Clearing the Air, or not, on the Navajo Reservation

Navajo Generating Station - Page, AZ

1) The people of the Navajo Nation need jobs and electricity.
2) The Navajo Nation has great wind and solar resources.
3) The Navajo Reservation has highly polluted air due to existing coal-fired power plants.
4) A key air pollution permit for the proposed Desert Rock coal power plant has been remanded.
5) ?
6) The Navajo Nation's Diné Power Authority and Sithe Global Power are committed to moving forward with the Desert Rock Coal Power Plant.

Did you notice that item 5) on the list above is a question mark? There is definitely something missing between 'revoked air pollution permit' and 'continued commitment to coal'. I don't know what the link is or why the Diné Power Authority is so tied to coal. I do know that mining and burning coal has brought much pollution and disease to the Four Corners region. I also hope that the Diné Power Authority takes a good look at renewable energy. Those of us who live downwind of those dirty coal power plants would appreciate it.

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5) ?

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