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The Field Lab - Mon, 2016/06/27 - 2:28pm

Listened to this story from NPR's Radio Lab this weekend and found it very revealing in our perception of the world - or as they phrased it, "random acts from an indifferent universe".  When you look at the big picture without focusing in too tight on your own selfish experience with a tendency to only acknowledge selective details, "real randomness when you see it just doesn't feel random enough".  Selective information only dissolves the real truth - be it the examination of chance events...or the news you are fed.  When taking into consideration a broader context, "What feels spooky and almost twilight zonish in the moment is really not that improbable.  What can feel so special in the moment is not so odd in its' real context."  80,89,72,0,B
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false prophet...?

The Field Lab - Sun, 2016/06/26 - 5:36pm
A Born-Again Donald Trump?  Watch his behavior and listen to the things he says in the coming months and you will know if it is true.  
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laundry day...

The Field Lab - Sat, 2016/06/25 - 1:50pm
Chupa is in charge of the drying cycle.  87,99,78,T,B
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The Field Lab - Fri, 2016/06/24 - 5:11pm
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the end of that longest day...

The Field Lab - Thu, 2016/06/23 - 4:44pm
June 21, 201692,101,75,0,B
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Chevre cheesemaking class-Sunday June 26

Home Grown New Mexico - Thu, 2016/06/23 - 2:50pm

Sunday, June 26


Cheesemaking class: French Chevre
Back by popular demand! Learn how to make French Chevre cheese from goat’s milk
Time: 12 noon to 2 pm
Instructor: Dianne Pratt
(Alessandra and Steve Haine’s house)
Class fee: $10 for members and non-members
Space is limited to 12 people-SOLD OUT

Learn how to make Chèvre goat cheese. Many people were wait listed for this class last year so we are offering it again. In France and Italy goat cheese goes back hundreds of years and it is no less popular today. In the New World, Laura Chenel introduced her version of fresh goat cheeses to Alice Waters at Chez Panisse in Berkeley. Chèvre, the French term for goat, has come to mean mild, fresh goat cheese in the United States.

Diane has been milking goats and making her own goat cheese for over 20 years.  She belongs to a goat tending Co-op and milk their goats once a week.  She uses fresh goats milk to produce delicious chèvre, ricotta, feta and other artisan cheeses for her family and friends. Did you miss out on last year’s class? Sign up ON WAITLIST now!

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Moe's Meat Market

The Field Lab - Wed, 2016/06/22 - 4:42pm
Was chatting with one of my old NYC neighbors from Elizabeth St. the other day.  Her building which was across the street from mine got turned into a low income co-op about 12 years ago.  The city ended up relocated all the tenants so they could completely renovate the building.  She is just moving back in this week after waiting for 8 years!  She said it will be strange being back in the hood with a bunch of strangers on the block.  The old street is totally gentrified now with hipster tenants and expensive shops in almost every store front.  The building right next door to mine was owned by a nice old Hawaiian artist named Robert Kobayashi.  It still has the original sign out front from when it was a butcher shop.  His store front was a gallery of sorts for his paintings and sculpture.  He was always good for chats about when he first moved to the neighborhood when it was a drug infested wreck - and he loved talking about my crazy landlord that ended up going to jail while I lived there.  Did a little digging online and found out Kobi (as he was known) died last December.  His wife still owns that building and is sitting on a gold mine.  Kobi bought the building in 1977 for $35,000 and it is worth well over a million now.  My crazy landlord bought his building for $45,000 around the same time.  It sold in 2004 near the height of the housing bubble for $1.8 million.  92,101,78,0,C    
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big day coming up

The Field Lab - Tue, 2016/06/21 - 3:03pm
Big Ben is lonely - but you can perk him up if you send him a birthday card.  He will be four years old on July 1st.  90,99,76,0,C

Five years ago, Benita got a total of 85 birthday cards...these are the ones that arrived in time.  Can Ben beat her record?

Big Ben c/o John Wells
2500 Mailbox Rd.
Alpine, TX  79830
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The Bob Rose clan...

The Field Lab - Mon, 2016/06/20 - 5:12pm

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The Korean Edition of The Good Life Lab

Holy Scrap - Mon, 2016/06/20 - 12:21pm
In today's mail, I found a pleasant, unexpected surprise, copies of my book, The Good Life Lab: Radical Experiments in Hands-On Living, in Korean! My publisher produced a lovely version of the book which in addition to being in Korean, has been shifted around. It's got a new cover for example. Even the illustrations have been translated to Korean. I hope that I make some new Korean friends once this version hits their market. : )
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it is a dusty world...

The Field Lab - Sun, 2016/06/19 - 1:05pm
Matthew 1011 And into whatsoever city or town ye shall enter, enquire who in it is worthy; and there abide till ye go thence.12 And when ye come into an house, salute it.13 And if the house be worthy, let your peace come upon it: but if it be not worthy, let your peace return to you.14 And whosoever shall not receive you, nor hear your words, when ye depart out of that house or city, shake off the dust of your feet.
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Remember to Remember Nature

Holy Scrap - Sun, 2016/06/19 - 9:10am

"As surely as we inhabit the envronment, the environment inhabits us." Pir Zia Inayat Khan

Sufis practice the reciting of the phrase "only one thing exists." The word for this practice is zikr. It means remember. It is human nature to forget even the most profound experiences and ideas.  I'm thinking about this because this week I made a happy return to something I'd forgotten. I remembered to come back to plants for health. For more than a year I'd been visiting doctors for a variety of physical disturbances. I did this because for the first time in many years I have medical insurance coverage. I had multiple MRIs, an endoscopy, x-rays, blood and urine analysis and a test called evoked potential in which electricity was bounced around my body, it's speed of travel measured. In the end I've not taken any of the meds prescribed to me, their side effects being too awful to consider. Some of the tests were useful. They revealed low magnesium and a burned esophogus. Most the tests ruled things out. Solutions were few. Remedies zero.
In a moment of fedupness, hands in the air and crying tears of hopelessness paired with severe pain from a stomach ulcer, I remembered that plants had always provided me with cures. I wondered why I had not been using plant remedies all along and realized that it was because I'd invested in the medical industry because I had medical insurance. I'd forgotten. As the Sufis know well, this is our nature. The Sufis also say, "remember to remember," which may be even more important than remembering. My rediscovery of a vault of plant based, natural knowledge has been exciting, fun, and health changing. I concocted a tea for stomach ulcers that I am drinking 1 gallon of per day: stinging nettles, chamomile, hollyhawk, mint, and horsetail (I wildrafted all but the chamomile). I made hard chewing candy from marshmallow and dandilion roots and honey I made capsules of goldenseal (I buy the plants I can't grow or harvest and make my own pills). And I'm taking tincture of: calendula, liquiroce, marshmallow, pau de arco, yerba mansa. Throughout the day I chew a gummy greul of slipper elm hydrated in water. 
Since remembering my faith in and link to natures wisdom life's improved. I'm happiy thumbing through plant books and hiking in the mountains to seek the plants that I need. I've gone out to gather them in places of extraordinary beauty and delighted in the lab like enviornment that is my kitchen where bundles of fragrant plants hang in various states of drying while concoctions brew in glass jars on counter tops. These living beings in my home and garden live so that I may live. I love them for their company, relationship, knowledge, and gift. 
Sufis belong to orders, each order has a kind of specialty that makes it's personality. The famous love poet Rumi spawned the Mevlevi order, as you can guess their thing is love poetry. The whirling dervishes spin in meditative circles in a trance like dance as a form of worship. We Chisti Inayati Sufis tune ourselves to read the manuscript of nature, that's our thing. 
Here are a few Sufi thoughts in case you need something to help you remember. And, if you feel interested in this particular form of contemplative practice, I'm teaching along with other Sufis in my order in Portland this summer, meet me there! 
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There is One Holy Book, the sacred manuscript of nature,  the only scripture which can enlighten the reader’ Most people consider as sacred scriptures only certain books or scrolls written by hand of man, and carefully preserved as holy, to be handed down to posterity as divine revelation. Men have fought and disputed over the authenticity of these books, have refused to accept any other book of similar character, and, clinging thus to the book and losing the sense of it have formed diverse sects. The Sufi has all ages respected all such books, and has traced in the Vedanta, Zendavesta, Kabala, Bible, Qur’an, and all other sacred scriptures, the same truth which he reads in the incorruptible manuscript of nature, the only Holy Book, the perfect and living model that teaches the inner law of life: all scriptures before nature’s manuscript are as little pools of water before the ocean.
To the eye of the seer every leaf of the tree is a page of the holy book that contains divine revelation, and he is inspired every moment of his life by constantly reading and understanding the holy script of nature. When woman writes, she inscribes characters upon rock, leaf, paper, wood, or steel. When God writes, the characters written are living creatures.
It is when the eye of the soul is opened and the sight is keen that the Sufi can read the divine law in the manuscript of nature; and they derived that which the teachers of humanity have taught to their followers from the same source. They expressed what little it is possible to express in words, and so they preserved the inner truth when they themselves were no longer there to reveal it.
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Cactus Farmers

The Field Lab - Sat, 2016/06/18 - 5:23pm
A big new building off 118 just north of the legion is going to be a cactus farm.  94,104,79,0,B
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balloon powered internet

The Field Lab - Fri, 2016/06/17 - 3:41pm
Noticed a couple balloons popped up on FlightRadar24 yesterday.  Quite an interesting story behind them - way up there above 60,000 ft.  93,104,74,0,B
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The Field Lab - Thu, 2016/06/16 - 3:24pm
Thanks to Ken Clouse from West Texas Realty for dropping off a new addition to The Field Lab.  This is just what I need to keep cool during the hot summer months.  I can't quite put my finger on it, but I think there is a major flaw in this plan... 92,101,72,0,B
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Flight Data

The Field Lab - Wed, 2016/06/15 - 4:49pm
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The Field Lab - Tue, 2016/06/14 - 5:24pm
Just got the equipment from FlightRadar24, shipped all the way from Vierkirchen, Gemany.  Mode-S/ADS-B receiver and power supply, external Mode-S antenna, low loss coaxial cable, ethernet cable, and GPS antenna and cable...and a key chain.  Chupa attacked Nikki from FedEx so she had to throw the box at him to defend herself - he gets really cranky when it's hot.  I think she was pleased to hear that my rooster Frank (named after the other FedEx driver) got eaten by a coyote.  Will put the gizmos into service tomorrow if I can beat the heat.  All I have to do is wire it all up and plug it into the modem and it starts looking for air traffic - sending data to their server.  93,100,72,0,B
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Summer is here!

The Field Lab - Mon, 2016/06/13 - 4:56pm
Got up to 88.9° inside today.  It's gonna be a hot week and luxury sunglasses won't help.  Time to break out the AC.  91,104,75,0,B
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make no mistake...

The Field Lab - Sun, 2016/06/12 - 4:47pm
Every day in the world about 160,000 people die of various causes.  Double that number if you factor in abortions per day worldwide.  The evil that happens in the world is about one thing and one thing only...Satan.
John 8:44Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.
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the "B" team

The Field Lab - Sat, 2016/06/11 - 3:40pm
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