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Tim Flach's endangered species – in pictures

Guardian Environment News - Mon, 2017/10/23 - 9:58am

Photographer Tim Flach’s latest book Endangered, with text by zoologist Jonathan Baillie, offers a powerful visual record of threatened animals and ecosystems facing the harshest of challenges

Tim Flach sees his Hasselblad H4D-60 camera as a means to its end: capturing the character and emotions of an animal. Until now his interest has been in the way humans shape animals, but in his new book, Endangered, he poses the question of what these animals, and their potential disappearance, mean to us.

Twenty months of shooting and six months of assembling has resulted in a collection of more than 180 pictures. “In some cases we put up a black background in a zoo or a natural reserve, in others it meant being underwater with hippos or great white sharks.”

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EPA kept scientists from speaking about climate change at Rhode Island event

Guardian Environment News - Mon, 2017/10/23 - 9:10am

Scientists were expected to report that climate change is affecting air and water temperatures, precipitation, sea level and fish in New England’s largest estuary

The Environmental Protection Agency kept three scientists from speaking at a Rhode Island event about a report that deals in part with climate change.

The scientists were expected to discuss in Providence on Monday a report on the health of Narragansett Bay, New England’s largest estuary. The EPA did not explain exactly why the scientists were told not to.

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Who will protect the workers cleaning up Houston? | Jose Garza

Guardian Environment News - Mon, 2017/10/23 - 8:05am

Texas construction workers already endure dire conditions. We must fight to ensure that those rebuilding post-Harvey are properly protected and paid

On a damp, early Monday morning last month, five community organizers crammed into a car heading to downtown Houston.

They didn’t have a particular destination, other than street corners and parking lots. They were looking for day laborers and construction workers, a workforce often seen in Houston but rarely felt. They were driving to places where these workers gathered each morning in search of work to rebuild the city after Hurricane Harvey.

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Ocean acidification is deadly threat to marine life, finds eight-year study

Guardian Environment News - Mon, 2017/10/23 - 8:02am

Plastic pollution, overfishing, global warming and increased acidification from burning fossil fuels means oceans are increasingly hostile to marine life

If the outlook for marine life was already looking bleak – torrents of plastic that can suffocate and starve fish, overfishing, diverse forms of human pollution that create dead zones, the effects of global warming which is bleaching coral reefs and threatening coldwater species – another threat is quietly adding to the toxic soup.

Ocean acidification is progressing rapidly around the world, new research has found, and its combination with the other threats to marine life is proving deadly. Many organisms that could withstand a certain amount of acidification are at risk of losing this adaptive ability owing to pollution from plastics, and the extra stress from global warming.

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Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s a giant trevally, Blue Planet’s next box-office monster

Guardian Environment News - Mon, 2017/10/23 - 6:32am

David Attenborough’s ocean wildlife series returns to our screen next week – and a gravity-defying, bird-munching superfish could be its biggest star

Name: Giant trevally.

Appearance: Like a bluefin trevally, but larger and without blue fins.

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Revealed: government spent £370,000 losing air pollution legal battles

Guardian Environment News - Mon, 2017/10/23 - 4:39am

Exclusive: Freedom of information request reveals ‘disgraceful’ amount of taxpayers’ money used to battle ClientEarth over illegally poor air pollution plans

The government spent £370,000 of taxpayers’ money unsuccessfully fighting court claims that its plans to tackle air pollution were illegally poor, a freedom of information request has revealed.

The money was spent battling two actions brought by environmental lawyers ClientEarth and included more than £90,000 in costs paid to the group after it won on both occasions. Critics said the government’s expenditure was “disgraceful” and should have been spent on cutting pollution.

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Air pollution is killing us. As a GP I welcome this new charge on drivers | Chris Griffiths

Guardian Environment News - Mon, 2017/10/23 - 4:19am
From today the most polluting vehicles on London roads will face a ‘toxicity’ fee. It’s a vital first step towards cleaning up the UK’s dangerously dirty air

A report released last week by international experts shows pollution to have caused more deaths in the UK than in many other countries in western Europe. Air pollution is largely invisible, so it is hard to grasp how much damage it is doing to our health. But studies like the Lancet commission on pollution make it clear that poor air quality increases not only the likelihood of developing a range of respiratory illnesses, but also the frequency and severity of bouts of those illnesses.

Like many GPs, I see this “double hit” in the children and adolescents who come to surgery every day. Preschool children who live near main roads have an increased risk of developing wheeze triggered by viral colds – a condition we call “preschool wheeze”. Exposure to traffic pollution also increases the chance of a child developing asthma. For preschool wheezers and children with asthma, high pollution days can then trigger episodes of severe wheezing, especially when pollution has not been dispersed by the wind.

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'Steady decline' in honey crop raises concern for honeybees' future

Guardian Environment News - Mon, 2017/10/23 - 3:55am

British Beekeepers Association survey reveals worrying drop in honey yield, with 62% of beekeepers saying neonicotinoids are to blame

Beekeepers have raised concerns over the future of honeybees as an annual survey showed a “steady decline” in the honey crop.

The survey by the British Beekeepers Association (BBKA) revealed beekeepers in England produced an average of 11.8kg (26 lb) of honey per hive this year, down 1kg on last year.

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London's £10 T-charge comes into effect in fight against toxic car fumes

Guardian Environment News - Mon, 2017/10/23 - 3:04am

Drivers of older, more polluting petrol and diesel cars in centre of capital now liable for fee on top of congestion charge

Drivers of the most polluting vehicles must from now on pay a daily charge of up to £21.50 to drive in to central London.

From Monday, people driving older, more polluting petrol and diesel vehicles will be liable for the £10 T-charge, on top of the congestion charge of £11.50, which has been in place since 2003.

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Americans want a tax on carbon pollution, but how to get one? | Dana Nuccitelli

Guardian Environment News - Mon, 2017/10/23 - 3:00am

A new study finds that Americans are willing to pay an extra $15 per month on energy bills to tackle climate change.

According to a new study published by Yale scientists in Environmental Research Letters, Americans are willing to pay a carbon tax that would increase their household energy bills by $15 per month, or about 15%, on average. This result is consistent with a survey from last year that also found Americans are willing to pay an average of $15 to $20 per month to combat climate change. Another recent Yale survey found that overall, 78% of registered American voters support taxing and/or regulating carbon pollution, including 67% of Republicans and 60% of conservative Republicans.

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Digging In The Mud To See What Toxic Substances Were Spread By Hurricane Harvey

NPR News - Environment - Mon, 2017/10/23 - 1:53am

Hurricane Harvey dumped 50 inches of rain on parts of Houston. Scientists are now trying to identify contaminants spread by the storm, including those in mud at the bottom of the Houston Ship Channel.

(Image credit: Rebecca Hersher/NPR)

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China Shuts Down Tens Of Thousands Of Factories In Unprecedented Pollution Crackdown

NPR News - Environment - Mon, 2017/10/23 - 1:52am

After decades of doing little about the pollution that has plagued much of the country, China's government is temporarily shutting down entire industrial regions to inspect for violations.

(Image credit: Andy Wong/AP)

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Blue Planet 2: Attenborough defends shots filmed in studio

Guardian Environment News - Sun, 2017/10/22 - 11:19pm

Most filming done in the wild – including armoured octopuses and hypnotic cuttlefish – but some crucial behaviour had to be captured in lab conditions

Footage of captive wildlife inserted into the BBC’s Blue Planet 2 series remains “totally true to nature”, according to the makers of the flagship show that reveals new insights into life in the oceans.

An octopus that armours itself with shells and rocks, fish that use sign language and tools and dazzling cuttlefish that appear to hypnotise their prey are among the new spectacles uncovered by the series, which starts later this week.

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Fall Harvest Potluck

Home Grown New Mexico - Wed, 2017/09/20 - 8:39am

Last year we had a fabulous fall potluck where everyone shared a dish made from their garden and listened to Deborah Madison talk about her garden. Of course maybe you didn’t have a garden this year, so this would be the time to come and find out what Home Grown NM is about and learn from other gardeners. So please show up-we would love to see you all!

Sunday, October 1st—4 pm to 6 pm
Fall Harvest Potluck
Come to our Fall Harvest Potluck. Share some food from your gardens with like-minded gardeners and listen to The Tomato Lady’s inspirational talk about her veggie gardening in Santa Fe and what worked and didn’t work. Also come see Paul Drumright’s fabulous gardens! Paul was the host last year as well.

Location: Paul Drumright’s house
6 Cuesta Road • Santa Fe (Eldorado), NM
Fee: FREE for everyone!
Guest Speaker: Jannine Cabossel, The Tomato Lady

Please RSVP through Eventbrite so we know how many drinks to supply:

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Small Perennial Fruit Class DIRECTIONS

Home Grown New Mexico - Sat, 2017/08/26 - 6:10am

August 27th —12 noon to 2 pm
Small Fruit Perennial Gardening-Berries, Grapes and more!

Tomorrow is our next class on Small Perennial Fruit and for those of you who signed up, you will need detailed directions to Jeremiah Kidd’s House.

Here is a map and directions to his house: 29 Hidden Valley Rd

directions to Jeemiah Kidds house
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