Made the Bread, Bought the Butter, pt.3

No Shake n Bake

Then I moved on to oven fried chicken. I have made several different versions of this recipe always hoping for it to be just one step closer to the crispy goodness of deep fried chicken. I loathe deep frying and its mess and splatter and danger and leftover oil. Deep frying is actually quite tricky to get something crisp that isn't oil soaked.

Because of this loathing, I also was not going to get involved with the book's version of Thomas Keller's fried chicken. I'd heard of this two-day recipe from song and story but Keller has an army of people to fulfill his visions; I'd have myself and a bubbling cauldron of hot oil.

All told, this was a pretty good version of oven fried chicken. I ended up over-salting (according to me) the brine but it turned out quite tasty and flavorful. Ohhhh, is that what salt is for? Even the underside of the chicken stayed relatively crisp, the weak spot of any oven fried chicken recipe. I halved the amount of coating because I can't stand the wasted, chicken-tainted flour pile that always results. Why do these recipes always call for cups and cups of flour? Very good dinner with less mess, my dream come true.

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