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Fast fashion is on the rampage, with the UK at the head of the charge

Guardian Environment News - Fri, 2019/06/21 - 6:24am

One in three young women in Britain consider a garment worn once or twice to be old

Fast fashion – the rapid system of trend-driven, low-cost clothing manufacture beloved by UK consumers – is on the rampage. We crossed a worrying line in 2014, scaling up garment production to 100bn pieces of new clothing a year. These are clothes, made from virgin resources, increasingly plastic, pushed out into the world with little thought as to where they will end up. Without rapid reform, the fashion industry – of which fast fashion is the dominant player – could be responsible for a quarter of the Earth’s carbon budget by 2050. This threat to the planet has, not surprisingly, attracted the attention of climate protesters. Extinction Rebellion picketed London fashion week for the first time in February.

The UK’s contribution is enormous. Not only did we invent fast fashion, but our fashion consumers are among the most voracious in the world. One in three young women, the biggest segment of consumers, consider garments worn once or twice to be old. UK consumers sent 300,000 tonnes of textiles to be burned or dumped in landfill in 2018.

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New York's Aggressive Battle Against Climate Change

NPR News - Environment - Fri, 2019/06/21 - 2:08am

New York is set to enact plans to battle climate change. It would go further than some other states in cutting carbon emissions from electricity, buildings and transportation.

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Coping with crisis: how scientists are making an invasive crab a delicacy

Guardian Environment News - Thu, 2019/06/20 - 11:00pm

The little green invader gobbling shellfish and destroying habitats in the Gulf of Maine could finally have a predator – humans

In the salt marshes and estuaries of New England, the most dominant and fearsome predator is a voracious invader that grows to just inches and lays waste to everything in its path.

The European green crab first arrived in the new world more than 200 years go, smuggling itself to American shores in the ballast holds of transatlantic ships.

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William Happer: Trump aide pushing climate denial inside the White House

Guardian Environment News - Thu, 2019/06/20 - 11:00pm

The physicist, 79, has a seat on the National Security Council – and thinks the science that proves global heating is wrong

By the early 1990s, the man now dubbed the “chief climate change skeptic” in Donald Trump’s White House had already decided he was uneasy with the science that showed humans were heating the planet.

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Americans' plastic recycling is dumped in landfills, investigation shows

Guardian Environment News - Thu, 2019/06/20 - 10:14pm

Consumers’ efforts to be eco-friendly go to waste as many communities find themselves with nowhere to send their refuse

A sign on an upside-down dumpster spelled the end of Pearl Pai’s long romance with plastics recycling.

For years, Pai and her family generated almost no trash. She carefully washed, sorted and bagged hard-to-recycle items and drove them two towns over from her home in Berkeley, California, to the area’s best recycling center.

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Never gonna give you up: how plastic seduced America

Guardian Environment News - Thu, 2019/06/20 - 10:00pm

Once we lived without it, now we can’t escape it. A historian unpacks the origins of our plastic addiction

In 1957 Disneyland opened the Monsanto House of the Future, an all-plastic dwelling. Over the next 10 years millions of visitors passed through its fantastical rooms, designed by MIT architects with curved walls and large windows. The house was equipped with plastic chairs and plastic floors, the kitchen with precise stacks of plastic plates and plastic cups. Monsanto’s house trumpeted the wonders of science, as well as the chemical industry and its products. Plastic, it proclaimed, was the material of tomorrow.

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KIMCHI CLASS this Sunday, June 23

Home Grown New Mexico - Thu, 2019/06/20 - 1:37pm

Sunday, June 23rd
12 noon to 2 pm


No Korean meal would be complete without a side dish of kimchi. As American palates shift toward spicier condiments, this ancient Asian “pickle” is becoming more popular on U.S. tables. Just like sauerkraut, the basic ingredients of kimchi are cabbage and salt. Unlike sauerkraut, it’s fermented with a special type of red chili powder. Recipes often include ginger and scallions, and sometimes fish sauce or paste. Ancient, traditional methods of fermenting kimchi used a large crock buried in the ground. 

In this workshop, we’ll use modern equipment to make kimchi in a small batch that can ferment on your kitchen counter. Everyone will leave with copies of all recipes. If you’ve been thinking about trying kimchi, but thought it might be too complicated or too spicy, this workshop is for you!

Instructor: Teri Buhl
Location: Santa Fe Area Home Builders Association building
2520-B Camino Entrada (next to Habitat ReStore on south side of building) • Santa Fe
Fee: $5 for members/$10 for non-member

Please sign up through Eventbrite:


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