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Woodside quizzed on business and environmental concerns about WA gas project

Guardian Environment News - Tue, 2021/11/23 - 12:23am

Chief executive Meg O’Neill says gas from Scarborough project will help customers in Asia transition away from coal

Energy giant Woodside has sought to play down concerns about the company’s decision to push ahead on controversial plans to develop the Scarborough gas field in Western Australia.

Woodside chief executive Meg O’Neill faced questions during an investor update on Tuesday about the company’s $16.2b bet to open up the 800 sq km gas field in north-west Western Australia – an area larger than Singapore – and expand its onshore production capacity.

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part fifteen

The Field Lab - Mon, 2021/11/22 - 5:39pm
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Climate activist sentenced to 12 months in jail over coal train blockade in NSW

Guardian Environment News - Mon, 2021/11/22 - 4:06pm

Eric Serge Herbert stopped a Newcastle coal train by ‘climbing on top of it’

A Blockade Australia activist has been sentenced to 12 months in jail for blockading coal trains in the Hunter region of New South Wales.

Eric Serge Herbert will serve a minimum of six months behind bars for his protests, after he was sentenced at Newcastle local court on Monday.

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Bees may take generations to recover from one exposure to insecticides

Guardian Environment News - Mon, 2021/11/22 - 1:00pm

Study shows reduced reproduction and other negative impacts on performance of species

It may take bees multiple generations to recover from being exposed to insecticides even just once, research shows.

Although studies have long shown the damaging effects of pesticides for the biodiverse environment, little is known about how much they affect insects in the long term.

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Australia faces wave of native extinctions without urgent action on invasive species, CSIRO reports

Guardian Environment News - Mon, 2021/11/22 - 9:30am

Research shows introduced pest plants and animals are costing the country $25bn a year

Australia could face a wave of plant and animal extinctions by 2050 unless it takes urgent action to address the threat of invasive species, according to a new report that finds the problem is already costing at least $25bn a year.

The research, by Australia’s national science agency the CSIRO and the Centre for Invasive Species Solutions, takes a once-a-decade look at the scale of the threat caused by rabbits, feral cats, toxic toads, weeds, diseases such as myrtle rust and other invasive pests.

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Woodside BHP forge ahead on Scarborough gas project in WA

Guardian Environment News - Mon, 2021/11/22 - 3:34am

The Scarborough field will be one of the biggest fossil fuel developments to be built in Australia in a decade

Energy giant Woodside will forge ahead on the Scarborough gas project off Western Australia’s northwest coast after it gave the project final approval.

The $16.2bn Scarborough project is a joint venture between Woodside and BHP and the announcement posted to the ASX on Monday afternoon also confirms the two companies have agreed to a $40b merger of their petroleum businesses, creating one of the world’s biggest fossil fuel companies.

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Shell increases stake in Australia’s electricity market with Powershop takeover

Guardian Environment News - Sun, 2021/11/21 - 11:19pm

Move will ‘turn customers’ stomachs’ after retailer touted its clean energy credentials, critics say

Energy giant Royal Dutch Shell has expanded its presence in Australia’s electricity market, buying retailer Powershop from NZ’s Meridian Group as part of a $729m deal that may irk some customers who have tried to avoid fossil fuel companies.

Infrastructure Capital Group will take the non-retailing arm of Meridian’s Australian operations, which includes the Mount Mercer and Mount Millar windfarms, and hydro power plants attached to the major dams of Hume, Burrinjuck and Keepit.

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WA Nippers parents speak out against Woodside Energy sponsorship deal

Guardian Environment News - Sun, 2021/11/21 - 7:29pm

The climate emergency is a ‘child’s crisis’, say families unhappy about fossil fuel company’s tie-up with learn-to-swim program

Parents have spoken out against a sponsorship deal that gives the fossil fuel company Woodside Energy naming rights over a children’s learn-to-swim program, saying the climate emergency is a “child’s crisis” and the company has a role in making a product that drives climate change.

Woodside Energy, which is proposing to open up the Scarborough gasfield in Western Australia that would create more emissions than the Adani coalmine, was given the naming rights to the Nippers program by Surf Life Saving WA in 2019.

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the promotion of fools

The Field Lab - Sun, 2021/11/21 - 3:03pm

Proverbs 3:11 My son, despise not the chastening of the Lord; neither be weary of his correction: 12 For whom the Lord loveth he correcteth; even as a father the son in whom he delighteth. 13 Happy is the man that findeth wisdom, and the man that getteth understanding. 35 The wise shall inherit glory: but shame shall be the promotion of fools.

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EU could fund gas project linked to man charged over Maltese journalist’s murder

Guardian Environment News - Sun, 2021/11/21 - 10:24am

Melita pipeline would fuel Delimara power station, which Daphne Caruana Galizia was investigating when she was killed

EU energy ministers are pushing to allow public funds to help build a gas pipeline to a power station in Malta co-owned by a businessman who is awaiting trial for the murder of the journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia.

On Tuesday, officials and MEPs will begin deciding new rules aimed at phasing out EU subsidies for fossil fuel projects.

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Plan to change Westminster’s historic gas street lights to LEDs sparks anger

Guardian Environment News - Sun, 2021/11/21 - 7:00am

Council says electrification better for environment and maintenance but some residents oppose move

Two centuries after the first gas lights appeared on the streets of London, casting a romantic glow through the gloom, a few hundred remain in some of the most historic areas of the capital.

But not for much longer. Westminster city council is planning to convert 299 gas lights to electricity, saying LED lights are environmentally better and easier to maintain.

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Western Canada braces for more torrential rain after deadly mudslides

Guardian Environment News - Sun, 2021/11/21 - 6:36am

Teams in British Columbia scramble to reinforce dykes as provincial officials forecast up to 150mm of rain in wake of ‘atmospheric river’

Crews in British Columbia raced to clear debris from motorways and repair dykes as the Canadian province braced for more downpours on Sunday, just days after record rainfall led to the deaths of four people, brought parts of the province to a standstill and sparked shortages of food and fuel.

The western Canadian province declared a state of emergency on Wednesday after parts of the province were pummelled by a phenomenon known as an “atmospheric river”, dumping a month’s worth of rain in two days and causing floods and mudslides that swallowed bridges and stretches of highways, cut off entire towns and forced the evacuation of thousands of people.

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Monarch butterflies may be thriving after years of decline. Is it a comeback?

Guardian Environment News - Sun, 2021/11/21 - 4:00am

The North American species is seeing an exponential increase in California, but the population is far short of normal

On a recent November morning, more than 20,000 western monarch butterflies clustered in a grove of eucalyptus, coating the swaying trees like orange lace. Each year up to 30% of the butterfly’s population meets here in Pismo Beach, California, as the insects migrate thousands of miles west for the winter.

Just a year ago, this vibrant spectacle had all but disappeared. The monarch population has plummeted in recent years, as the vibrant invertebrates struggled to adapt to habitat loss, climate crisis, and harmful pesticide-use across their western range.

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Indigenous community evicted as land clashes over agribusiness rock Paraguay

Guardian Environment News - Sun, 2021/11/21 - 3:30am

Police in riot gear tore down a community’s homes and ripped up crops, highlighting the country’s highly unequal land ownership

Armed police with water cannons and a low-flying helicopter have faced off against indigenous villagers brandishing sticks and bows in the latest clash over land rights in Paraguay, a country with one of the highest inequalities of land ownership in the world.

Videos of Thursday’s confrontation showed officers in riot armour jostling members of the Hugua Po’i community – including children and elderly people – out of their homes and into torrential rain.

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Hope on two wheels: plan to turn section of A12 into cycle park

Guardian Environment News - Sun, 2021/11/21 - 3:30am

Campaigners are pushing for a redundant 2½-mile stretch of dual carriageway in Essex to become a country park with cycling facilities

There has been traffic here for millennia, from the Roman legionaries who marched from Londinium to Camulodunum to the speedsters who now reportedly race against police cars at night. But part of the A12 in north-east Essex may finally find some peace if plans to transform a 2½-mile stretch into a country park come to fruition.

Work is due to start in 2027 on a bypass between the villages of Marks Tey and Kelvedon, west of Colchester, creating a six-lane road linking Ipswich and Harwich to London. Campaigners say the old four-lane road should be rewilded, as happened with a segment of the A2 near Gravesend, which became a Cyclopark in 2012. That site is now used by Olympic gold medallists Beth Shriever – also BMX world champion – and mountain biker Tom Pidcock.

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Climate denial is waning on the right. What’s replacing it might be just as scary

Guardian Environment News - Sun, 2021/11/21 - 12:00am

The wrapping of ecological disaster with fears of rampant immigration is a narrative that has flourished in far-right fringe movements in Europe and the US

Standing in front of the partial ruins of Rome’s Colosseum, Boris Johnson explained that a motive to tackle the climate crisis could be found in the fall of the Roman empire. Then, as now, he argued, the collapse of civilization hinged on the weakness of its borders.

“When the Roman empire fell, it was largely as a result of uncontrolled immigration – the empire could no longer control its borders, people came in from the east and all over the place,” the British prime minister said in an interview on the eve of crucial UN climate talks in Scotland. Civilization can go into reverse as well as forwards, as Johnson told it, with Rome’s fate offering grave warning as to what could happen if global heating is not restrained.

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Pandemic Saturday

The Field Lab - Sat, 2021/11/20 - 4:34pm

The worst side effect of COVID-19 is that it makes stupid people stupider and ordinary people stupid.  Some Proof that COVID-19 Makes People Stupid includes:

  1. Tens of millions are ignoring scientists and not wearing their masks.
  2. Millions of Americans think not wearing a mask to the grocery store is the same as Rosa Parks not sitting down on the bus.
  3. Tens of millions of Americans listened to a complete imbecile Donald J. Trump (R-Florida) instead of scientists.
  4. Millions of morons refuse to get vaccinated
  5. There are new conservative channels for dummies because Fox News was not stupid enough for some people.
  6. The Republican Party has abandoned the concept of reality.
  7. Vast numbers of people cannot figure out how to wear a mask. What’s so hard about covering your nose people? Remember, you breath through it.
  8. Conservative and Republican leaders are holding superspreader events so COVID-19 will kill their followers off faster.
  9. Congressional Republicans are not smart enough to reject the idiot who incited the lynch mob that almost killed them.
  10. Republicans think they can win elections by telling voters the election is rigged against them.
  11. Tens of millions of people are trying to bake bread at a times when the average supermarket has dozens of varieties of great bread for sale for under $5 a loaf.
  12. Many members of Congress are not smart enough to see that making cash payments and raising the minimum wage attracts votes.

So yes folks, coronavirus is making us stupider. Unfortunately, there is no vaccination against stupidity yet. On the positive side, COVID-19 could make humanity smarter by killing off millions of stupid people.

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Climate protesters block London bridges after activists jailed

Guardian Environment News - Sat, 2021/11/20 - 2:29pm

Traffic on Lambeth and Vauxhall bridges stopped in rally against jailing of Insulate Britain members

Police have arrested 30 climate activists after a major bridge in central London was blocked by a sit-down protest.

The arrests on Lambeth Bridge came after Public Order Act conditions were imposed on the protest, which had been held in support of nine Insulate Britain campaigners who were jailed this week.

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Biden mulls new protections for sage grouse in effort to reverse Trump rules

Guardian Environment News - Sat, 2021/11/20 - 10:05am

Proposed regulations come after decades of loosening protections as bird loses grassland habitat across western US

The Biden administration is considering new protections for the greater sage grouse, a bird known for the strutting and puffed-up courtship displays of males, that is losing grassland habitat across the western US to climate change and pressure from industrial development.

The sage grouse, known also for a bubbling sound during courtship, is fast-becoming emblematic of Biden’s efforts to reverse Trump-era relaxations of environmental protections across vast swaths of public federal lands across the region.

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Climate change is making it harder to provide clean drinking water in farm country

NPR News - Environment - Sat, 2021/11/20 - 6:50am

The largest water utility in Iowa is sounding alarms that it won't be able to keep up with cleaning the water for more than 600,000 customers as extreme weather swings become more common.

(Image credit: Clay Masters/Iowa Public Radio)

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