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Al Gore: Trump has failed to knock Paris climate deal off course

Guardian Environment News - Fri, 2017/08/11 - 5:51am

Former US vice president says the US will meet its climate commitments in spite of Donald Trump’s withdrawal from the global agreement

Donald Trump has failed to knock the Paris climate agreement off course despite his efforts to derail it, according to the former US vice president Al Gore.

“The US will meet its commitments [on emissions] in spite of Donald Trump,” he said in London, where his new film An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power was released on Friday. “Every other country has pledged [to combat climate change]. I think the psychological message is that the train has left the station. The signal sent to investors, businesses, individuals and civil society is extraordinarily powerful.”

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Where global warming gets real: inside Nasa’s mission to the north pole – podcast

Guardian Environment News - Fri, 2017/08/11 - 4:00am

For 10 years, Nasa has been flying over the ice caps to chart their retreat. This data is an invaluable record of climate change. But does anyone care?

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Pipe sections up to half a kilometre long wash up on Norfolk coast

Guardian Environment News - Fri, 2017/08/11 - 3:39am

Salvage operation under way after 12 sections of a giant pipe broke free from Norwegian tugs bound for Algeria

Sections of a giant pipe, one almost half a kilometre long, have washed up on the north Norfolk coast after breaking free from Norwegian tugs bound for Algeria following an accident involving an Icelandic container ship.

A 480 metre (1,570ft) length of the plastic piping beached between Sea Palling and Winterton-on-Sea on Friday. Earlier this week a 200 metre section appeared at low tide further west at Horsey.

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The year Trump was elected was so hot, it was 1-in-a-million | Dana Nuccitelli

Guardian Environment News - Fri, 2017/08/11 - 3:00am

The odds of 2014, 2015, and 2016 naturally being as hot as they were are about the same as the odds you’ll be struck by lightning this year

2014, 2015, and 2016 each broke the global temperature record. A new study led by climate scientist Michael Mann just published in Geophysical Research Letters used climate model simulations to examine the odds that these records would have been set in a world with and without human-caused global warming. In model simulations without a human climate influence, the authors concluded:

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Nebraska Could Still Keep Keystone XL Pipeline From Being Built

NPR News - Environment - Fri, 2017/08/11 - 2:00am

When President Trump approved the Keystone XL Pipeline in March, many people thought that meant the controversial project would finally be built. But the pipeline still needs approval from Nebraska.

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Carmichael coalmine: Commonwealth Bank indicates it will not lend to Adani

Guardian Environment News - Thu, 2017/08/10 - 11:36pm

Controversial Queensland coalmine project is now without financing from any of Australia’s big four banks

The Commonwealth Bank has indicated it will not lend money to Adani’s proposed Carmichael coalmine, leaving the project without financing from any of Australia’s big four banks.

A spokesman from Commonwealth Bank said the bank is “not among the banks who have been, or will be, asked to consider this financing”.

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The Transcontinental bike race: 2,400 gruelling miles across Europe – in pictures

Guardian Environment News - Thu, 2017/08/10 - 11:30pm

Hundreds of riders race from Belgium to Greece, with no set route, facing extreme heat and often on only a few hours sleep a night

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All slaughterhouses in England to have compulsory CCTV

Guardian Environment News - Thu, 2017/08/10 - 10:30pm

Cameras are part of a series of measures to improve animal welfare and enforce laws against cruelty

All slaughterhouses in England will be fitted with compulsory CCTV under plans to be unveiled on Friday by environment secretary Michael Gove, as part of a series of measures to bolster welfare standards and enforce laws against animal cruelty.

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Britain spent 'twice as much on overseas fossil fuels as renewables'

Guardian Environment News - Thu, 2017/08/10 - 10:01pm

Nearly half of £6.1bn energy spending in developing countries from 2010-14 went on oil, coal and gas-fired schemes, data shows

The UK has spent more than twice as much overseas support on fossil fuels projects as on renewable ones so far this decade, according to research commissioned by the Catholic aid agency Cafod.

The Overseas Development Institute, which analysed the figures, found that 46% of Britain’s £6.1bn energy spending in developing countries between 2010 and 2014 went on oil, coal and gas-fired schemes, compared with 22% for renewable energy projects.

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Government loan to Adani will create ‘billion-dollar ghost train’, Senate told

Guardian Environment News - Thu, 2017/08/10 - 7:00pm

Public governance specialist raises concerns over the way the Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility is conducting itself

If the federal government funds a rail link to Adani’s proposed Carmichael mine, it will become known as the “government-funded billion-dollar ghost train”, an expert in public governance has told the Senate.

Thomas Clark, a professor at the University of Technology Sydney, who has decades of experience in public and corporate governance, appeared before a Senate inquiry into the operation and governance of the Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility (Naif), which is considering a $900m loan to Adani’s rail link.

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Queensland coalmines named and shamed for dust monitoring failures

Guardian Environment News - Thu, 2017/08/10 - 6:50pm

Four mines operated by Glencore and Anglo could be prosecuted or even shut down, minister tells state parliament

Four underground Queensland coalmines operated by Glencore and Anglo American could be prosecuted or even shut down for failing to properly monitor dust levels.

Anthony Lynham, the state’s mines minister, has named and shamed the companies in parliament, warning that they risked severe penalties for failing to meet monitoring obligations designed to protect workers from dust-related diseases such as black lung.

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2016 Hit Records For Global Temperature And Climate Extremes

NPR News - Environment - Thu, 2017/08/10 - 6:00pm

An annual report, comprising data from scientists across the globe, shows it was the warmest on records that date back 137 years. It also saw the highest sea levels and lowest polar sea ice.

(Image credit: Marko Drobnjakovic/AP)

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Adani fined for dumping coal-laden stormwater into sea at Abbot Point

Guardian Environment News - Thu, 2017/08/10 - 3:36pm

Dumped water containing over eight times the permitted amount of sediment was released by family-linked company during Cyclone Debbie in March

An Adani company has been fined by the Queensland government for its unauthorised release of coal-laden stormwater into the sea at its Abbot Point port during a cyclone in March.

The coal port operator, which dumped water containing more than eight times the permitted amount of sediment during Cyclone Debbie on 27 March, was issued a $12,190 penalty for a technical breach on 20 July.

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The Field Lab - Thu, 2017/08/10 - 3:02pm
Been seeing a lot of very uninformed folks adding this graphic to their Facebook profile picture lately.  Seems the latest cry from the bleeding hearts against Trump's tough stance on illegal immigration is how a border wall may effect wildlife refuges.  Unfortunately, a few of these refuges just happen to be along a stretch in east Texas that just happens to be where the absolute most amount of illegal traffic occurs along the entire Mexican/America border (almost 200,000 apprehended in 2016 and DHS estimates that at least that many actually got through without being captured).  Something the bleeding hearts fail to realize is that this isn't just about stopping innocent families crossing the border, looking for a better life.  Aside from the threat of terrorists getting though, it just so happens that Mexico is where we get most of our coke, heroin, meth, and fentanyl.  The cartels have stepped up their game with these commodities to make up for the lack of demand for their low grade marijuana.  And now there is also a huge black market by the drug cartels to smuggle our high potency "legal" marijuana back into Mexico.  As for the construction of a physical barrier that may harm some wildlife...don't blame the government.  Blame the drug dealers and our junkie society.  91,95,76,0,B
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Silicon Valley billionaire loses bid to prevent access to public beach

Guardian Environment News - Thu, 2017/08/10 - 2:39pm

Court decision is blow to Vinod Khosla and other wealthy landowners seeking to buy renowned beaches, making public land private

A California court has ordered a Silicon Valley billionaire to restore access to a beloved beach that he closed off for his private use, a major victory for public lands advocates who have been fighting the venture capitalist for years.

An appeals court ruled on Thursday that Vinod Khosla, who runs the venture capital firm Khosla Ventures and co-founded the tech company Sun Microsystems, must unlock the gates to Martins Beach in northern California by his property.

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New Orleans at risk of further floods after fire cuts power to pumps

Guardian Environment News - Thu, 2017/08/10 - 11:16am
  • Mitch Landrieu says: ‘We are at risk if we have a massive rain event’
  • Fire at power station on Thursday reduces city’s ability to drain stormwater

With heavy rains forecast for Thursday, New Orleans is in a “vulnerable position” following a fire at one of the power stations that runs the city’s flood-control water pumps, its mayor has said.

“We are at risk if we have a massive rain event,” Mitch Landrieu said at an emergency 3am press conference on Thursday.

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Tourism industry funds research trip to most damaged part of Great Barrier Reef

Guardian Environment News - Thu, 2017/08/10 - 11:00am

Exclusive: Unprecedented scientific expedition funded by private tourism company is designed to unlock secrets of surviving coral

A scientific research expedition funded by the tourism industry will undertake the first significant underwater study of remote northern sections of the Great Barrier Reef, which were severely damaged by recent coral bleaching.

Nonprofit organisation Great Barrier Reef Legacy will launch a 21-day research trip on a 32-metre charter boat, offering at least 10 free spaces to scientists, including Charlie Veron, known as “the godfather of coral”.

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The Australian's environment editor, Graham Lloyd, sued over Peruvian eco-retreat

Guardian Environment News - Thu, 2017/08/10 - 11:00am

A former partner in an Amazonian conservation project with Lloyd and his partner Vanessa Hunter is claiming more than $600,000 in damages and costs

Graham Lloyd, the environment editor of the Australian, and his partner, Vanessa Hunter, are being sued by a former joint-venture partner in an eco-retreat and Amazonian conservation project in Peru.

Cheryl Conway, who provided Lloyd and Hunter with more than $600,000 between 2013 and 2015 to establish the Lupunaluz Foundation and build the Lupunaluz Retreat, has filed an application in the federal court seeking damages for misleading or deceptive conduct and breach of contract.

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Australia faces potentially disastrous consequences of climate change, inquiry told

Guardian Environment News - Thu, 2017/08/10 - 11:00am

Former defence force chief decries Australia’s response to climate challenge as a ‘manifest failure of leadership’

Military and climate experts, including a former chief of the defence force, have warned that Australia faces potential “disastrous consequences” from climate change, including “revolving” natural disasters and the forced migration of tens of millions of people across the region, overwhelming security forces and government.

Former defence force chief Adm Chris Barrie, now adjunct professor at the strategic and defence studies centre at the Australian National University, said in a submission to a Senate inquiry that Australia’s ability to mitigate and respond to the impacts of climate change had been corrupted by political timidity: “Australia’s climate change credentials have suffered from a serious lack of political leadership”.

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Environmental Penalties Down Under President Trump

NPR News - Environment - Thu, 2017/08/10 - 10:00am

A new report shows the EPA has collected 60 percent less in civil penalties from polluters compared with recent administrations.

(Image credit: Paul Sakuma/AP)

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