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Let Africa exploit its natural gas reserves, says Mary Robinson

Guardian Environment News - Tue, 2022/06/07 - 1:33am

Ex-UN climate envoy says continent’s need for energy is so great it should be able to widely use the fossil fuel

African countries should be able to exploit their vast natural gas reserves despite the urgent need to cut global greenhouse gas emissions, the former UN climate envoy Mary Robinson has said.

Robinson, the chair of the Elders group of former world statespeople and business leaders, said African countries’ need for energy was so great that they should use gas widely, in contrast to developed countries that must halt their gas use as quickly as possible to stave off climate breakdown.

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Kangaroos in the street and a suitcase of iguanas: India’s exotic pet problem

Guardian Environment News - Mon, 2022/06/06 - 11:45pm

Abandoned marsupials and other trafficked species reveal the country’s growing illegal trade, driven by a desire for exclusive and costly status symbols

From the red-eared slider turtle, cockatoo and falcon to the yellow-cheeked gibbon, capuchin monkey and orangutan, nothing is too much for those demanding unusual pets in India. But it was the sight of three kangaroos wandering the streets of West Bengal’s Jalpaiguri district in April that brought home the extent of the country’s exotic pet trade.

The malnourished kangaroos were intercepted after tipoffs from local residents. One of the rescued marsupials later died, while the remaining two are recovering and will be rehomed at a nearby zoo.

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EU faces legal challenge over plan to fast-track gas projects

Guardian Environment News - Mon, 2022/06/06 - 10:01pm

NGOs argue priority list was drawn up without consideration of methane emissions

An EU plan to fast-track funding and permits for 30 gas projects is facing a legal challenge from NGOs including ClientEarth and Friends of the Earth Europe.

The European Commission has been asked to review its backing for infrastructure projects such as the EastMed pipeline, a 1,180-mile (1,900km) gas pipeline to connect offshore gas fields in Israel and Cyprus to Italy.

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Tiwi Islanders challenge offshore drilling, saying Santos did not consult them

Guardian Environment News - Mon, 2022/06/06 - 8:33pm

Santos has reported attempt to contact Tiwi land council over $4.7bn Barossa gasfield but federal court challenge claims it did not meet its legal obligations

Traditional owners from the Northern Territory’s Tiwi Islands have launched a legal challenge to the $4.7bn Barossa offshore gas project, saying they were not consulted about plans to drill the gas field.

The project is a joint venture between Santos and SK E&S and will involve drilling for gas in the Timor Sea and transporting it via a 260km pipeline to the existing Darwin LNG facility.

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‘Every second counts’: wife of British journalist missing in Amazon urges action

Guardian Environment News - Mon, 2022/06/06 - 5:07pm

Alessandra Sampaio, wife of Dom Phillips, tells Brazilian authorities: ‘Please answer the urgency of the moment with urgent actions’

The wife of a British journalist who has gone missing in a remote corner of the Brazilian Amazon notorious for illegal mining and drug trafficking has urged authorities to intensify their search efforts.

Dom Phillips, a longtime Guardian contributor, vanished on Sunday morning while journeying by boat through the Javari region of Amazonas state where he was reporting for a book he is writing about conservation.

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Ground Station

The Field Lab - Mon, 2022/06/06 - 4:29pm
Successfully downloaded and installed mission planning software for the autonomous rover project.101,105,62,0,B

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Climate delegates snub Russian address as activists fear geopolitical setbacks

Guardian Environment News - Mon, 2022/06/06 - 2:27pm

World risks ‘sleepwalking to disaster’, officials told, as Bonn summit envoys walk out during Russian address

Delegates have walked out of a session at a climate summit in Bonn on Monday as a Russian official made a speech, in a sign of the geopolitical tensions overshadowing the negotiations.

The low-key protest marked the first intervention by Russia in a UN climate forum since the invasion of Ukraine, but it did not stop the talks.

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Tanya Plibersek urged to protect Indigenous rock art up to 50,000 years old by blocking fertiliser plant

Guardian Environment News - Mon, 2022/06/06 - 1:27pm

Previous environment minister, Sussan Ley, declined to issue emergency protection to halt $4.5bn development on Western Australia’s Burrup peninsula

The incoming federal environment minister has been urged to block the construction of a fertiliser plant on a world heritage-nominated site in Western Australia, and to act swiftly to stop the multinational company behind the plans from removing Indigenous rock art.

Perdaman is planning a $4.5bn plant on the Burrup Peninsula, in the Pilbara region. The plant, which is strongly supported by the state government and was backed by the former federal government, will require the removal of Aboriginal art produced over a period starting about 50,000 years ago.

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Sunak’s tax breaks could lead to more than £8bn of North Sea energy projects

Guardian Environment News - Mon, 2022/06/06 - 9:49am

Analysts’ forecast comes as campaigners warn windfall tax package could harm climate efforts

More than £8bn of North Sea energy projects could now be given the green light rapidly as fossil fuel firms take advantage of a tax break in Rishi Sunak’s windfall tax, analysts have forecast.

Last month the chancellor introduced the one-off levy on North Sea oil and gas operators who have raked in outsized profits as energy prices have boomed with the aim of raising £5bn to help fund measures to offset rising household bills.

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Carbon dioxide levels are now 50% higher than during the pre-industrial era

Guardian Environment News - Mon, 2022/06/06 - 9:37am

CO2 has not been so high since before hominids walked upright – and are not dropping fast enough to avert catastrophe

The level of carbon dioxide in the world’s atmosphere is now more than 50% higher than during the pre-industrial era, further pushing the planet into conditions not experienced for millions of years, well before the emergence of humans, US government data shows.

The latest measurements showing the relentless upward march of CO2 follows scientists’ new warning that the world may still barrel into disastrous climate change even if planet-heating emissions are drastically cut, which governments are still failing to achieve.

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At least 12 military bases contaminating water supply with toxic PFAS

Guardian Environment News - Mon, 2022/06/06 - 3:00am

Testing by the Department of Defense revealed dangerous levels of the contaminants, drawing concern from public health advocates

Dangerous levels of toxic PFAS are contaminating water supplies in areas around at least 12 military bases, new Department of Defense testing has revealed, drawing concern from public health advocates that the DoD is not doing enough to protect the public.

The data released this week by the military shows levels for five kinds of PFAS compounds at what Scott Faber, vice-president of government affairs for Environmental Working Group, characterized as “extremely high” levels, and he said they present a health threat to residents living nearby.

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Environmentalists join forces to fight ‘carbon bomb’ fossil fuel projects

Guardian Environment News - Mon, 2022/06/06 - 1:08am

Coalition of lawyers, journalists and campaigners challenge climate-busting mega projects exposed in Guardian investigation

A coalition of environmental lawyers, investigative journalists and campaigners has launched a group to challenge the “carbon bomb” fossil fuel projects revealed in a Guardian investigation.

After a meeting in May, more than 70 NGOs and activist groups from around the world have formed a “carbon bomb defusal” network to share expertise and resources in the fight to halt the projects and prevent the catastrophic climate breakdown they would cause.

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Island in the energy price storm: renewables help ACT cut power costs

Guardian Environment News - Mon, 2022/06/06 - 1:07am

ACT is the only jurisdiction bucking the trend of soaring power bills now plaguing the rest of Australia

The ACT will cut electricity prices this year, bucking a trend of soaring power bills for the rest of Australia, as the territory benefits from long-term contracts that locked in low-cost renewable energy.

Basic tariffs will fall by a minimum of at least 1.25% from 1 July, the ACT’s independent competition and regulatory commission said on Monday. “This is equivalent to a real decrease of 4.93% after excluding inflation,” it said.

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‘We need something real’: the Russian climate activist taking on Putin’s war

Guardian Environment News - Mon, 2022/06/06 - 12:55am

As Russia seeks to strip Arshak Makichyan of his citizenship, he says negotiating with Putin on the Ukraine war or the climate crisis is impossible – and the west must act now for survival

Arshak Makichyan made a name for himself as Russia’s ‘lone climate activist’, protesting for change in a country where oil and gas exports have propped up the country’s economy for decades.

Every Friday, for nearly two years, Makichyan protested alone in Moscow’s Pushkin Square, hoping to draw Russian attention to the danger posed by climate change. Born in Armenia, but given Russian citizenship when he was 10, Makichyan graduated from a prestigious music conservatory and turned to activism after reading about climate change and Greta Thunberg’s weekly strikes. “I was representing Russia as a violinist on competitions, and I was organising Friday for Futures, so I had a feeling that I am a future of Russia,” he said.

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‘The next parakeet’: Britain’s dawn chorus at risk from Asian songbird

Guardian Environment News - Mon, 2022/06/06 - 12:01am

Exclusive: invasive red-billed leiothrix could threaten native bird populations such as robins and blackbirds, researchers warn

A brightly coloured subtropical songbird from Asia could colonise Britain’s gardens and change the dawn chorus for ever, a new paper warns.

The highly invasive red-billed leiothrix could threaten native bird populations, particularly competing with garden birds such as the robin and blackbird, researchers say. Early signs suggest this little bird – olive green with a bright red beak and yellow throat – may already be establishing itself in gardens and woodlands in southern parts of the country.

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Extinct and endangered species – in pictures

Guardian Environment News - Sun, 2022/06/05 - 11:00pm

Extinction, a new book by Marc Schlossman, explores endangered and extinct species and the factors threatening them through a rare behind the scenes look at one of the most important sets of natural history collections in the world at the Field Museum in Chicago

Conservation status chart:



Critically endangered


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‘Hidden world’ of marine life discovered in Antarctic ‘river’ under ice

Guardian Environment News - Sun, 2022/06/05 - 8:30pm

New Zealand scientists ‘jumping up and down’ at find during investigation of climate-induced melt of ice shelf

Beneath a vast Antarctic ice shelf, in a cathedral-like cavern hundreds of metres high, are swarms of little shrimp-like creatures in a newly discovered underwater ecosystem that, until recently, had remained an ice-locked secret.

A team of scientists from New Zealand discovered the ecosystem 500 metres below the ice in a suspected estuary, hundreds of kilometres from the edge of the Ross Ice Shelf.

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Peter Dutton says he’s ‘not afraid’ of nuclear debate after advocate named shadow energy minister

Guardian Environment News - Sun, 2022/06/05 - 5:29pm

Ideas shouldn’t be ruled out ‘simply because it’s unfashionable to talk about them’, Liberal leader says

Peter Dutton has confirmed that his frontbench pick for the opposition’s climate and energy portfolio signals he is up for a debate about nuclear power in Australia.

In Sunday’s reshuffle the Liberal MP and nuclear power advocate Ted O’Brien was appointed to the shadow cabinet in the crucial portfolio.

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A tough nut to crack...

The Field Lab - Sun, 2022/06/05 - 2:50pm

Matthew 5:44  But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you; 45 That ye may be the children of your Father which is in heaven: for he maketh his sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust. 46 For if ye love them which love you, what reward have ye? do not even the publicans the same? 47 And if ye salute your brethren only, what do ye more than others? do not even the publicans so? 48 Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect.  

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A high school senior reflects on her community's resilience after a devastating flood

NPR News - Environment - Sun, 2022/06/05 - 5:00am

Zoe Turner survived a flood that killed 20 neighbors. But now that she's graduated high school, she's trying to leave behind the lingering damage and move on to the next phase of her life.

(Image credit: William DeShazer for NPR)

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