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Dom Phillips knew risks but was committed to his work, sister says

Guardian Environment News - Sat, 2022/06/18 - 10:46am

British journalist whose body was found in Brazilian Amazon believed book he was working on was ‘urgent’, says Sian Phillips

The sister of British journalist Dom Phillips has said her brother knew the risks of travelling to perilous regions of the Brazilian Amazon but continued to report from the area because he was committed to telling the story of Indigenous people and the fight for development models that might save the rainforest.

Sian Phillips said her brother, whose body was found along with Indigenous activist Bruno Pereira this week, believed his work on a book called How to Save the Amazon was “urgent”.

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The northern half of Yellowstone National Park may remain closed the rest of the year

NPR News - Environment - Sat, 2022/06/18 - 5:01am

Catastrophic damage by flooding earlier this week in Yellowstone National Park likely means that the northern half of the park will remain closed the rest of the year.

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Heat wave: how Orkney is leading a tidal power revolution

Guardian Environment News - Sat, 2022/06/18 - 12:00am

Strong tides make conditions in the Scottish islands ideal, but can the UK grasp the opportunity to become a leader in the sector?

On a small passenger boat about 10 miles north of Kirkwall, Orkney, at the point where the Atlantic Ocean meets the North Sea, an immense yellow structure heaves into view. This is the world’s most powerful tidal stream energy generator, Orbital Marine Power’s O2. Its shadow quickly dwarfs the tiny vessel.

Today, the generator’s turbines are raised above sea level for maintenance. It is difficult to comprehend the O2’s scale until a worker appears, a tiny stick figure against the hulking turbine.

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‘Hell’s temperatures’: how Guardian US readers are enduring the heatwave

Guardian Environment News - Fri, 2022/06/17 - 11:00pm

From Chicago to Alabama, people are staying inside, floating in pools – and worrying about the deepening climate emergency

As searing temperatures and humidity settled in over states reaching from parts of the Gulf coast to the Carolinas, more than 100 million Americans have been warned to stay indoors where possible.

A combination of heat advisories, excessive heart warnings and excessive heat watches were issued by the US National Weather Service prediction center.

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Casita update...

The Field Lab - Fri, 2022/06/17 - 3:57pm

The new owners of the Casita have done a great job of making it their own.  Very nice interior touches and a buttload of solar that doubles as shade on the south side.  92,99,74,0,B

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US must re-examine risks of glyphosate, key Roundup weedkiller ingredient

Guardian Environment News - Fri, 2022/06/17 - 3:41pm

Appeals says EPA did not adequately consider whether glyphosate causes cancer and threatens endangered species

The US Environmental Protection Agency has been ordered to take a fresh look at whether glyphosate, the active ingredient in Bayer’s Roundup weedkiller, poses unreasonable risks to humans and the environment.

In a 3-0 decision on Friday, the ninth US circuit court of appeals agreed with several environmental, farmworker and food-safety advocacy groups that the EPA did not adequately consider whether glyphosate causes cancer and threatens endangered species.

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‘Very different place’: new campaign over mining taxes ‘unlikely’ to succeed in Queensland

Guardian Environment News - Fri, 2022/06/17 - 1:00pm

Queensland Resources Council has denounced plans to raise royalties, launching new offensive

An offensive against plans to end a decade-long freeze on coal royalties in Queensland has raised the ghost of a campaign that helped depose a Labor leader 12 years ago – but political and advertising experts say Australia is now a “very different place”.

Queensland’s treasurer, Cameron Dick, has flagged the state government’s intention to raise coal royalties when he hands down the budget on Tuesday.

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‘Why are we heating the air?’ Australians turn to warming gadgets as cold and energy costs bite

Guardian Environment News - Fri, 2022/06/17 - 1:00pm

From hand warmers to heated socks, there are devices for every extremity. But experts flag some safety concerns

Dave Southgate is toasty in his chilly Canberra home – and he pays no power bills.

A USB-rechargeable heated vest, worn underneath a jumper, and a heated scarf wrapped around his neck offer all the warmth he needs. His heat-loving wife prefers an electrically-warmed seat. They keep electric throw rugs on the couch.

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Opinion: A violent tragedy foretold in the Amazon

NPR News - Environment - Fri, 2022/06/17 - 12:35pm

Two of the Amazon rainforest's staunchest advocates, Bruno Pereira and Dom Phillips, are believed to have been killed in one of its remotest corners.

(Image credit: Eraldo Peres/AP)

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In his own words: Dom Phillips’ reporting on Brazil and the Amazon

Guardian Environment News - Fri, 2022/06/17 - 6:15am

Dom Phillips, whose death in the Amazon has shocked many, was a frequent contributor to the Guardian. Here are some of his outstanding pieces of journalism

Over some of the most tumultuous years in Brazil, Dom Phillips bore witness to the politics of his adopted home and to the fate of the Amazon rainforest. Travelling into the forest is a slow and laborious process, yet Phillips returned again and again.

Phillips wrote regularly for the Guardian and other publications. Here, we have collected some of his most outstanding pieces of journalism.

For more than a decade after the reserve was set up in 1998, its 16 uncontacted Indigenous tribes were among the best protected in Brazil. Yet today it is invaded on multiple fronts, leaving its isolated groups – who hunt with bows and arrows or blow-pipes, and avoid contact with modern society – at risk. Contact with outsiders can be deadly for these groups, who lack immunity to diseases like flu.

“The vulnerability of these peoples is growing,” Beto Marubo, a Javari Indigenous leader, told the United Nations permanent forum on indigenous issues in New York in April. “There is no effective protection.”

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Fossil fuel firms ‘have humanity by the throat’, says UN head in blistering attack

Guardian Environment News - Fri, 2022/06/17 - 6:00am

António Guterres compares climate inaction to tobacco firms dismissing links between smoking and cancer

Fossil fuel companies and the banks that finance them “have humanity by the throat”, the UN secretary general has said, in a “blistering” attack on the industry and its backers, who are pulling in record profits amid energy prices sent soaring by the Ukraine war.

António Guterres compared fossil fuel companies to the tobacco companies that continued to push their addictive products while concealing or attacking health advice that showed clear links between smoking and cancer, the first time he has drawn such a parallel.

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The farmers in Hawaii restoring ancient food forests depleted by monocrops: ‘Let’s knock the empire down’

Guardian Environment News - Fri, 2022/06/17 - 2:00am

Maui is a hub for GMO research but Indigenous farmers are trying to bring back the abundant and thriving landscapes of their ancestors

Rain clouds cover the peaks of the west Maui mountains, one of the wettest places on the planet, which for centuries sustained biodiverse forests providing abundant food and medicines for Hawaiians who took only what they needed.

Those days of abundance and food sovereignty are long gone.

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UN climate talks end in stalemate and ‘hypocrisy’ allegation

Guardian Environment News - Fri, 2022/06/17 - 1:38am

Adviser says European nations are sourcing fossil fuels abroad but failing to help developing countries

European governments have been accused of seeking to exploit the fossil fuel reserves of the developing world, while failing to help them tackle the climate crisis.

Campaigners made the charge as the latest round of UN climate negotiations ended in stalemate on Thursday night in Bonn, Germany.

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The week in wildlife – in pictures

Guardian Environment News - Fri, 2022/06/17 - 12:20am

The best of this week’s wildlife pictures, including a poisonous frog, an alligator lizard and a walrus called Stan

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Eastern Australia’s power crisis eases with enough electricity to meet weekend demand

Guardian Environment News - Fri, 2022/06/17 - 12:16am

Australian Energy Market Operator says situation has improved ‘markedly’ since Wednesday when entire market was suspended

Eastern Australia’s precarious electricity industry should be able to meet forecast demand over the coming weekend, but regulators are still intervening in the market, the head of the Australian Energy Market Operator says.

On Friday afternoon, most regions in the national electricity market (NEM) that serves all regions of Australia, except Western Australia and the Northern Territory, had adequate supplies.

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Hesta members pledge to ditch super fund over fossil fuel investments

Guardian Environment News - Thu, 2022/06/16 - 11:38pm

Industry superannuation fund defends approach, saying engaging with companies changes their behaviour, as members urge it to ‘stop investing in climate catastrophe’

Members of $68bn industry super fund Hesta have put their names to a full-page newspaper ad calling on people to join them in leaving the fund over its continued investment in fossil fuel companies.

In addition to 130 individuals who have pledged to leave Hesta, the Australian arm of Amnesty International says it is considering ditching the fund as its default option for its 75 employees unless the fund divests from fossil fuel.

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Mollusc mass mortality event: can Spain’s giant fan mussels recover?

Guardian Environment News - Thu, 2022/06/16 - 11:15pm

Pinna nobilis is vital to the Mediterranean ecosystem, but since 2016 numbers have plummeted by 99.9% – and saving it from extinction is no easy task

In the shallow waters and seagrass meadow of Spain’s Ebro delta, there are almost no solid surfaces for creatures to latch on to. That’s where the fan mussel (Pinna nobilis) comes in. Sponges, sea anemones, algae and lifeforms not found on any other surface in the area live on its shell, while octopus, oysters and some fish live inside it.

The bivalve, also known as the noble pen shell, is unique to the Mediterranean and is the second largest in the world, with some specimens reaching a metre in length over a 15-year lifespan. It plays a crucial role in water filtration as well as providing a home for an array of underwater creatures.

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‘It cannot be activism as usual’: Kumi Naidoo and Luisa Neubauer on the way forward for climate justice

Guardian Environment News - Thu, 2022/06/16 - 11:00pm

As the climate movement hits another impasse, activists Luisa Neubauer and Kumi Naidoo explain why we need to mobilise many more people from all walks of life

If a historian were charting the climate movement, she’d probably set its high-water mark so far as September of 2019, when something like 7 million people, most of them young, took to the streets of thousands of cities around the world. To read the accounts that flooded in from around the world is poignant and in some cases heartbreaking (Dom Phillips was providing the updates for the Guardian from Brazil, where Indigenous groups were rallying; this week a suspect admitted to killing Phillips while he was reporting in the Amazon).

I was watching from the wings of a stage setup on New York’s Battery, where Greta Thunberg – whose school strike had helped spur this massive wave of climate action – summed up the situation for a quarter million people flooding the streets of lower Manhattan: “If you belong to that small group of people who feel threatened by us, we have some very bad news for you, because this is only the beginning. Change is coming whether they like it or not.”

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For hydrogen power to be a climate solution, leaks must be curbed

Guardian Environment News - Thu, 2022/06/16 - 10:00pm

Unlike carbon dioxide, hydrogen does not have a direct effect on climate – it affects other pollutants

We are taught at school that hydrogen burns to produce water. This is part of its image as clean fuel. But new analysis is providing warnings for the engineers who will create and operate our future energy systems.

In 2021, the UK government launched its hydrogen strategy, providing a roadmap to kickstart a hydrogen economy by 2030 that visualises a future where hydrogen could be powering the boilers that heat our homes, fuelling our transport and providing heat for chemical and steel production.

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Greenery and bright colours in cities can boost morale – study

Guardian Environment News - Thu, 2022/06/16 - 8:15pm

Researchers in France used virtual reality to test the impact of tweaks made to urban settings

Having bright colours and greenery in our cities can make people happier and calmer, according to an unusual experiment involving virtual reality headsets.

A team of researchers at the University of Lille, in France, used VR to test how volunteers reacted to variations of a minimalist concrete, glass and metal urban landscape. The 36 participants walked on the spot in a laboratory wearing a VR headset with eye trackers, and researchers tweaked their surroundings, adding combinations of vegetation, as well as bright yellow and pink colours, and contrasting, angular patterns on the path.

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