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Friday News Roundup - International

NPR News - Environment - Fri, 2019/02/08 - 9:06am

Savage, climate change and the latest on Venezuela are some of the things that made headlines this week.

(Image credit: Roy Rochlin/Getty Images)

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The week in wildlife – in pictures

Guardian Environment News - Fri, 2019/02/08 - 8:44am

Rescued flamingo chicks, angry ibex and Californian elephant seals in this week’s gallery

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'I feel very angry': the 13-year-old on school strike for climate action

Guardian Environment News - Fri, 2019/02/08 - 8:12am

Holly Gillibrand is skipping class to join pupils around the world in pushing for urgent measures

Until recently, Holly Gillibrand was like any other schoolchild, keen on the outdoors, football and rock climbing, inspired by the stunning surroundings of her secondary school at the foot of Ben Nevis.

But for the past five Fridays, while hundreds of her fellow students file into class, she has stood outside Lochaber high school in Fort William in the Highlands to take strike action.

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UK pupils to join global strike over climate change crisis

Guardian Environment News - Fri, 2019/02/08 - 8:11am

Thousands of pupils to walk out of lessons amid growing concern over global warming

The school climate strikes that have led to tens of thousands of young people taking to the streets around the world over recent months are poised to arrive in the UK next Friday.

Thousands of pupils are expected to walk out of lessons at schools and colleges across the country amid growing concern about the escalating climate crisis.

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From paradise to landfill: beloved California beach covered in trash

Guardian Environment News - Fri, 2019/02/08 - 4:00am

Shopping carts, traffic cones and Styrofoam among the piles of debris that littered Seal Beach after a trio of winter storms

Beachgoers hoping to stretch their legs on southern California’s famous Seal Beach were surprised to find a mountain of trash instead of sand and surf this week.

After a trio of winter storms dropped inches of rain on the area, the beach looked more like a landfill than a pristine paradise. Shopping carts, traffic cones and Styrofoam were among the piles of debris that littered the stretch of beach.

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Despite Few Details And Much Doubt, The Green New Deal Generates Enthusiasm

NPR News - Environment - Fri, 2019/02/08 - 3:00am

The proposal to address climate change is short on specifics and wildly ambitious. Seasoned energy experts doubt it can work, but give it credit for energizing young activists.

(Image credit: J. Scott Applewhite/AP)

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Eco homes for sale – in pictures

Guardian Environment News - Fri, 2019/02/08 - 12:00am

Cut your energy bills with these environmentally-friendly homes, from Wales to Cambridgeshire

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Court rules out Hunter Valley coalmine on climate change grounds

Guardian Environment News - Thu, 2019/02/07 - 4:20pm

Judge rejects Rocky Hill mine near Gloucester, NSW, because of its impact on the town and ‘dire consequences’ of increasing emissions

The controversial Rocky Hill coalmine in the Hunter Valley will not go ahead after a landmark ruling in the land and environment court on Friday that cited the impact it would have had on climate change.

Chief judge Brian Preston dismissed an appeal by Gloucester Resources, which was seeking to overturn a New South Wales government decision to reject an open-cut mine because of its impact on the town of Gloucester, north of Newcastle.

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Leveling cinder blocks...

The Field Lab - Thu, 2019/02/07 - 4:02pm
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Former Energy Secretary Weighs In On Green New Deal Legislation

NPR News - Environment - Thu, 2019/02/07 - 3:13pm

NPR's Ari Shapiro speaks with Ernest Moniz, president and CEO of Energy Futures Initiative, about the Green New Deal, and his goal of limiting global temperature increases to two degrees Celsius.

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Scientists find some fish can ‘recognise themselves’ in mirror

Guardian Environment News - Thu, 2019/02/07 - 12:00pm

Wrasse passes intelligence test in disputed study, challenging ‘vacant’ reputation of fish

They are often said to have a three-second memory, but the brain power of fish has been considerably underestimated, according to scientists who found some fish can recognise themselves in the mirror.

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Ikea to sell refurbished furniture to boost culture of recycling

Guardian Environment News - Thu, 2019/02/07 - 11:04am

Swedish retailer expands old furniture exchange scheme as part of circular business model

Ikea is trialling the sale of used, patched-up furniture in the UK as part of its efforts to become more environmentally friendly.

An earlier trial in Edinburgh will be expanded to Glasgow in June.

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Plastic waste: UK should not pass buck to world's poorest, say MPs

Guardian Environment News - Thu, 2019/02/07 - 8:30am

UK must deal with plastic waste on its own soil, says group calling for export ban

A cross-party group of MPs is calling for a ban on the export of plastic waste over concerns the UK is passing the buck to the world’s poorest people to clean up its rubbish.

MPs have tabled an early day motion to highlight growing concerns first raised by the National Audit Office that millions of tonnes of plastic waste sent abroad for recycling may be being dumped in landfill.

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Key West bans some sunscreens to protect coral reefs

Guardian Environment News - Thu, 2019/02/07 - 6:42am

City commission voted 6-1 to bar certain chemicals blamed for harming the only living coral reef found in the continental US

Officials in Key West, the popular Florida holiday destination, have decided to ban the sale of sunscreens containing certain chemicals blamed for harming the only living coral reef found in the continental US.

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One of UK's last coal power stations to close due to rising costs

Guardian Environment News - Thu, 2019/02/07 - 5:50am

Closure of Cottam plant in Nottinghamshire likely to lead to more than 150 job cuts

One of the UK’s last seven coal power stations will close this year after half a century of generating electricity, as the polluting fuel continues its rapid decline in the energy mix.

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Green New Deal: Ocasio-Cortez unveils bold plan to fight climate change

Guardian Environment News - Thu, 2019/02/07 - 5:18am

Blueprint for a carbon-neutral economy has been embraced by prominent Democrats and evokes FDR’s famous legacy

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is releasing a broad outline of a vision for the Green New Deal, a plan to battle economic and racial injustice while also fighting climate change.

The new congresswoman’s blueprint, co-introduced by Massachusetts Senator Ed Markey, aims to develop a carbon-neutral economy in 10 years, which would require huge strides in reducing the US’s reliance on oil, gas and coal. It does not set a date for ending the use of fossil fuels.

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A Green New Deal can give us the freedoms to allow humanity to flourish

Guardian Environment News - Thu, 2019/02/07 - 5:00am

Franklin Delano Roosevelt sought to redefine freedom in the face of war. The Green New Deal imagines goals for a colorful democracy

One of the biggest challenges of climate politics is that the solutions seem scarier than the problem. We worry that to truly decarbonize, we’d need an authoritarian government or endless austerity. But a big and bold enough Green New Deal could finally make us truly free.

The principles that animated the New Deal are often associated with Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s proposed (but never fully enacted) Economic Bill of Rights. These included rights to employment, medical care, housing, education, and social security. Those goals are tragically unrealized for many Americans, and any just version of the Green New Deal must start there. They’re familiar goals for the left, ones we’ve been fighting over for decades. But we also need to rework another New Deal-era statement of principles – FDR’s Four Freedoms.

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Fracking firms denied permission to relax earthquake rules

Guardian Environment News - Thu, 2019/02/07 - 3:58am

Cuadrilla and Ineos say strict regulations around earthquakes hinder their work

The government has rejected pleas by fracking companies to review strict rules around earthquakes caused by their operations, in a major blow that could spell the end for Britain’s nascent shale industry.

Cuadrilla complained on Wednesday that it had only been able to frack a tiny section of its well near Blackpool last autumn because of the limits, and warned it would not be able to undertake commercial fracking if the regulations are not reviewed.

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PG&E Could Shut Off Power For Millions To Prevent Wildfires

NPR News - Environment - Thu, 2019/02/07 - 3:08am

The utility could cut power to as many as 5.4 million during extreme weather conditions. PG&E declared bankruptcy last month in the face of billions of dollars in wildfire-related liabilities.

(Image credit: Josh Edelson/AFP/Getty Images)

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Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Releases Green New Deal Outline

NPR News - Environment - Thu, 2019/02/07 - 3:01am

The plan is massively ambitious and faces political blockades. Proponents believe it is what's necessary to start saving the world from the threat of climate change and to reshape the U.S. economy.

(Image credit: Amr Alfiky/NPR)

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