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The Field Lab - Thu, 2019/05/09 - 4:26pm
Today I came across a YouTube channel that came in very handy.  I decided to do a search on how to repair airstream windows and came across Miller Garage.  They had a great series on all the steps involved.  Last time I did a search for that (about 6 years ago), I found very limited information.  Checking out some more of their content, I found they were shifting direction in their lives - but seemed to be concerned about their shift and how it may affect their channel and social media.  This blog has shifted direction over the years and often people complain that I am no longer true to my "original vision".  One thing I like to point out is that my online life is a diary - not a dialog.  I found their Facebook page and offered the following:  Thanks for that series on rebuilding Airstream windows. Something I have been wanting to do for a long time with my old Airstream. As for your channel and lives changing focus - don't give it a second thought and don't worry about losing followers (I am a new subscriber and I don't subscribe to very many channels). I have lived off the grid for 11 years near Terlingua, TX and at first I was all gung ho on all aspects of off grid and "sustainable living". I have been doing a daily blog for 10 years since moving to the desert and I am no longer focused solely on all things off grid. We all change and (hopefully) evolve and when someone who follows you feels "betrayed" if things change - they seriously need to get a life. I have had a YouTube channel for 13 years, but just started concentrating on it at the beginning of 2018 - posting 2 videos a week. I do it for myself...not for my "viewers". I don't try to appear as if I am friends with them to develop some kind of false personal relationship - contrary to what YouTube says you need to do in order to have a successful channel. If people like my content...great! If they don't...they are free to watch whatever they want. I don't concentrate on producing content consistent with one particular view or lifestyle because I have a lot of different interests and they are always changing. For me - living a life worth talking about is much more satisfying than sitting around watching what others do - and trying to entertain a group of people who are watchers instead of doers is a losing game.  83,91,53,0,W
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'Polluter pays': welfare lobby demands climate compensation for people on low incomes

Guardian Environment News - Thu, 2019/05/09 - 11:00am

Social services statement backs Labor’s emissions reduction target as a minimum

Action on climate change should make polluters pay and include compensation for people on low incomes, according to the social services sector.

The Australian Council of Social Services and others have called for “at least” a 45% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 coupled with regular indexation of the energy supplement to compensate welfare recipients.

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Extinction Rebellion founder cleared over King's College protest

Guardian Environment News - Thu, 2019/05/09 - 9:37am

Jury finds Roger Hallam not guilty of causing damage after spray painting building’s wall

The founder of Extinction Rebellion has been cleared by a jury of all charges relating to a protest against fossil fuels in what campaigners say is a historic moment for the climate justice movement.

Roger Hallam, 52, did not deny criminal damage worth £7,000 in an action to urge Kings College, London to divest from fossil fuels.

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Empty North Sea gas fields to be used to bury 10m tonnes of C02

Guardian Environment News - Thu, 2019/05/09 - 5:36am

Ports of Rotterdam, Antwerp and Ghent to pipe greenhouse gas into vast under-sea reservoir

Three of the largest ports in Europe – Rotterdam, Antwerp and Ghent – are to be used to capture and bury 10m tonnes of CO2 emissions under the North Sea in what will be the biggest project of its kind in the world.

The ports, which account for one-third of the total greenhouse gas emissions from the Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg region, are to be used to pipe the gas into a porous reservoir of sandstone about two miles (3km) below the seabed.

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PM says bill that mentions testing makeup on animals is 'action' on extinction crisis

Guardian Environment News - Thu, 2019/05/09 - 3:48am

Scott Morrison claims to have passed laws ‘dealing with that very issue’ raised by the UN environment report

Scott Morrison has identified a bill that restricts testing makeup on animals as an example of his government “taking action” on the extinction of a million plant and animal species raised by a landmark UN report.

On Tuesday, the prime minister told reporters he had “been taking action” on matters raised by the report, saying: “We already introduced and passed legislation through the Senate actually dealing with that very issue in the last week of the parliament.”

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'Biggest Little Farm': Offers Ways To Improve Man's Relationship With Nature

NPR News - Environment - Thu, 2019/05/09 - 2:02am

A new documentary chronicles the life of a couple who left the city for a farm north of LA. They built a bio-diverse farm that survived the recent wildfires and offers lessons for sustainable living.

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The UK's feral roads deter cycling – we need enforcement, not calls for respect

Guardian Environment News - Wed, 2019/05/08 - 11:00pm

Our public space is increasingly out of reach for all but the fit, the brave, and those in motor vehicles

Almost 90% of cyclists experience a “close pass” – an overtake within 1.5m – at least weekly, and 70% say conditions on Britain’s roads haven’t improved in the last five years, according to a new damning survey from British Cycling.

Of 15,000 respondents, 66% said they were concerned about their safety while cycling on Britain’s roads, and almost 40% said they experienced a close pass daily.

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Peter Garrett urges Bill Shorten to declare climate emergency if Labor wins

Guardian Environment News - Wed, 2019/05/08 - 7:51pm

Exclusive: Former environment minister calls for creation of ‘war’ cabinet committee to plot transition to zero carbon

The former environment minister Peter Garrett has urged an incoming Labor government to convene a climate emergency summit to plot a transition to zero carbon, and create a super department aligned to Treasury, like the Department of Post War Reconstruction after the second world war, to implement the transition.

In a speech overnight in New Zealand, Garrett – a former environment minister in the Rudd and Gillard governments – said Bill Shorten should create a standalone “war” cabinet committee, charged with the responsibility of overseeing the new initiatives and ensuring Australia meets its emission-reduction goals.

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I have felt hopelessness over climate change. Here is how we move past the immense grief | Rob Law

Guardian Environment News - Wed, 2019/05/08 - 5:01pm

My intellectual and rational understanding of it has shifted to much more of an emotional and personal one

Human society under urgent threat from loss of Earth’s natural life.’ ‘The planet has seen sudden warming before, it wiped out almost everything.’

These are some of the headlines that bombard us at ever-increasing rates.

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new eggs

The Field Lab - Wed, 2019/05/08 - 4:38pm
The dove nest that was vacated a week ago has two new occupants waiting to hatch...83,90,64,0,B
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Runaway consumption: 2tn drinks containers being used every year

Guardian Environment News - Wed, 2019/05/08 - 4:01pm

Global sales of plastic and glass drinks bottles, cans and cartons are rising, report finds

People around the world are using almost 2tn plastic and glass drinks bottles, cans and cartons each year, according to research.

The findings, from the Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE), reveal that global sales of drinks containers are set to reach 1.9tn in 2019 – up from 1.6tn in 2015.

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Climate crisis: flooding threat ‘may force UK towns to be abandoned’

Guardian Environment News - Wed, 2019/05/08 - 4:01pm

Environment Agency calls for urgent action to protect country from river and coastal floods

Entire communities might need to be moved away from coasts and rivers as the UK takes urgent action to prepare for an average global temperature rise of 4C, the Environment Agency warned.

The agency said on Thursday that difficult decisions would have to be taken in the coming years to make sure the UK was resilient amid flooding that would not be held back by higher land defences.

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Uber And Lyft Caused Major Traffic Uptick In San Francisco, Study Says

NPR News - Environment - Wed, 2019/05/08 - 12:57pm

Researchers compared data from fall 2010 — before the companies made inroads in the city — and fall 2016. They found that the companies are to blame for more than half of a big increase in traffic.

(Image credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

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Three Mile Island Nuclear Plant To Close, Latest Symbol Of Struggling Industry

NPR News - Environment - Wed, 2019/05/08 - 12:34pm

The Three Mile Island nuclear power plant, site of the nation's worst nuclear accident, will shut down by the end of September. Backers failed to secure subsidies to keep the plant operating.

(Image credit: Jeff Brady/NPR)

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California defies Trump to ban pesticide linked to childhood brain damage

Guardian Environment News - Wed, 2019/05/08 - 12:06pm

The EPA had moved to ban chlorpyrifos under Obama, but the Trump administration reversed that effort

California is banning a widely used pesticide that has been linked to brain damage in children, a major victory for public health advocates who have long fought to outlaw the toxic chemical in the agricultural industry.

The state ban on chlorpyrifos, a pesticide used on almonds, citrus, cotton, grapes, walnuts and other crops, follows years of research finding the chemical causes serious health effects in children, including impaired brain and neurological development. The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) had moved to ban the chemical under Barack Obama, but the Trump administration reversed that effort, rejecting the scientific conclusions of its own government experts.

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When '1-In-100-Year' Floods Happen Often, What Should You Call Them?

NPR News - Environment - Wed, 2019/05/08 - 11:50am

The term "100-year flood" can be confusing and misleading, scientists, local emergency officials and homeowners all agree. Experts say there's a better way to communicate about flood risk.

(Image credit: Gerald Herbert/AP)

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'Buses with fins': giant basking sharks reappear off California coast

Guardian Environment News - Wed, 2019/05/08 - 11:08am

The marine behemoths, which can weigh more than 10,000 pounds, are returning in numbers not seen in decades

Giant basking sharks have reappeared off the coast of southern California in numbers not seen in decades.

“The sight just takes your breath away – it’s magic,” said Lotti Keenan, who saw nearly a dozen basking sharks while on a whale-watching cruise in April. Three of them circled the boat. “We knew this was such a rare thing. And people on the boat were screaming with excitement – it was like you were at a soccer game.”

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Britain passes one week without coal power for first time since 1882

Guardian Environment News - Wed, 2019/05/08 - 6:05am

Landmark follows government pledge to phase out coal-fired electricity by 2025

Britain has gone a week without using coal to generate electricity for the first time since Queen Victoria was on the throne, in a landmark moment in the transition away from the heavily polluting fuel.

The last coal generator came off the system at 1.24pm on 1 May, meaning the UK reached a week without coal at 1.24pm on Wednesday, according to the National Grid Electricity System Operator, which runs the network in England, Scotland and Wales.

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This Company Says The Future Of Nuclear Energy Is Smaller, Cheaper And Safer

NPR News - Environment - Wed, 2019/05/08 - 3:02am

An Oregon company plans a new kind of nuclear power plant that many consider the future of the industry. It's smaller and cheaper and could work well with renewable energy.

(Image credit: NuScale Power)

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Fresh mountain smog? 96% of national parks have hazardous air quality – study

Guardian Environment News - Wed, 2019/05/08 - 3:00am

Report finds popular parks such as Yosemite and Joshua Tree have pollution at levels that threaten visitors and wildlife

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Millions of tourists will head out into America’s national parks this summer in search of fresh mountain air. But according to a new report they should instead expect dangerous levels of pollution; roughly 96% of the nation’s parks are struggling with significant air quality issues.

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