Made the Bread, Bought the Butter, pt.2

Umami map

Then it conveniently was Super Bowl time and a perfect excuse to make homemade onion dip. I have consumed many containers of the classic Lipton onion soup mix + sour cream dip at Super Bowl time. In fact, as one who is perpetually confused by the game of football, the dip was a major incentive to watch the game.

This version was a ton more work what with onions needing to be carmelized. Was it better than the old dusty classic? Wellll... it was good although I found the sweet taste of mayonnaise was too prominent and overwhelmed the tang of the sour cream. But it was just missing that beefy taste that I suspect is dehydrated beef broth in the soup mix. To be fancy, it was missing that hit of umami that makes the classic so appealing. Or maybe it's the rippled potato chips.

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Make the Bread, Buy the Butter