Tour des Jardins et les Coops

Garden & Coop Tour 2012 - Fancy Chickens

This Sunday I took the Home Grown New Mexico Kitchen Garden & Coop Tour. Since I took the tour by bike I decided to call it the Tour des Jardins et les Coops. The tour was an easy loop of less than 20 miles and great way to spend a morning in Santa Fe. I was very impressed by the garden landscapes created by these generous and welcoming Santa Feans. I learned quite a bit from the gardens and I've been inspired to continue expanding our little garden.

Here some of my notes from the Garden and Coop Tour:

  • Six out of Seven gardens on the tour have chicken coops. How many urban chickens are there in Santa Fe?
  • We need more rainwater catchment! I just doubled our rainbarrel capacity and it's only a fraction the size of the cisterns I saw.
  • Many of the home owners are garden designers, landscapers and the like. Now, I don't feel quite so embarrased by our humble garden.
  • Mulch and compost, mulch and compost, then more mulch and compost.
  • I would love to have more space to grow ... everything! But how many acres do I really want to maintain? One of the gardens was on a small city lot like ours and it looked very manageable.
  • Several of the homes had Solar Photovoltaic or Solar Hot Water panels. Many of the tour homes have enough solar PV to fully offset their electricity usage.
  • Every garden needs shade, under a tree or a structure, for people and plants.
  • Several of these homes and gardens are ready for a feature article in Sunset magazine!
  • Thanks to the Santa Fe Master Gardeners for staffing the tour and answering so many of my questions.
  • You never know what incredible landscapes hide at the end of a gravel road or behind a garden wall in Santa Fe!

As a picture is worth a thousand words, here is my Santa Fe Garden and Coop Gallery.

Garden & Coop Tour 2012 - Flowers & Pear Tree
Flowers & Pear Tree
Garden & Coop Tour 2012 - Bird Sculpture
Bird Sculpture
Garden & Coop Tour 2012 - City Garden with Raised Beds
City Garden with Raised Beds
Garden & Coop Tour 2012 - Playin' It Cool travel trailer
Playin' It Cool travel trailer
Garden & Coop Tour 2012 - Tracking PV Array
Tracking PV Array

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