Made the Bread, Bought the Butter, pt.5

I also made possibly the greatest snack ever: cheese crackers. This was meant to reproduce that cheesy little square that doesn't turn your fingers orange. This was possibly the raging success of this tour through Make the Bread, Buy the Butter

I adore the cheesy square crackers and when I sneak buy them, I consume them by the handful in a mad frenzy. The problem is that the cheesy flavor is usually overwhelmed by the startling amount of salt. So, I hoped for more cheesiness and nuance rather than a salt bomb. This cracker recipe exceeded all expectations. Again, thanks to the wonder food processor this all came together in a snap. It used a combination of Gruyere and Cheddar and other wonderful, flavorful ingredients like Worcestershire sauce, the mystery ingredient in my pantry. The dough chilled, got rolled out and then came the laborious part: rolling out and cutting. That wasn't too bad and I got to use my kitchen ruler. I love an excuse to use the kitchen ruler because it seems too dorky to have it out on the counter otherwise.

Besides being flavorful and crisp, these cheese crackers had the added benefit of being a precious commodity. I did not eat them all in one fell swoop knowing that my time and energy had been put in to them and I couldn't just toddle on down to the supermarket and find something just as tasty. So, I got a delicious cheese cracker and modicum of self-restraint from one recipe.

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Gruyère cheese

Cheddar cheese

Make the Bread, Buy the Butter