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California delays Joshua Tree protections as experts say time is running out

Guardian Environment News - Thu, 2022/06/16 - 4:50pm

Scientists predict that the spiny trees are unlikely to survive through the end of the century due to climate crisis

California officials have deferred a decision on whether to list the western Joshua tree as a threatened species after hours of public comment and debate this week ended in a deadlocked vote.

Scientists predict that the spiny-crested fixtures of the high desert are unlikely to survive through the end of the century due to global heating. By 2100, only 0.02% of the tree’s current habitat in Joshua Tree national park would remain viable amid unmitigated climate change, according to a 2019 study published in the journal Ecosphere.

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Ministers creating ‘hostile environment’ for protesters, say MPs

Guardian Environment News - Thu, 2022/06/16 - 4:01pm

Human rights committee including peers says public order bill lacks nuance and targets peaceful protests

MPs and peers have accused ministers of creating a “hostile environment” for peaceful protests with its proposals for new policing powers.

The draft public order bill includes a new offence of “locking on”, which relates to demonstrators attaching themselves to something so they cannot be removed. It carries a maximum sentence of up to 51 weeks in prison.

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UK not on track to cut air pollution and is not informing public on air quality, NAO says

Guardian Environment News - Thu, 2022/06/16 - 4:01pm

Spending watchdog warns existing policies not enough to meet most targets by 2030

The government is not on track to cut air pollution and is not effectively informing the public about the issue, the spending watchdog has warned.

The National Audit Office (NAO) warned that existing policy measures will not be enough to meet most of the government’s air quality targets by 2030.

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autonomy essentials...

The Field Lab - Thu, 2022/06/16 - 3:01pm



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In a place with little sea ice, polar bears have found another way to hunt

NPR News - Environment - Thu, 2022/06/16 - 11:03am

An isolated population of polar bears in southeast Greenland has learned to hunt on freshwater glacier ice. That means they may be able to survive longer as climate change makes sea ice scarce.

(Image credit: Kristin Laidre)

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Days of intense heat have killed thousands of cattle in Kansas

NPR News - Environment - Thu, 2022/06/16 - 9:39am

Temperatures topped 104 degrees in the state's top cattle county. In widely seen video footage, rows of carcasses are shown lined up along the edge of a field.

(Image credit: Daniel Acker/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

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Water supply in Montana’s biggest city imperiled by Yellowstone floods

Guardian Environment News - Thu, 2022/06/16 - 8:34am

Residents in Billings asked to conserve water after record rain and heavy flooding shut down service from city’s main water plant

The unprecedented flooding that wrecked parts of Yellowstone national park is also jeopardizing freshwater supplies in Montana’s most populated city.

The roughly 110,000 residents of Billings, Montana, were asked on Wednesday to conserve water after intense flooding in the region shut down service from the city’s main water plant, reported Q2 News, a local Billings news outlet.

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Insulate Britain says government welcome to borrow its name

Guardian Environment News - Thu, 2022/06/16 - 8:15am

No 10 official’s name for an insulation plan was nixed for unoriginality – but the campaigning group is OK with it

The well-known campaigning group Insulate Britain is happy to let the government borrow its name if officials can’t come up with a different label for their insulation scheme, it has told the Guardian.

According to a report in the Times on government plans for insulating homes, during one meeting to thrash out the policy, a No 10 official suggested calling it “Insulate Britain” – a proposal quickly nixed when someone else pointed out that it was already the name of the disruptive direct action group.

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How millions of lives can be saved if the US acts now on climate

Guardian Environment News - Thu, 2022/06/16 - 3:00am

Researchers have now calculated how many people could be saved from heat-related death if the US takes meaningful action

The rapidly shrinking window of opportunity for the US to pass significant climate legislation will have mortal, as well as political, stakes. Millions of lives around the world will be saved, or lost, depending on whether America manages to propel itself towards a future without planet-heating emissions.

For the first time, researchers have calculated exactly how many people the US could save by acting on the climate crisis. A total of 7.4 million lives around the world will be saved over this century if the US manages to cut its emissions to net zero by 2050, according to the analysis.

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The US activists holed up in treehouses to block $90m ‘Cop City’

Guardian Environment News - Thu, 2022/06/16 - 2:30am

Atlanta wants to build a police training facility in a forested area amid community opposition

The sign in the forest reads “You are now leaving The U.S.A.” Then, high up among the branches of a white oak tree, there is a treehouse the size of a closet. It is draped on all sides with white sheets bearing painted messages like “No police”, “No pipelines” and “No prisons”.

On the ground below it, woodland paths have been blocked with makeshift barricades of branches and used tires. There is a burned-out white pickup truck with “Defend the forest” spray-painted in black on its tailgate.

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Jeremy Corbyn unites with direct action group Just Stop Oil

Guardian Environment News - Thu, 2022/06/16 - 2:00am

Former Labour leader’s Peace and Justice Project to be part of new climate and social justice movement

Jeremy Corbyn, the former Labour leader, has teamed up with direct action campaigners to form a new “red/green” climate and social justice movement which aims to stage a “major wave of popular mass action” later this year.

Corbyn’s Peace and Justice Project, which he set up in 2021, is joining forces with Just Stop Oil campaigners who have staged a series of disruptive climate actions over the past six months.

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Australia commits to reducing greenhouse emissions by 43%

NPR News - Environment - Wed, 2022/06/15 - 11:50pm

The new government may face pressure to set even more ambitious goals for a country that is one of the world's largest exporters of coal and liquified natural gas.

(Image credit: Mark Baker/AP)

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BHP to close NSW’s largest coalmine in 2030 after failing to sell it

Guardian Environment News - Wed, 2022/06/15 - 10:03pm

Environmentalists welcome news but urge company to stop mining at Mt Arthur when permit expires in four years

The mining giant BHP has abandoned plans to keep mining coal at Mt Arthur in New South Wales until 2045 and will close the mine down in 2030 after failing to sell it.

Environmentalists and shareholder activists welcomed the decision to close the mine in the Hunter Valley rather than sell it on to another operator. But they said BHP should close the mine in 2026, when its current permit expires, rather than extending its life for another four years.

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Coldest start to winter in decades for eastern Australia with power grid under strain

Guardian Environment News - Wed, 2022/06/15 - 9:37pm

Early June temperatures in Melbourne didn’t go above 15 degrees for first time in 70 years as cold weather pattern starts to break

Eastern Australia’s giant cold snap is finally breaking down but not before temperatures reached lows not seen for seven decades or longer and pushed the country’s main electricity grid to the brink.

The extended chill was caused by an unusual weather pattern that locked in cool pools of air over southern and eastern states, triggering the deepest snow dumps in the alps since 1968, according to Ben Domensino, a senior meteorologist at Weatherzone.

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White lies: Daily Telegraph’s excitement over bumper snow season skates over facts | Temperature Check

Guardian Environment News - Wed, 2022/06/15 - 7:25pm

A cold start to winter has the News Corp newspaper and Sky News telling ‘alarmists’ to chill, but what is really going on with snowfall?

It’s felt cold in parts of eastern Australia in recent weeks and with heavy snow falling over ski resorts, it has to mean this whole global heating thing is a dud, right?

Sydney’s The Daily Telegraph said an early start to the snow season had come “despite dire global warming predictions of vanishing snow” with a headline declaring “Alarmists given big chill”.

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Unclear when electricity market suspension will end as Chris Bowen backs ‘extreme’ intervention

Guardian Environment News - Wed, 2022/06/15 - 6:21pm

Energy minister says the NSW grid will again come under ‘significant pressure’ on Thursday evening, asking residents to limit power use

The suspension of the national energy market could remain in place indefinitely, with the federal government unable to say when the “extreme” action will end.

Energy minister Chris Bowen ruled out extending the life of coal-fired power stations as a short-term solution to the energy crisis, saying the Labor government believed further investment in renewable generation and storage was a better option.

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First Nations group join Darwin festival protest over fossil fuel sponsorship

Guardian Environment News - Wed, 2022/06/15 - 2:59pm

Open letter to festival board says Santos’ involvement threatens cultural integrity and amounts to ‘artswashing’

A delegation of First Nations people are expected to join a collective of artists and creative producers on Thursday to protest a controversial sponsorship deal between the Darwin festival and gas and oil company Santos.

The call to dump the longstanding fossil fuel sponsorship was included in an open letter sent on Tuesday to the festival’s board, chaired by former Northern Territory Airports chief executive Ian Kew, along with a petition of about 200 signatures. The protest coincides with the launch the festival’s 2022 program, running from 4 to 21 August.

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The Field Lab - Wed, 2022/06/15 - 2:49pm
Ended up with a nice little storm last night that wasn't in the forecast. Total accumulation over 5 hours ended up at .81". Caught 1600 gallons off my rooftops and pumped 2000 gallons into one of my creek tanks. Last time I got a good amount of rain out of one storm was on December 10,2019 with .74". Previous to that was 1.15" on December 7, 2017 (I keep very detailed weather records). I've been wanting to try adding my real time weather station data to a video and finally got my shot. My weather station is a discontinued model that I bought years ago from https://ambientweather.com. You can see my current conditions on WeatherUnderground at KTXALPIN105. The desert sure soaks it up fast...95,100,66,0,B

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EPA imposes stricter limits on four types of toxic ‘forever chemicals’

Guardian Environment News - Wed, 2022/06/15 - 1:21pm

EPA administrator Michael Regan announces ‘aggressive action’ but new PFAS limits are advisory and critics call them ‘baby steps’

The US Environmental Protection Agency on Wednesday announced new advisory limits for four kinds of PFAS “forever chemicals”, warning that the compounds, which most Americans are exposed to daily, are far more toxic than previously thought.

The dangerous chemicals are estimated to be contaminating drinking water for more than 200 million people, and the new limits could have significant financial consequences for PFAS polluters, including the US military and producers like 3M, DuPont and Chemours.

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Yellowstone's northern half is unlikely to reopen this summer due to severe flooding

NPR News - Environment - Wed, 2022/06/15 - 1:13pm

Yellowstone National Park prepares for limited reopening as surrounding communities grapple with flood damage

(Image credit: Rick Bowmer/AP)

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