Bikes can be Habit Forming

It's no secret that I love riding bicycles. But, it's also true that I don't ride a bike for each and every trip that I could. Sometimes bad weather or appointments at opposite ends of town will push me to driving a car. Even I could use a little encouragement to ride a bicycle when driving seems easier. Bikestorming and the International Mountain Bicycling Association are doing their part to encourage all of us to ride a bike more often. has a goal of achieving a 51% mode share in bicycle use for personal urban transportation world-wide by the year 2030. Their motivation is to improve people’s lives, promote social equality and fight Climate Change. That's clearly a big goal and worthy justification. Check out for more two-wheeled inspiration and to find ways to get involved.

The International Mountain Bicycling Association is holding their bi-annual IMBA World Summit in Santa Fe, NM with events running from October 9 - 13, 2012. Santa Fe is in the thick of local preparations as the mountain bikers, trail builders and land managers prepare to converge on our home town. The World Summit will feature expert speakers from across the world, covering public and private land management issues, tourism, sustainable trails, bike parks and many aspects of economic development, recreation and conservation.

IMBA and have similar goals despite their superficial differences. Bikes are vehicles for transport and they are vehicles for change. The time you spend riding a bike makes you healthier and helps you experience the world more directly. Bikes are both an efficient way to travel cities and a very FUN way to ride a trail. I am frequently amazed at how versatile and diverse bikes can be.

Check out and, you'll probably find a part of the cycling world that fits your life.

More Info: launched at Rio+20

International Mountain Bicycling Association - World Summit