shelters

As floodwaters receded Thursday, a week after torrential rains decimated parts of Louisiana, communities throughout the region turned themselves inside out: people dragged carpet, furniture, sheetrock into their yards, in a race to air out their homes before mold sets in.

Related: Disasters like Louisiana floods will worsen as planet warms, scientists warn

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Behaviour, not appearance, make a dog dangerous | Brief letters

Guardian Environment News - Thu, 2016/08/18 - 11:11am
Tax avoidance | Dangerous Dogs Act | French infrastructure planning | Pithy letters

The news that “firms giving advice on aggressive tax avoidance could face large fines” (17 August) is welcome. However, fines will be borne by the companies and the worry is that they will be treated, as they are now, as part of the cost of doing business. Not until “respected members of the community” working for the big four accountancy firms are jailed will this moral injustice be ended.
Paul Brannen MEP
Labour, North-East of England

• The horrific death of David Ellam (Dog kills man just days after police returned it to owner, 17 August) tragically highlights the failure of breed-specific legislation in section 1 of the Dangerous Dogs Act, which classifies dogs as dangerous based on their appearance rather than their actions. The fact that a few measurements can determine whether a dog is dangerous or not – rather than its behaviour – has never made sense and in this case led to heart-breaking consequences. Blue Cross wants to see a repeal of section 1 and instead a focus on empowering enforcers to tackle irresponsible owners and dangerous behaviour of any breed of dog before attacks happen, to keep our communities safe.
Becky Thwaites
Head of public affairs, Blue Cross pet charity

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Shrimp Grown In Tanks Make A Splash, Coming To A Market Near You

NPR News - Environment - Thu, 2016/08/18 - 11:05am

The U.S. appetite for shrimp is often fed in unsavory ways, with seafood produced unsustainably, sometimes with slave labor. In New York's Hudson Valley, an indoor aqua farm is raising an alternative.

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Alaskan village threatened by rising sea levels votes for costly relocation

Guardian Environment News - Thu, 2016/08/18 - 9:18am

Shishmaref residents decided to leave island rather than add more defenses against coastal erosion but community may not be able to afford $180m move

The residents of a small coastal Alaskan village have voted to move to the mainland because of rising sea levels, but they may not have the funds to do it.

The 600-person village of Shishmaref, located on an island just north of the Bering Strait, has for decades been ravaged by erosion tied to climate change, leading residents to seek a more sustainable place to live.

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California's Blue Cut fire: climate change dismissed as 'excuse' on the ground

Guardian Environment News - Thu, 2016/08/18 - 8:20am

The fire has ripped through communities with alarming velocity but many caught up in the flames have shrugged off claims that global warming is to blame

James Webb huddled on the hill with his dog and watched the fire advance, the flames licking through the cherry trees, the oak trees, the peach trees, then swaying just short of his home, the last home left in this part of the valley.

Related: Share your photos and experiences of California's Blue Cut wildfire

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Should We Be Having Kids In The Age Of Climate Change?

NPR News - Environment - Thu, 2016/08/18 - 8:09am

For some climate activists, the personal decision to have a child is also fraught with moral consequences: the negative impact on the environment, and on the quality of life for those children.

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'For as long as it takes': Native American protesters defy North Dakota pipeline construction

Guardian Environment News - Thu, 2016/08/18 - 8:06am

Hundreds of Native American and environmental activists descend on the site where a $3.7bn pipeline is being constructed, and 18 have been arrested so far

Joey Montoya, like other protesters near Cannon Ball, at the northern boundary of the Standing Rock Sioux reservation in North Dakota, sees himself as not just protecting the local community from a new oil pipeline – but also the country and the earth.

“Native communities are always just the first to be affected. We’re always at the front lines when oil companies come in.”

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Fire starters: California cracks down on those who ignite blazes, arsonist or not

Guardian Environment News - Thu, 2016/08/18 - 3:00am

As the state struggles with a worsening wildfires, authorities are taking a more aggressive posture toward people who accidentally or intentional cause them

William Rupp climbed onto the roof of his family’s mobile home in remote Shasta County, California, armed with just a garden hose.

One of the most destructive wildfires in California’s history – later known as the Bear fire – is said to have begun in his yard when his lawn mower struck a rock in dry grass. He was fighting to save everything he owned.

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New online trawler tracking tool aims to help end overfishing

Guardian Environment News - Thu, 2016/08/18 - 2:55am

Developers hope the tool, that enables anyone with internet access to track fishing vessels worldwide, will create greater transparency in the oceans

Anyone with internet access and a passion for seafood will soon be able to track commercial fishing trawlers all over the world, with a new tool that its developers hope will help end the overfishing that has decimated the world’s fish stocks.

Millions of people depend on fish to survive, and fish will be vital to feeding the world’s growing population that is predicted to reach 9.7 billion people by 2050, the United Nations says.

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Kenya's Ogiek people forced from homes amid 'colonial approach to conservation' | Rachel Savage

Guardian Environment News - Thu, 2016/08/18 - 2:38am

Indigenous hunter-gatherers are being violently evicted from what they claim are their ancestral lands as unrest takes hold over land rights in Kenya’s forests

They came without warning, forcing people from their homes with no time to collect their possessions. A deaf old man was attacked when he didn’t hear the orders to leave. Then the houses were burned to the ground.

More than 200 families, all from the indigenous Ogiek minority, were evicted from their homes on the slopes of Mount Elgon in western Kenya by a force of about 50 police and Kenya Forest Service (KFS) rangers in June. “They were armed,” says Peter Kitelo, an Ogiek activist.

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Owners of stranded oil rig to meet with Isle of Lewis residents

Guardian Environment News - Thu, 2016/08/18 - 2:34am

Transocean was criticised for failing to attend earlier meeting after 17,000-tonne rig ran aground in Scotland on 8 August

The owners of a 17,000-tonne oil rig that has been stranded on the coast of the Isle of Lewis in Scotland for more than a week are to meet members of the local community for the first time.

The semi-submersible rig, Transocean Winner, ran aground close to Dalmore beach near Carloway on 8 August. It was being towed from Norway to Malta when its towline snapped in heavy seas.

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Queensland land-clearing controls face defeat with former Labor MP voting no

Guardian Environment News - Thu, 2016/08/18 - 1:46am

Former Labor MP Billy Gordon announces he will not support the measures, in surprise move that hands minority Palaszczuk government its first defeat

The Palaszczuk government will suffer its first major legislative defeat after its former backbencher-turned-independent Billy Gordon revealed his opposition to tree-clearing reforms, just hours before a parliamentary vote on the bill.

Gordon announced on Thursday he would block the bill to restore clearing controls over concerns including barriers to Indigenous economic development. His statement blindsided government figures who had been confident of his support.

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Honeysuckle climbs for sunlight in the wood's deep shadow

Guardian Environment News - Wed, 2016/08/17 - 9:30pm

Backstone Bank, Weardale Spring has given way to stillness – the gentle descent into autumn will soon begin

It had been more than four months since we last walked through this woodland. Gone were the songs of wood warblers and blackcaps. Gone too the carpet of spring flowers, of woodruff, sanicle, primroses, wood sorrel and bugle, now hidden under arching fern fronds below a closed canopy of leathery oak leaves.

Related: Icy gales shake the trees above spring’s first new growth

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Donations to restore Great Barrier Reef could dry up if land clearing continues, says donor

Guardian Environment News - Wed, 2016/08/17 - 8:35pm

Exclusive: Australia’s biggest environmental philanthropist says private investment to clean up reef ‘doesn’t make sense’ with current land clearing

Private investment in work to restore the Great Barrier Reef is likely dry up if the Queensland government fails to pass tighter land-clearing laws, warns Australia’s biggest environmental philanthropist.

David Thomas, who has donated $30m and bequeathed another $30m to environmental causes in Australia, told Guardian Australia that state and federal governments’ drive for private investment in Great Barrier Reef water quality projects would be unsuccessful if rampant land clearing continues.

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