Why I Garden #10

Green Tomatoes, Chiles, Tomatillos, Sage & Arugula

Fall is definitely here in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. We've already had a couple of light frosts, but the forecast last night was for a hard freeze. My wife and I went through our garden for the last harvest of the season. We harvested plenty of green Tomatoes, Ancho and Serrano chile peppers, Tomatillos, some of the more tender herbs like Mint, Sage and Basil and a bale of Arugula.

The last garden harvest of the year was exciting and melancholy at the same time. We certainly had our successes and dissapointments in the garden this year. The herbs did great, as did the tomatoes and tomatillos. We started the Three Sisters bed a little late and the chiles too. Yet, we have several Delicata Squash in the pantry and some Indian Popcorn almost ready to harvest. We didn't have much luck with greens, except for arugula. There was volunteer arugula everywhere in addition to what we planted this year! Some people may say Arugula is an 'elitist' veggie, but it sure grows easily!

There are only a few things left to do before winter comes. We have some flower seeds and garlic yet to plant, but most of our garden chores are done. We have a new Winsap Apple tree and a baker's dozen of Raspberry canes freshly planted in the yard in addition to a variety pack of native perennials and shrubs in the flower beds. The buffalo grass and blue grama lawn has gone dormant and I am almost ready for the winter snows to come. Maybe in a couple of months I'll be excited to start planning next year's garden.

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