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'Unstoppable': African swine fever deaths to eclipse record 2019 toll

Guardian Environment News - Wed, 2020/05/27 - 12:30am

With world’s attention on Covid-19, warnings that lack of measures to contain pandemic could lead to culling of record number of pigs

The African swine fever (ASF) pandemic will be even worse this year than in 2019, say experts, warning that the spread of the highly contagious virus, which is fatal to pigs, is unrelenting.

With world attention on the human viral pandemic of Covid-19, concern is growing that countries are not focusing enough on halting the spread of ASF through better biosecurity practices, cooperation on intensive vaccine development, or transparency regarding outbreaks.

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'The human fingerprint is everywhere': Met Office's alarming warning on climate

Guardian Environment News - Tue, 2020/05/26 - 11:00pm

Exclusively compiled data from the Hadley Centre’s supercomputer shows alarming climate trajectory

The human fingerprint on the climate is now unmistakable and will become increasingly evident over the coming decades, the UK Met Office has confirmed after 30 years of pioneering study.

Since the 1990s, global temperatures have warmed by half a degree, Arctic sea ice has shrunk by almost 2 million km2, sea-levels have risen by about 10cm and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has increased by 60 parts per million (17%), according to figures exclusively compiled for the Guardian to mark the 30th anniversary of the Met Office’s Hadley Centre for climate science and services.

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Investment in global energy to drop by $400bn

Guardian Environment News - Tue, 2020/05/26 - 9:00pm

Covid-19 pandemic forecast to cause biggest slump in history after collapse in demand

Investment in global energy will fall by $400bn (£324bn) this year, the biggest slump in the industry’s history, as the Covid-19 pandemic fuels a collapse in energy demand.

The International Energy Agency (IEA) said the unprecedented investment slump follows the most severe plunge in energy demand since the second world war. The price of oil suffered an historic market crash last month when US oil prices turned negative for the first time.

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Surgical masks wash up on Sydney beaches after 40 containers fall off cargo ship

Guardian Environment News - Tue, 2020/05/26 - 5:45pm

APL England lost cargo in rough seas off Australia’s east coast, spilling household appliances, building materials and medical supplies overboard

Residents of Sydney’s east have woken to beaches covered in face masks, plastic containers and other items after 40 shipping containers fell off a ship on the weekend.

The APL England lost the cargo in rough seas on Sunday while en route from China to Melbourne, forcing the ship to turn around and head to Brisbane.

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Improve water supply in poorer nations to cut plastic use, say experts

Guardian Environment News - Tue, 2020/05/26 - 4:01pm

Report calls for urgent action to tackle developing countries’ reliance on bottled water

Focusing on improving the water supply in developing nations could be a powerful way to fight the scourge of plastic waste in the oceans, experts have said, highlighting that the issue has received little attention.

People in developing countries, and many middle-income countries, often rely on plastic bottles of water as their piped water supply can be contaminated or unsafe, or perceived as such.

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big / old plants

The Field Lab - Tue, 2020/05/26 - 3:02pm
Time to severely prune my 14 month old tomato plants...video tomorrow.  86,93,66,0,B
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Cop26 climate talks in Glasgow likely to be delayed again

Guardian Environment News - Tue, 2020/05/26 - 11:58am

UK to ask for postponement to November 2021 because of coronavirus travel controls

Vital international climate talks due to be hosted by the UK are expected to be delayed until late next year because of the coronavirus crisis, it has emerged, dashing hopes they could be reconvened sooner.

The UN talks, known as Cop26, were to be held in Glasgow this November, but in early April they were postponed as governments around the world grappled with lockdown. At that time governments thought the summit could be reconvened within the first three months of 2021.

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How The Crisis Is Making Racial Inequality Worse

NPR News - Environment - Tue, 2020/05/26 - 3:30am

Among the bottom fifth of income earners, who are more likely to be black and Latino, about 35% of them lost their jobs.

(Image credit: Timothy A. Clary /AFP via Getty Images)

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'It's against nature': illegal wildlife trade casts shadow over traditional Chinese medicine

Guardian Environment News - Mon, 2020/05/25 - 11:30pm

Experts warn the exploitation of endangered animals such as pangolin and tiger is tarnishing the industry

Supporters and practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine have warned that the discipline is threatened by those who continue to trade in endangered animals.

The small segment of the TCM community that insists on using endangered animal parts in the pharmaceutical side of TCM, ignoring welfare considerations and the idea of respecting biodiversity, could destroy its reputation for good, they argue.

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Michael Moore film Planet of the Humans removed from YouTube

Guardian Environment News - Mon, 2020/05/25 - 5:33pm

British environmental photographer’s copyright claim prompts website to remove film that has been condemned by climate scientists

YouTube has taken down the controversial Michael Moore-produced documentary Planet of the Humans in response to a copyright infringement claim by a British environmental photographer.

The movie, which has been condemned as inaccurate and misleading by climate scientists and activists, allegedly includes a clip used without the permission of the owner Toby Smith, who does not approve of the context in which his material is being used.

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Why glass frogs have see-through skin becomes clear in study

Guardian Environment News - Mon, 2020/05/25 - 12:00pm

While colour of body changes little, legs are more translucent to help amphibians to blend in

The mystery of why glass frogs have see-through skin has been solved, scientists say: the unusual feature is a type of camouflage.

Glass frogs are found in tropical Central and South America, and get their name from their skin.

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Australia stalls on emissions target update as UN urges deeper cuts

Guardian Environment News - Mon, 2020/05/25 - 10:30am

Angus Taylor responds to question from Labor saying Australia is not due to update target until 2025

The Australian government has told parliament it does not intend to increase its climate change commitment before the next major international meeting, and is not due to set a new target until 2025.

The statement was made after the British host of the meeting, Boris Johnson, and United Nations secretary-general, Antonio Guterres, urged all countries to lift their targets to include net zero emissions by 2050, noting 121 nations had already done so.

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Don't forget to floss...

The Field Lab - Mon, 2020/05/25 - 10:27am
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Hazelwood power station chimneys demolished – video

Guardian Environment News - Sun, 2020/05/24 - 11:47pm

Eight chimneys at Victoria’s defunct, coal-fired Hazelwood power station have been demolished. Built in the 1960s, they operated for more than half a century before the brown coal-fuelled power station was shut down in March 2017

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Hazelwood power station's eight chimneys demolished in live stream viewed by thousands

Guardian Environment News - Sun, 2020/05/24 - 11:10pm

Built in the 1960s, each chimney contained around 50kg of asbestos but owner Engie says there is ‘no risk’ it will be airborne

Eight chimneys at Victoria’s defunct, coal-fired Hazelwood power station have been demolished.

The chimneys, which soared 137 metres above the town of Morwell in the Latrobe Valley, came down just before 12.30pm on Monday.

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An "on the money" message...

The Field Lab - Sun, 2020/05/24 - 2:34pm

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Australia’s ‘failing’ environmental laws will fuel further public health crises, Nobel laureate warns

Guardian Environment News - Sun, 2020/05/24 - 10:30am

Bushfires and Covid-19 highlight connection between human health and natural world, states letter by almost 200 doctors and scientists

Leading health professionals, including a Nobel laureate and a former Australian of the Year, say the government must put human health “front and centre” in a new generation of environment laws in the aftermath of the Covid-19 and bushfire crises.

The Nobel prize-winning immunologist Peter Doherty and the epidemiologist and former Australian of the Year Fiona Stanley are among 180 professionals who have warned the government that Australia’s “failing” environmental laws will fuel further public health crises.

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Claudia Karvan joins last-ditch campaign to save unburnt bushland from development

Guardian Environment News - Sun, 2020/05/24 - 10:30am

Residents say South Coast site saved from bushfires by volunteer firefighters should be preserved for threatened species

The residents of the small south coast town of Manyana have enlisted the help of actor Claudia Karvan in a last-ditch campaign to save the only significant unburnt piece of bushland for kilometres from clearing.

The 20 hectares, which was saved by volunteer firefighters protecting nearby houses during the Christmas-New Year bushfires, has development consent dating back to 2008.

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Britain's largest solar farm poised to begin development in Kent

Guardian Environment News - Sun, 2020/05/24 - 3:04am

Cleve Hill, the £450m project producing 350MW, expected to receive go-ahead this week

Britain’s largest solar farm, capable of generating enough clean electricity to power 91,000 homes, is poised to receive the greenlight from ministers this week.

The subsidy-free renewables park is expected to reach a capacity of 350MW by installing 880,000 solar panels – some as tall as buses – across 364 hectares (900 acres) of farmland in the Kent countryside.

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Race, wealth and public spaces: US beaches are a new flashpoint of the lockdown

Guardian Environment News - Sun, 2020/05/24 - 3:00am

Beaches are a polarizing issue amid the pandemic. Experts say that’s because a ‘frenzy of privatization’ led to smaller, more crowded public spaces

As Florida’s beaches shut down in April, part of the state’s pandemic stay-at-home order, Josh Davis noticed something strange in Palm Beach county.

“A lot of that beach crowd just kind of moved on to the road and the sidewalk. People set up lawn chairs on the grass,” said Davis, an ocean rescue lifeguard with the county. “If the goal was to keep people from congregating, all it did was really push them a few feet away.”

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