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are you always thirsty?

The Field Lab - Sun, 2015/07/05 - 3:12pm
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independence day

The Field Lab - Sat, 2015/07/04 - 10:30am
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the good stamp

The Field Lab - Fri, 2015/07/03 - 4:26pm
Finally got my free replacement stamp for the backside so I am almost ready to roll 'em out.  The Ben'n'Bud Fund coins will go on sale next Friday.  85,95,72,0,B
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Home Grown New Mexico - Fri, 2015/07/03 - 1:14am

Sun. July 12
Kitchen Counter Gardening-CLASS
Learn how to grow micro-greens in your kitchen!
Time: 12 pm-2 pm
Instructors: Alessandra Haines & Mike Warren
Location: 3229 Rodeo Road (Rodeo Grounds/Large Annex building Master Gardener classroom)

This fast-growing market has become tremendously popular with both growers and chefs. For growers, Micro Greens have a low start-up cost for year-round production, are relatively easy to grow, and most can be harvested within 2-3 weeks. For chefs, they allow for interesting colors, flavors, and textures to be creatively combined to enhance any dish. Come learn how to grow micro-greens with Allesandra and Mike!

Help keep this class free! Become a 2015 Member here for only $35 – includes all classes, potlucks and tour. TAX DEDUCTIBLE!



Kitchen Garden & Coop Tour
Time: 9 am-3 pm
Locations: Addresses of all 5 properties and a map will be posted here by July 15.
Cost: $25. children under 12 free. You can pre-pay below or pay at the tour at any of the homes. Cash, Check or credit cards accepted.

The 5th Annual
Kitchen Garden and Coop Tour
Sunday, July 26, 2015 from 9 am to 3 pm

See five kitchen gardens in Santa Fe. Pick up ideas that you can use at your place or just enjoy these beautiful, edible and functional landscapes.

The properties on the tour this year will feature many gardening ideas—beautiful vegetable gardens, herb gardens, fruit and nut trees, backyard chicken coops, goats, beehives, composting,  green houses, a neighborhood community garden, edible landscapes and rainwater harvesting systems. For more info on each property, go here or purchase tickets below at eventbrite.

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this boot is made for walkin'...

The Field Lab - Thu, 2015/07/02 - 5:03pm
Just finished the latest round trip to Odessa.  My doc was finally satisfied enough with my bone mending to give me the green light on light (30%) weight bearing for the next 5 weeks.  My fibula is completely healed but the big ol' tibia still has a ways to go.

FYI - that first frankenboot they gave me cost my insurance company $250 and me $100...and I hated it because it was very uncomfortable and heavy.  I bought this one from Amazon Prime for 80 bucks and my doctor and I both approve.  87,99,73,0,C
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Birthday Boy

The Field Lab - Wed, 2015/07/01 - 11:34am


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Haircuts on the Fly - Juniper Pool Provides

Holy Scrap - Tue, 2015/06/30 - 5:57pm
I cut my own hair and Mikey's too. Our last cut took place beside Eel River in California. Today I cut both of us in the family changing room at Juniper Pool in Bend. These rooms are perfect for such a thing. A private room and locking door containing sinks, a shower, and power which I needed for Mikey's electric trimmer that I use to buzz the sides. I cut us both on under 20 minutes!!
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"out of network"

The Field Lab - Tue, 2015/06/30 - 5:33pm
Seems my little boo boo has accumulated a little over $15,000 in "out of network" bills.  That is a clever insurance term for "we don't cover this even though you doctor ordered it".  Over 2/3rds of it was for my emergency surgery - like I had any choice in the matter with a bone sticking out of my leg and doped up on morphine.  I am already out of pocket for about 9 grand.  I have always paid for my own health insurance and have better coverage than most will choose from the exchanges.  If you think Obamacare means a free ride - go break you leg like I did and you will see that subsidized health insurance does not equal affordable healthcare.  Next steps:  1.  Resubmit the charges to my insurance company.  2.  File a claim for mediation with the Texas Department of Insurance.  3.  Click on this email I got today.  83,91,71,0,B
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The Field Lab - Mon, 2015/06/29 - 4:17pm
When I got my new optometrist prescription last trip to Odessa, I contemplated ordering some reading glasses as well - getting bifocals would have added another $95 to the price of my glasses and a second pair of just reading glasses would have been almost as much.  Decided to wait and see what I could find online once I got home.  All I had to do was enter my prescription numbers and 3 days later the glasses arrived in my mailbox.  83,94,72,0,B    
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Don't let them jerk your chain...

The Field Lab - Sun, 2015/06/28 - 1:29pm
As a Christian...I have no problem with the recent supreme court decision on gay marriage.  After all, it is little more than a government sanctioned legal contract between consenting adults.  Wouldn't it be nice if they just called it the "Any Pair of Consenting Adults Can Get Married Now" law?  What I do have a problem with is when a shield meant to protect one group is used as a sword against another.  Providing a specific law for a specifically labeled group automatically created a division.  The new law appears to be inclusive while in reality it is intentionally divisive.  By giving a portion of the population a label (LGBT), it automatically creates a division... an us vs. them paradigm.  You can't please all the people all the time and as far as rights go - it is give and take.  Well guess what?  We are all sinners.  WE ARE ALL SINNERS.  No law changes that because you cannot legislate morality or any perception of it.

Non believers seem to get awfully defensive when Christians talk about sin.  Don't mistake correction for condemnation.  Judgement is God's job - not man's.  There is no better definition of self righteous than those who put their own importance above God.  No sin is greater than another sin in the eternal sense and there is no one on this planet who is without sin.  All sin separates us from God, and all sin needs to be atoned for.  All sins are "mortal" sins in that even one sin makes the offender worthy of spiritual death and eternal separation from God.  Although the Bible doesn't name any one sin as the greatest sin, it does refer to the unpardonable sin, which is the sin of unbelief.  There is no pardon for a person who dies in unbelief.  The Bible is clear that, in His love for mankind, God provided the means of eternal salvation - Jesus Christ and His death on the cross - for "whoever believes in Him" (John 3:16)  The only condition under which forgiveness would not be granted concerns those who reject the only means of salvation.  Jesus said, "I am the way the the truth and the life.  No one comes to the Father except through me." (John 14:6), making it clear that He and He alone is the path to God and salvation.

Jesus has authority over the supreme court and the court of public opinion and his message is clear...LOVE.  When our opinions and preferences become more important than the message from the Kingdom of God, we are lost.  "This is my commandment, That ye love one another as I have loved you. (John 15:12)

Don't let the government jerk your chain.
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River Adds Flow to Yoga

Holy Scrap - Sun, 2015/06/28 - 12:01pm
Yoga always makes more sense when practiced in nature. Here in Bend the cold, moving water of the Dechutes River causes an affect like air conditioning when the breeze blows over it.

The movement of water itself is cleansing. The Sufis call upon water's qualities with the wazifa, wahabo. When pronounce accurately the word sounds like water, think bubbling brook. Sufis also repeat it as a mantra for a variety of occasions such as to prepare for public speaking, consider the cleansing of the voice the pronunciation causes which is not unlike the odd sounding practices a vocal teacher might assign a student. Spiritual practice is always made richer when we do it with multiple senses, I've heard this dancing called praying with one's body.

While in Bend I've enjoyed the Duchutes river's presence. I've run along it, slept aside it, and it has been a part of my internal practice. Oh, I picked up the yoga matt at a yard sale. It was in the free box. : )

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Ten Weeks and Still Tidy

Holy Scrap - Sun, 2015/06/28 - 11:51am
In our so far ten weeks living in Hondo we met many vehicle dwellers and this helped us to notice that as in regular life, there are types, namely clean and dirty.  Some vehicles reflect serious OCD with built in drawers and custom made cabinetry. Just the other day we met a couple that we figured had been living in their vehicle for months. They were covered in a kind of campground grime that's common and comes from a regular dusting from cars driving by. It seeped into their clothes, vehicle and the pores of their skin. Their vehicle interior revealed a mess, crap everywhere and no systems for organizing. We asked the couple, "how long?" They replied that it had been two weeks. Hondo was parked just a few feet away, shiny and spotless. "How long," they asked. We replied, "almost three months." The moment hung.

I don't mind spending as much as 1/2 hr a day cleaning the interior of Hondo. It keeps me sane. I air out the fabrics, brush the floors, and wipe the surfaces, and clean Sesame's nose smears off the windows. It also helps that we shut the windows when we're in dusty places with car traffic.  Many leave their cars wide open failing to realize that each passer by can leave you a pound heavier just from road dust!

In these ten weeks we have amassed a variety of systems for staying clean. We have white cotton square rags that we keep around for a variety of uses: one is kitchen only, each of us has a body rag, and we have a car rag (for the interior). I also stock disinfectants in the form of essential oils: eucalyptus and tea tree are my favorites. Morning and night we boil water and use the personal rag to wash with hot water. Nothing feels better. When your hanging out in nature dirty feet turn into what we call troll foot. Nighttime foot baths are divine and keep our bed clean.
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melting pebbles

The Field Lab - Sat, 2015/06/27 - 4:18pm

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new jack

The Field Lab - Fri, 2015/06/26 - 4:46pm
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home office

The Field Lab - Thu, 2015/06/25 - 4:48pm
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52 Taps @ The Shell Station - Yeah We're Still in Bend

Holy Scrap - Thu, 2015/06/25 - 11:48am
Not only do the employees at the Bend Shell gas station wear cute white outfits reminiscent of a 1950s drive through burger joint, inside the place one can fill a growler with any of 52 varieties of beer, oh wait kumbucha too.
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The Field Lab - Wed, 2015/06/24 - 4:08pm
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Field Trip: Fruit Trees with Gordon Tooley, Sunday June 28

Home Grown New Mexico - Tue, 2015/06/23 - 9:20pm

For those of you signed up to go on this field trip and want to possibly carpool, offer rides and/or caravan up to Gordon’s property,  read on:


-Please PARK TO THE LEFT OF THE COMMUNITY ROOM, NOT DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF IT. The LITTLE Whole Foods is located on Cordova and St. Francis and the community room is behind the LITTLE Whole Foods ON CORDOVA.

-WE WILL LEAVE AT 11 AM SHARP to Gordon Tooley’s place

Anyone who doesn’t want to meet, please DOWNLOAD THE MAP- (gordon tooley map). There are 35 people signed up and Gordon doesn’t have enough parking space for all of us so please consider carpooling.

SEE YA SUNDAY! Below are the class details.

Sun. June 28, 12 pm —2 pm
Fruit Trees with Gordon Tooley
Learn what varieties of fruit trees do well in NM and how to grow them.
Time: 12 pm-2 pm
Instructor: Gordon Tooley
Location: PO Box 392 Truchas, NM 87578 505-689-2400 (THIS IS A FIELD TRIP) This is a field trip up to his property so you may want to carpool or offer someone a ride. Here is a map to his property: gordon tooley map

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a quick storm

The Field Lab - Tue, 2015/06/23 - 5:18pm

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final round(s)

The Field Lab - Mon, 2015/06/22 - 4:54pm

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