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Crowdsourcing To Find Survivors Of Hurricane Michael

Sat, 2018/10/20 - 2:26pm

According to one website, at least 300 people are still unaccounted for on the Florida panhandle in the wake of Hurricane Michael.

(Image credit: David Goldman/AP)

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What Migrants Displaced By The Dust Bowl And Climate Events Can Teach Us

Sat, 2018/10/20 - 5:46am

The World Bank predicts climate change may displace 143 million people by 2050. Environmental shifts have caused migration on smaller scales throughout the history of North America, historians say.

(Image credit: Dorothea Lange/AP)

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A Climate Scientist On 'Slaying The Climate Dragon'

Sat, 2018/10/20 - 5:12am

Kate Marvel, a climate scientist at Columbia University and NASA, talks to NPR's Scott Simon about her fairy tale on climate change and reads passages from the story.

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'It Will Be Years' Before Life At Tyndall Air Force Base Returns To Normal

Sat, 2018/10/20 - 2:09am

Home to 11,000 airmen and their families, the base sustained catastrophic damage when Hurricane Michael came through Florida earlier this month. Residents don't know if they will ever go back.

(Image credit: Kelly Walker/U.S. Air Force)

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VIDEO: Watch The Sea Forager Sustainably Harvest The Ocean's Bounty

Fri, 2018/10/19 - 7:30am

In sun, sea and sand, Kirk Lombard teaches people how to responsibly fish and forage for dinner along the Northern California coast.

(Image credit: NPR)

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A Week Later: Families Displaced by Hurricane Michael Don't Know What's Next

Thu, 2018/10/18 - 2:32pm

Hundreds of families in Florida displaced by Hurricane Michael have been sheltering in school buildings for more than a week. Many are not sure where they'll live after these temporary shelters close.

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Why Stay During A Hurricane? Because It's Not As Simple As 'Get Out'

Thu, 2018/10/18 - 12:45pm

As rescues continue after Hurricane Michael, officials expressed frustration at people who didn't evacuate. But experts say people's decisions to stay are almost always carefully considered.

(Image credit: Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

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In Japan, A Strange Sight: Cherry Blossoms Blooming In The Fall

Thu, 2018/10/18 - 12:41pm

"I have never seen anything like this," said tree surgeon Hiroyuki Wada. Two typhoons that recently struck the country are a likely cause of the sudden flowering.

(Image credit: Kwiyeon Ha/Reuters)

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Midterms 2018: Take It To The House

Thu, 2018/10/18 - 7:06am

Are you fired up to vote in this election?

(Image credit: Scott Olson/Getty Images)

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EPA Boasts Of Reduced Greenhouse Gases, Even As Trump Questions Climate Science

Thu, 2018/10/18 - 2:00am

U.S. production of heat-trapping greenhouse gases fell 2.7 percent last year. But larger cuts will be needed to address climate change.

(Image credit: Branden Camp/AP)

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Not Just For Cows Anymore: New Cottonseed Is Safe For People To Eat

Wed, 2018/10/17 - 1:38pm

Cottonseed is full of protein but toxic to humans and most animals. The USDA has approved a genetically engineered cotton with edible seeds. They could eventually feed chickens, fish — or even people.

(Image credit: Courtesy of Lacey Roberts/Texas A&M University)

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After Hurricane Michael, A Call For Stricter Building Codes In Florida's Panhandle

Wed, 2018/10/17 - 12:52pm

Florida has some of the nation's toughest building codes. But the rules are looser in the Panhandle, allowing construction that couldn't stand up to the storm's 155 mph winds.

(Image credit: Greg Allen/NPR)

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After Midterms, Democrats Hope To 'Change The Narrative' On Environmental Rollbacks

Tue, 2018/10/16 - 9:17am

Democrats are making Trump's environmental rollbacks and climate denial a big issue in swing races this fall. If they take the House, they plan lots of oversight hearings and tough questions.

(Image credit: J. David Ake/AP)

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Beer Prices Could Double Because Of Climate Change, Study Says

Tue, 2018/10/16 - 9:17am

The price of a six-pack in the U.S. could rise by $1 to $8 because of drought and heat. As one of the researchers says, it's "another way climate change will suck."

(Image credit: Peter Nicholls/Reuters)

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Why It's Hard To Change Minds About Climate Change

Tue, 2018/10/16 - 7:06am

The science is there. But some people aren't.

(Image credit: Aishath Adam/Getty Images)

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Coffee Rust Threatens Latin American Crop; 150 Years Ago, It Wiped Out An Empire

Tue, 2018/10/16 - 5:02am

The fungus, which has no cure, is destroying harvests in Latin America. In the 1800s, it devastated Sri Lanka's powerhouse coffee industry. And scientists say it's only a question of time.

(Image credit: Jeff Koehler for NPR)

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Democrats Plan More Environmental Oversight If Midterms Swing Their Way

Tue, 2018/10/16 - 2:02am

Democrats running in some swing races are prioritizing environmental rollbacks and climate denial for the midterm elections. That could mean more oversight if Democrats take over the House.

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Getting Back What You Lost — Rebuilding In A Wildfire Zone

Tue, 2018/10/16 - 1:53am

In northern California, homes are being rebuilt in the same area that burned to the ground in last year's Tubbs Fire. Despite the risk, a severe housing shortage in the area is forcing tough choices.

(Image credit: Lauren Sommer/KQED)

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Critic Of Federal Public Lands Management To Join Department Of The Interior

Mon, 2018/10/15 - 1:47pm

The Department of the Interior has chosen a prominent property rights attorney in Wyoming as their new deputy solicitor. Its a controversial appointment for environmental groups.

(Image credit: Mead Gruver/AP)

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Colorado's Anti-Fracking Measure Would Keep Wells Farther Away From Homes And Schools

Mon, 2018/10/15 - 1:28pm

A ballot measure would keep new oil and gas wells 2,500 feet away from homes and schools, the strictest setback in the nation. The oil and gas industry says that threatens its very existence.

(Image credit: Grace Hood/CPR)

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