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Climate activists vow to take to streets to stop fossil fuel extraction

Guardian Environment News - Mon, 2023/01/16 - 11:05am

‘Cease and desist’ letter signed by over 650,000 people sent to oil and gas CEOs follows removal of Greta Thunberg from coal protest

Hundreds of thousands of young climate activists have said they will continue “protesting in the streets in huge numbers” against fossil fuels, a day after Greta Thunberg was removed by German police from a condemned village atop a massive coal deposit.

In a cease-and-desist letter to the CEOs of fossil fuel companies, youth campaigners accuse them of a “direct violation of our human right to a clean, healthy, and sustainable environment, your duties of care, as well as the rights of Indigenous people”.

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Warning of unprecedented heatwaves as El Niño set to return in 2023

Guardian Environment News - Mon, 2023/01/16 - 9:00am

Scientists say phenomenon coupled with growing climate crisis likely to push global temperatures ‘off the chart’

The return of the El Niño climate phenomenon later this year will cause global temperatures to rise “off the chart” and deliver unprecedented heatwaves, scientists have warned.

Early forecasts suggest El Niño will return later in 2023, exacerbating extreme weather around the globe and making it “very likely” the world will exceed 1.5C of warming. The hottest year in recorded history, 2016, was driven by a major El Niño.

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John Kerry backs UAE appointment of oil chief to oversee UN climate talks

Guardian Environment News - Mon, 2023/01/16 - 8:16am

US climate envoy says pick is a ‘terrific choice’ but activists equate pick to asking ‘arms dealers to lead peace talks’

US climate envoy John Kerry backs the United Arab Emirates’ decision to appoint the CEO of a state-run oil company to preside over the upcoming UN climate negotiations in Dubai, citing his work on renewable energy projects.

In an interview Sunday with the Associated Press, the former US secretary of state acknowledged that the Emirates and other countries relying on fossil fuels to fund their state coffers face finding “some balance” ahead.

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Have we reached ‘peak meat’? Why one country is trying to limit its number of livestock

Guardian Environment News - Mon, 2023/01/16 - 4:00am

Dutch farms are feeling the squeeze from EU rules and need to make sweeping changes to the farm system – could a huge producer like the US follow suit?

Ingrid de Sain is one of thousands of dairy farmers in the Netherlands who says she sometimes lies awake at night. Since a court ruling in 2019 which found the Dutch were breaking European environmental law, her farm of 100 cows in north Holland has been illegal.

Like the other 2,500-plus farmers whose environmental permission was suddenly invalid, she wants a future where she can earn a living and farm legally again.

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Lost for words: fears of ‘catastrophic’ language loss due to rising seas

Guardian Environment News - Mon, 2023/01/16 - 12:00am

Climate crisis could be ‘final nail in the coffin’ for half of all surviving languages, say linguists, as coastal communities are forced to migrate

Every 40 days a language dies. This “catastrophic” loss is being amplified by the climate crisis, according to linguists. If nothing is done, conservative estimates suggest that half of all the 7,000 languages currently spoken will be extinct by the end of the century.

Speakers of minority languages have experienced a long history of persecution, with the result that by the 1920s half of all Indigenous languages in Australia, the US, South Africa and Argentina were extinct. The climate crisis is now considered the “final nail in the coffin” for many Indigenous languages and with them, the knowledge they represent.

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Beavers to be reintroduced in Hampshire for first time in 400 years

Guardian Environment News - Sun, 2023/01/15 - 11:00pm

A pair of the semi-aquatic mammals will be released on to Ewhurst Park estate

Beavers are set to be reintroduced into an enclosure in Hampshire, marking the first time in 400 years that they have lived in the county in southern England.

A pair of the semi-aquatic mammals will be released on to Ewhurst Park estate, which is being restored for nature and sustainable food production.

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Dismantling Sellafield: the epic task of shutting down a nuclear site – podcast

Guardian Environment News - Sun, 2023/01/15 - 10:00pm

Nothing is produced at Sellafield any more. But making safe what is left behind is an almost unimaginably expensive and complex task that requires us to think not on a human timescale, but a planetary one

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UK police to get new powers to shut down protests before disruption begins

Guardian Environment News - Sun, 2023/01/15 - 3:30pm

Plans aimed at preventing tactics such as ‘slow marching’ are part of Rishi Sunak’s public order crackdown

Police are to be given powers to shut down protests before any disruption begins under Rishi Sunak’s plans for a public order crackdown, which aim to prevent tactics such as “slow marching”.

Sparking outrage from civil liberties campaigners, the government said it would be laying an amendment to the public order bill to toughen its crackdown on “guerilla” tactics used mainly by environmental protesters.

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Save time and money with an even shorter shower – or try a strip wash | Letters

Guardian Environment News - Sun, 2023/01/15 - 11:53am

Readers respond to a Pass Notes column on the four-minute shower

Your article (Pass notes, 9 January) presented the idea of four-minute showers. In September 2021, at a time of water shortages, I wrote to Yorkshire Water suggesting that they adopt a measure that I saw several years ago while working in Australia – the water supplier had given each householder a three-minute hourglass egg timer to stick to the wall of the bathroom shower. The Aussies then practised “beat the egg timer” while showering. I suggested that this would save both water and energy in these difficult times. Of course, as a follically challenged older man, I might have to donate some of my minutes to my wife to deal with her more luxurious tresses. I received a “that’s interesting” acknowledgment from Yorkshire Water.
Mike Elliott
Leven, East Yorkshire

• Four-minute showers? When in the navy, we had a problem with the evaporator on our ship, which produced fresh water. To economise when showering, we were told to to rinse, switch the water off, lather and shampoo, then rinse again. Water use was around a minute and a half, and did the job perfectly.
John Huntley
Letheringsett, Norfolk

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in and out...

The Field Lab - Sun, 2023/01/15 - 11:35am

Mark 7:15  There is nothing from without a man, that entering into him can defile him: but the things which come out of him, those are they that defile the man.  

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Put all of National Grid under state control, net zero campaigners urge

Guardian Environment News - Sun, 2023/01/15 - 10:15am

Investors paid almost £9bn in dividends and share buyback schemes over last five years, report has revealed

National Grid, which maintains the backbone of Britain’s electricity network, should be taken under government control to ensure the rapid transition to net zero, campaigners said, after a report revealed that the business paid investors almost £9bn in dividends and share buyback schemes over the last five years.

The stock-market-listed firm, which counts the fund managers BlackRock, Vanguard and the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority among its top five shareholders, has a 19% operating margin on its electricity business, allowing the board to fund an average £1bn a year in dividends.

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British woman dies after avalanche in French Alps

Guardian Environment News - Sun, 2023/01/15 - 8:38am

Forty-five-year-old and her partner were hiking with a mountain guide when accident happened

A British woman has died after getting caught in an avalanche as she was hiking with two other people on the Mont Blanc massif in the French Alps, rescue services have said.

The accident happened on Saturday on the Argentière Glacier, one of the Mont Blanc mountain range’s biggest glaciers.

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Treasure hunters dive for mammoth bones in New York’s East River

Guardian Environment News - Sun, 2023/01/15 - 6:22am

Tale told on Joe Rogan podcast leads fossil hunters to murky depths off Manhattan even as museum pours cold water on story

Several groups of treasure hunters have been seen on the East River in New York City after a guest on the Joe Rogan podcast claimed a boxcar of valuable prehistoric mammoth bones was dumped in the river in the 1940s.

Despite a lack of evidence, treasure seekers have used boats, diving gear and remote-operated cameras to search.

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Are gas stoves really dangerous? What we know about the science

Guardian Environment News - Sun, 2023/01/15 - 4:00am

New studies show just how harmful to health they can be, but there are good alternatives to the open flame

Gas stoves are a hot topic. A new study linked them to one in eight childhood asthma cases, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission said it would look into banning them, and Republicans expressed anger at the mere suggestion.

At the same time, federal and state policies are aiming to give gas stoves’ main competition – regular electric stoves and the ballyhooed induction stove – a boost.

This article was amended on 17 January 2023 to correct the name of PSE Healthy Energy, which was originally referred to as PSE Health Energy.

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The world’s biggest PR firm claims to be an expert on trust – but is it?

Guardian Environment News - Sun, 2023/01/15 - 1:00am

Edelman, which will publish the latest edition of its ‘trust barometer’ at Davos, says trust is its legacy – but critics say its reluctant to follow its own advice

At the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland this week, the public relations juggernaut Edelman will publish the latest edition of its “trust barometer”, an annual survey that purports to measure whether people around the world trust businesses, governments, NGOs and the media.

There’s just one problem: even as Edelman promotes its brand and pursues clients with stern warnings about the importance of trust, critics charge the company appears reluctant to follow its own advice. The firm’s clients have ranged from ExxonMobil to the Saudi government and members of the Sackler family, the former owners of the opioid manufacturer Purdue Pharma.

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The program...

The Field Lab - Sat, 2023/01/14 - 4:10pm

I have always considered computer programming to be way out of my wheelhouse.  I seem to have quite a blind spot when it comes to any kind of programming language.  A while back I ordered some inexpensive microcontrollers to try with my rover project but found I didn't need them right away.  I thought I had lost them when I cleaned up a couple of weeks ago but now they are found.  While doing what seems to be my daily clock search on the internet, I came across a lot of digital clock tutorials and have been binge watching them for 2 weeks.  This morning I tried my hand at the Arduino IDE [Integrated Development Environment - software for building applications that combines common developer tools into a single graphical user interface (GUI)] and was magically able to get an ESP8266 Node MCU to run a sample "blink led" program and after I made some changes to the code - it ran that too.  What I have discovered is that it may actually be doable for me to make some interesting things with these as there is so much info available online...especially YouTube.  Now that I got my feet wet, I ordered some more controllers, OLED displays, and stepper motors to experiment with for some new clock projects.  To get an idea what I mean by inexpensive - that order (5 controllers, 5 screens, 5 stepper motors) was $46 on Amazon.  If I didn't mind waiting a month, I could have ordered them all from China for about 25 bucks.  For scale, the board I fired up is about 1" x 2" - the boards and OLEDs I just ordered are about 1.25" x 1.25" and the stepper motors are 1" in diameter.  67,75,30,0,C

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'Beaverland' author deep dives into how beavers shaped America

NPR News - Environment - Sat, 2023/01/14 - 3:28pm

NPR's Michel Martin speaks with environmental journalist Leila Philip about her new book, Beaverland: How One Weird Rodent Made America.

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Household solar boom back on track after severe weather and supply disruptions lead to 14% drop in capacity

Guardian Environment News - Sat, 2023/01/14 - 12:00pm

December 2022 was third-busiest month on record for solar panel installation partly driven by spiking electricity prices

When record rainfall caused flooding in south-east Queensland last February, Steve McLean’s solar installers were kept off roofs, blowing a $60,000 hole in his firm’s budget and setting back what might have been another record year for his business.

“If we didn’t do a system for five weeks, you can imagine that no one else did … We got absolutely smashed in February and March,” McLean, the owner of Gold Coast Solar Systems, said. “If you take that number out of the marketplace, well, that was disastrous.”

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Revealed: ministers sought Charles’s consent to pass conservation laws affecting his business

Guardian Environment News - Sat, 2023/01/14 - 10:00am

The government wrote to the then Prince of Wales in 2019, seeking approval for legislation that had implications for his estates

The government asked King Charles for permission to pass its post-Brexit “world-leading” Environment Act because laws requiring landowners to enhance conservation could affect his business interests.

Environment minister Rebecca Pow wrote to the then Prince of Wales in 2019 to ask if he would accept section seven of the environment bill, which became law in November 2021.

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Greta Thunberg calls for protest against expansion of German coalmine

Guardian Environment News - Sat, 2023/01/14 - 7:35am

Climate activist also denounced ‘police violence’ against campaigners at the abandoned village of Lützerath

Greta Thunberg joined thousands of demonstrators to march in a large-scale protest in Germany against the demolition of a village to make way for an opencast coalmine extension.

Crowds of activists marched on the hamlet of Lützerath in western Germany, waving banners, chanting and accompanied by a brass band, but there were also violent clashes with police.

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