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bait fail

The Field Lab - 21 hours 51 min ago

The critter came in again last night but preferred range feed over the tuna in the trap.  Cleaned up and put away all the leftover bits in the greenhouse and will bait the trap tonight with range feed and some dessert.  Marshmallows seem to be the bait of choice from what I read online.  I just hope this brand doesn't attract bears.  85,93,62,0,B
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Trapper John

The Field Lab - Mon, 2014/09/29 - 5:17pm
Buy it or build it?  Found this simple design online and thought I would give it a shot.  Gonna go coon trappin' tonight.

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old friends...

The Field Lab - Sun, 2014/09/28 - 5:23pm
Do you ever think about the friends you have had for a very long time?  How is it that you have come to know and trust them so well?  What does it take to get to really know someone?  Most likely it is because you have spent a lot of unselfish time together and have shared many life experiences.  It works the same way with Jesus.  The relationship will only grow by spending time with Him.  Trust only grows from unselfishness.

Philippians 3:14 I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.

John 14:12 Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father.  13 And whatsoever ye shall ask in my name, that will I do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son. 14 If ye shall ask anything in my name, I will do it. 15 If ye love me, (do all of the above).

James 4:3 Ye ask, and receive not(?), Because ye ask amiss, that ye may consume it upon your lusts.
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The Field Lab - Sat, 2014/09/27 - 6:48pm

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To catch a thief...

The Field Lab - Fri, 2014/09/26 - 6:15pm
Side tracked cleaning up today by the silly electric assist bicycle I bought 6 years ago and only rode about 10 times.  Since it is all part of the big plan, I guess it was OK.  Decided I should extract the motor for some other project, and fix up the bike to give away to some kid who might appreciate it.

Something (I suspect racoon) has been getting into the greenhouse overnight and shredding range feed bags.  Set up the game cam to hopefully find out who it is.  Next will be to figure out how they are getting in.
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Checking In With Friends @ Root Simple - An Interview

Holy Scrap - Fri, 2014/09/26 - 11:45am
This week Mikey and I enjoyed chatting blogger, author, Erik Knutzen. With his wife Kelly he keeps the blog Root Simple. The pair have also written two great books, The Urban Homestead and Making It. Their homestead is in Los Angeles where they live an active life and keep a sophisticated homestead. Check out their blog for all sorts of tips and information. And listen to our chat with Erik earlier this week. We had a bunch of fun talking about our lives, post The Good Life Lab. You can check out our conversation here. Enjoy!
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Have You Ever Tried a Running Skirt?

Holy Scrap - Fri, 2014/09/26 - 9:13am

Have You Ever Tried a Running Skirt?, a photo by mikey and wendy on Flickr.

Wendy’s fist test 8 mile run in a running skirt.

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The Field Lab - Thu, 2014/09/25 - 6:04pm

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The Field Lab - Wed, 2014/09/24 - 5:36pm
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Sealing Our Tent Seams

Holy Scrap - Wed, 2014/09/24 - 11:42am

Sealing Our Tent Seams, a photo by mikey and wendy on Flickr.

We have been happy with our super light Tarp Tent so far. However, we have not tested it out in rainy weather yet. Our friend suggested we seal the seams with a mix of GE II Clear Silicon Caulk before our next backpacking adventure. We also added some silicon strips to the bottom of the tent so our matts and bags will stay in place.

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Next Year’s Kitchen Garden and Coop Tour in 2015

Home Grown New Mexico - Tue, 2014/09/23 - 10:34pm
We’re looking for PROPERTIES for the 2015 Kitchen Garden & Coop Tour!

Do you or someone you know have fantastic kitchen gardens in the greater Santa Fe area? Kitchen gardens, herb gardens, potagers, goats, chickens, water collection system, composting systems, permaculture sites, urban farms or sustainable living sites are some of the things we’d like to see if you have some of them— but not all are necessary to be considered.

Want to show it off??? If so, we want to know about it.

Did you go on the tour this year and think, my property should be on this tour?

We are currently looking for inspiring properties for next year’s tour.

Interested? Let’s talk! We’d like to come see your gardens before they go away for winter!!!

Contact Home Grown New Mexico by email or call and leave a message at 505-983-9706.


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muscle memory

The Field Lab - Tue, 2014/09/23 - 7:30pm
Nice cool/calm morning.  Decided to go through all the motions with my flying machine (without actually taking off) to keep up the muscle memory for when I am ready to fly again.  Trying to schedule a long training session in November.  Still starts right up and runs smooth.  Nice thing about my unit requiring 100LL avgas is that it has a very long shelf life.  Got in 2 hours of kiting in this morning and another hour at sunset.  For the first time in all my practice sessions, the wind was light and steady tonight.  Was able to keep the wing up and stable (without have to run around) for minutes at a time instead of just seconds.

Starting another cleaning binge for the greenhouse and grounds.  No visits from the press coming up - I'm just tired of looking at all the mess.  82,89,63,0,B
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Mr. Ed

The Field Lab - Mon, 2014/09/22 - 6:14pm
This burro is relatively new at TFL...I call him Mr. Ed.  He has been coming in almost every day for over a month now.  James Lewis (another local burro) came in with Ed today after they had been fighting.  No sign of Mr. Floppy for a couple of months now.  These guys are brutal when they hang out together.  76,91,71,B,0
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Big Foot

Holy Scrap - Mon, 2014/09/22 - 12:34pm
Running in nature invites you to get over fears: fear of creatures and of getting lost for example. I have learned to love reading the tracks when I run. This morning on a 9 mile run I ran into this big print. Hummm, not likely a cat as they retract their claws. Too big for a coyote? Not sure, but I'm glad we didn't bump.
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The Field Lab - Sun, 2014/09/21 - 6:37pm
Just as your family is to you are to God.  A strong family endures.  But if a family becomes weak and dysfunctional, it breaks down and everyone suffers.  As the world turns away from the Father, it too begins to break down and suffer.  Our Father has offered us the world and wants nothing more than to keep His family strong.  Receive his Word, believe in Him, and join the family.

John 1:12 But to all who have received him - those who believe in his name - he has given the right to become God's children.

John 11:40 Jesus responded, "Didn't I tell you that if you believe, you would see the glory of God?"

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screen capture

The Field Lab - Sat, 2014/09/20 - 6:29pm

A couple of big/scary storms swooped down on us late last night.  As I was glued to the doppler radar, I decided to figure out how to record screen action while checking the direction of the storm path.  Most weather sites have a "past" and "future" button you can click to see the speed,direction, and intensity of the rain.  Did a quick search and within 10 minutes I had downloaded (free) and tested Microsoft Expressions Encoder4.  The tiny white dot in the center is the location of TFL relative to the storm path.  Here  is how to get it and set it up.  77,93,73, .24",B
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Steep Peak - Our Local Wilderness Hike

Holy Scrap - Fri, 2014/09/19 - 7:33pm

Steep Peak - Our Local Wilderness Hike, a photo by mikey and wendy on Flickr.

We have a local Wilderness area that is less than forty miles from our place. It’s called Apache Kid and it’s over 55k acres in size. The only bummer about the place is that the easiest access point is a trailhead that takes you up 3k feet in elevation in less than 5 miles. Today Wendy and I went with Sesame to look for mushrooms at 10k feet.

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Hoof nipping...

The Field Lab - Fri, 2014/09/19 - 5:43pm
One thing about having pet steers I never considered is that they might need their hooves trimmed.  My boys don't spend half their day walking 5 - 10 miles looking for something to graze on so their "toes" tend to get long.  Every now and then, one of them will end up chipping or breaking off a chunk of hoof.  As they grow longer they tend to cross which can screw up their legs if left unattended.  Trying to set up an appointment with the vet that specializes is this kind of stuff so I can get a better idea of what their needs might be.  While I wait for that to happen, I decided to buy some hoof nippers and give it a whirl with Ben.  Waited till this afternoon while they were both blissed out napping and chewing their cud.  Did a little work on Ben's back feet and he didn't mind at all. A couple more sessions and he will be done.  Bud on the other hand who doesn't allow me to measure his horns - really doesn't want me to mess with his feet.  88,100,72,0,B
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I like the Gummy Shoes - Montrail FluidFlex

Holy Scrap - Fri, 2014/09/19 - 6:49am

I like the Gummy Shoes - Montrail FluidFlex, a photo by mikey and wendy on Flickr.

After trying a half dozen pairs of trail running shoes I’ve picked a favorite. My Montrail FluidFlex are crazy light, drain water incredibly fast and have just the right amount of gummy cushioning. I picked up a replacement pair for $32 last week. There are two downsides to these. The soles are so soft that they tend to wear out by 300 miles. They also pickup a lot sand/dirt while running to the point that I need to pull the insoles before each outing and really shake them clean. I noticed that that multiple top runners from the Hard Rock 100 are also wearing this specific model of shoe (not the FluidFlex II).

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Lazy and Late Prickly Pear Harvet

Holy Scrap - Thu, 2014/09/18 - 6:27pm

Lazy and Late Prickly Pear Harvet, a photo by mikey and wendy on Flickr.

Happy to score some ripe prickly pear cactus fruit tonight. Some minor trespassing was involved. I used tongs and a cardboard box to harvest the fruit. Just before turning on the $35 steam juicer which efficiently extracts the juice I jabbed each piece with a fork several times.

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