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Giraffes must be listed as endangered, conservationists formally tell US

Guardian Environment News - Tue, 2017/04/18 - 9:01pm

Five environmental groups point to ‘trophy’ hunting – largely by Americans who travel to Africa – among key threats to animals

Conservationists have lodged a formal request for the US government to list giraffes as endangered in a bid to prevent what they call the “silent extinction” of the world’s tallest land animal.

A legal petition filed by five environmental groups has demanded that the US Fish and Wildlife Service provide endangered species protections to the giraffe, which has suffered a precipitous decline in numbers in recent years.

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The Field Lab - Tue, 2017/04/18 - 2:53pm
Was really hoping for a gusher yesterday afternoon.  Even had my GoPro set up down in the canyon to catch the flash.  Nice big red blob on the doppler radar was heading right for me out of the north and then it wimped out.  Storms come and go pretty quickly out here.  89,92,54,0,B
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3 Years After Ill-Fated Switch, Flint Mayor Recommends Using Detroit Water

NPR News - Environment - Tue, 2017/04/18 - 2:52pm

The Michigan city tried to save money by drawing its supply from the Flint River, beginning in April 2014. That decision resulted in a crisis when lead contaminated the drinking water.

(Image credit: Ariel Zambelich/NPR)

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Frydenberg to consider shark cull, drumlines after death of WA teenager

Guardian Environment News - Tue, 2017/04/18 - 2:26pm

Environment minister says federal government ‘would welcome any proposal to protect human life first’ after attack on surfer Laeticia Brouwer

The federal government would consider any strategies to prevent further shark attacks off Australia’s coast, following the death of teenager surfer Laeticia Brouwer.

“In light of the recent shark attack the commonwealth would welcome any proposal to protect human life first and foremost,” the federal environment minister, Josh Frydenberg, told the West Australian.

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Malcolm Turnbull warns gas exporters a domestic shortage is 'clearly unacceptable'

Guardian Environment News - Tue, 2017/04/18 - 1:52pm

Talks between government and producers on Wednesday follow crisis summit, where PM threatened reservation policy if supply could not be guaranteed

Malcolm Turnbull has warned the LNG chiefs it is “clearly unacceptable” to have a shortage of gas on the east coast of Australia ahead of new talks with the industry in Canberra on Wednesday.

The talks follow an emergency meeting in mid-March where the prime minister warned the LNG industry he would use the commonwealth export powers “in the national interest” if the companies did not deliver explicit guarantees of more supply to the domestic market. They will include the chiefs of major companies, Turnbull and three cabinet ministers.

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Trump aides abruptly postpone meeting on whether to stay in Paris climate deal

Guardian Environment News - Tue, 2017/04/18 - 10:22am

Unlikely coalition of fossil fuel firms, environmental groups and Republicans are calling on president to stay despite his pledge to ‘cancel’ agreement

Donald Trump’s aides have abruptly postponed a meeting to determine whether the US should remain in the Paris climate agreement, with an unlikely coalition of fossil fuel firms, environmental groups and some Republicans calling on the president to stick with the deal.

Trump’s top advisers were set to meet on Tuesday to provide the president with a recommendation ahead of a G7 meeting in May. However, a White House official said the meeting had been postponed due to conflicting schedules. It is unclear when it will now take place.

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Cherry blossom around the world – in pictures

Guardian Environment News - Tue, 2017/04/18 - 8:59am

From Harrogate to Tokyo cherry blossom is in full bloom at the peak of spring

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Greenpeace fined under Lobbying Act in 'act of civil disobedience'

Guardian Environment News - Tue, 2017/04/18 - 8:43am

Exclusive: Greenpeace says ‘gagging law’ favours big business and refused to register as a campaign group in run-up to 2015 election

Greenpeace has become the first organisation to be fined under the government’s Lobbying Act which critics warned would silence legitimate campaign groups.

Ministers said the legislation, dubbed the “gagging law” by charities, would hold corporate lobbyists to account when it was introduced in 2014.

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Scientists to take to the streets in global march for truth

Guardian Environment News - Tue, 2017/04/18 - 3:52am

March for Science on 22 April will see scientists and supporters at more than 500 locations stand up for evidence-based thinking

Scientists and science supporters will take to the streets in a global March for Science on 22 April . What began as a small Facebook group in the US capital, Washington DC has spiralled into a global phenomenon that will now see marches and other events in more than 500 locations around the world, from Seattle to Seoul.

It is great news that so many people are prepared to stand up and defend the need for evidence-based thinking and the scientific method. But it is also a sad comment on our times that a March for Science is needed at all. Post-truth populism has infected democracies around the world, scientific objectivity is under threat from multiple sources and there seems a real danger of falling into a modern dystopian dark age.

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Science strikes back: anti-Trump march set to draw thousands to Washington

Guardian Environment News - Tue, 2017/04/18 - 3:00am

Scientists are ditching their labs for the streets in a mass protest against the Trump administration’s war on facts, but will the effort resonate with skeptics?

On Saturday, thousands of scientists are set to abandon the cloistered neutrality of their laboratories to plunge into the the political fray against Donald Trump in what will likely be the largest-ever protest by science advocates.

The March for Science, a demonstration modeled in part on January’s huge Women’s March, will inundate Washington DC’s national mall with a jumble of marine biologists, birdwatchers, climate researchers and others enraged by what they see as an assault by Trump’s administration upon evidence-based thinking and scientists themselves.

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In The Rockies, Climate Change Spells Trouble For Cutthroat Trout

NPR News - Environment - Tue, 2017/04/18 - 1:55am

Native cutthroat trout, an iconic part of the mountain West, thrive in cold streams. But warmer weather has allowed invaders to move in — and it's killing off the cutthroats.

(Image credit: Jonny Armstrong/USGS)

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Did Seattle's mandatory helmet law kill off its bike-share scheme?

Guardian Environment News - Mon, 2017/04/17 - 11:00pm

Seattle has become the first major US city to shut a public bike share scheme. Was it the helmet law … or the lack of cycle lanes and the notorious hills and rain?

A small group of supporters, journalists and a city councilman gathered at the end of last month to take Seattle’s cycle share bikes out for one last spin. Mayor Ed Murray had pulled the plug on the Pronto system after two-and-a-half years of low ridership, financial troubles and waning political support.

Sitting tall on the clunky, lime green bikes, our group of 10 pedalled through downtown’s heavy evening rush hour traffic, picking up a few more mourners on Pronto bikes en route.

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Something is amiss with the Yare valley rooks

Guardian Environment News - Mon, 2017/04/17 - 9:30pm

Claxton, Norfolk At Thorpe Hall near Haddiscoe, 340 pairs of rooks once nested, but this spring there is not one

Assessing the rook population in the Yare valley has long been a favourite ritual of my springs. Since the nests are coarse bundles of sticks in the bare treetops it is easy to combine the serious census work with the season’s wider pleasures: the sounds of first chiffchaffs or blackcaps, the lemon wings of male brimstone butterflies, and the year’s first glamorous colour from primroses, marsh marigolds and walls of blackthorn blossom.

However, by the time I reached the third of my 30 rookeries, I sensed that this year would be different. A site that had once held 100 nests was completely empty. Thereafter, each old place revealed the new story of absence.

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Illegal wildlife trade threatens species at Unesco sites, says WWF

Guardian Environment News - Mon, 2017/04/17 - 4:01pm

Conservation charity warns that almost half of world heritage sites designated for importance to nature are at risk

Almost half of the Unesco world heritage sites designated for their importance to nature are threatened by the illegal wildlife trade, a WWF report has said.

Poaching, illegal logging and fishing, and the trafficking of rare species are plaguing 45% of the world’s most precious natural areas, the report from the conservation charity said.

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Naval power: Mauritius looks to Perth base for renewable energy solutions

Guardian Environment News - Mon, 2017/04/17 - 3:53pm

First to be threatened by climate change, island nations want renewable energy, even if it costs them more

As home to Australia’s largest naval base, it is no surprise that foreign governments are curious about the secretive goings-on at Garden Island, just offshore from Perth in Western Australia.

Peering across from the other side of the Indian Ocean, the Mauritian government is not gathering intelligence on Australia’s military power, however – but rather how the military is powered.

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Gas Leak At BP Oil Well In Alaska Has Been Stopped

NPR News - Environment - Mon, 2017/04/17 - 2:26pm

BP employees discovered an uncontrolled gas leak on Friday, as well as crude oil misting onto the snow. The impact is reportedly limited to a gravel area around the well.

(Image credit: U.S. EPA/AP)

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Bizarre bivalve: first living giant shipworm discovered in Philippines

Guardian Environment News - Mon, 2017/04/17 - 12:00pm

Mud-dwelling organism that lives head down in a tusklike tube found alive for first time, although its existence had been known of for centuries

About three feet long and glistening black with a pink, fleshy appendage, it looks like the entrails of an alien from a bad horror film. In fact, it is a giant shipworm.

Discovered in the mud of a shallow lagoon in the Philippines, a living creature of the species has never been described before – even though its existence has been known for more than 200 years thanks to fossils of the baseball bat-sized tubes that encase the creature.

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a monday matinee...

The Field Lab - Mon, 2017/04/17 - 10:05am

76,86,55, .04",B
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Big six energy firms braced for government price crackdown

Guardian Environment News - Mon, 2017/04/17 - 8:43am

New rules are expected to be implemented as soon as next week, most likely in form of price cap on standard variable tariffs

Central heating systems are being turned off across the country as spring takes hold, but winter is coming for energy companies who have recently hiked bills for millions of households.

Theresa May said the energy market was “manifestly” not working after a flurry of price rises by the big six companies – British Gas, e.on, EDF, npower, ScottishPower, and SSE – and dozens of smaller suppliers.

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Receding glacier causes immense Canadian river to vanish in four days

Guardian Environment News - Mon, 2017/04/17 - 8:00am

First ever observed case of ‘river piracy’ saw the Slims river disappear as intense glacier melt suddenly diverted its flow into another watercourse

An immense river that flowed from one of Canada’s largest glaciers vanished over the course of four days last year, scientists have reported, in an unsettling illustration of how global warming dramatically changes the world’s geography.

The abrupt and unexpected disappearance of the Slims river, which spanned up to 150 metres at its widest points, is the first observed case of “river piracy”, in which the flow of one river is suddenly diverted into another.

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