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The Field Lab - Mon, 2018/04/23 - 10:00am
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Flint Activist Wins Major Environmental Prize

NPR News - Environment - Mon, 2018/04/23 - 9:00am

LeeAnne Walters demanded action from local officials, confronting them with bottles of discolored water. They dismissed her for months. She meticulously documented lead levels in Flint homes.

(Image credit: Michael Gleason/The Goldman Environmental Prize)

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Graphene 'a game-changer' in making building with concrete greener

Guardian Environment News - Mon, 2018/04/23 - 8:25am

Form of carbon incorporated into concrete created stronger, more water-resistant composite material that could reduce emissions

The novel “supermaterial” graphene could hold the key to making one of the oldest building materials greener, new scientific research suggests.

Graphene has been incorporated into traditional concrete production by scientists at the University of Exeter, developing a composite material which is more than twice as strong and four times more water-resistant than existing concretes.

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For 50 Years, Deep-Water Trawls Likely Caught More Fish Than Anyone Thought

NPR News - Environment - Mon, 2018/04/23 - 5:00am

Using historical data and estimates from deep-sea trawls that drag nets along the ocean floor, researchers estimate that millions of tons of catch have gone unreported in the last 50 years.

(Image credit: Monty Rakusen/Getty Images/Cultura RF)

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Pruitt promised polluters EPA will value their profits over American lives | Dana Nuccitelli

Guardian Environment News - Mon, 2018/04/23 - 3:00am

Pruitt is one of TIME’s 100 most influential people for his efforts to maximize polluters’ profits

TIME magazine announced last week that Trump’s EPA administrator Scott Pruitt is among their 100 most influential people of 2018. George W. Bush’s former EPA administrator Christine Todd Whitman delivered the scathing explanation:

If his actions continue in the same direction, during Pruitt’s term at the EPA the environment will be threatened instead of protected, and human health endangered instead of preserved, all with no long-term benefit to the economy.

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World’s newest great ape threatened by Chinese dam

Guardian Environment News - Mon, 2018/04/23 - 12:13am

The discovery of the Tapanuli orangutan has not stopped a Chinese state-run company from clearing forest for a planned dam. Conservationists fear this will be the beginning of the end for a species only known for six months

Last November scientists made a jaw-dropping announcement: they’d discovered a new great ape hiding in plain sight, only the eighth inhabiting our planet.

The Tapanuli orangutan survives in northern Sumatra and it is already the most endangered great ape in the world; researchers estimate less than 800 individuals survive. But the discovery hasn’t stopped a Chinese state-run company, Sinohydro, from moving ahead with clearing forest for a large dam project smack in the middle of the orangutan population. According to several orangutan experts, Sinohyrdo’s dam represents an immediate and existential threat to the Tapanuli orangutan.

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Could sprinkling sand save the Arctic's shrinking sea ice?

Guardian Environment News - Sun, 2018/04/22 - 11:00pm

Arctic Dispatches, part 3: A pilot project at a lake in northern Alaska is one of a number aiming to slow climate change with geoengineering – but some worry about unintended consequences

As a test location for a project that aims to ensure the livability of Earth, a frozen lake near the northern tip of Alaska could seem rather inauspicious.

While the North Meadow Lake near Utqiaġvik, formerly known as Barrow, may be relatively nondescript, it will be the staging ground this month for an ambitious attempt to safeguard the Arctic’s rapidly diminishing sea ice and stave off the most punishing effects of global warming.

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The twisted logic of atheists...

The Field Lab - Sun, 2018/04/22 - 11:11am
It's funny how non-believers will latch on to something like this because they refuse to accept the idea of eternal punishment.  It is also funny how often they latch on to something the Pope says and twist it around.   The Pope did not in fact "reveal the answer", and is well aware of the concept of Heaven and hell.  I think he handled this the only way he could and was just being diplomatic because it was a child in a very public forum.  But being the greatest guy in the world doesn't gain you much credit in the afterlife without having accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior - and splashing your children with water doesn't do anything for them or you.  That is the problem with the Catholic religion...they offer blessings and atonement at the hands of mere men when only God can grant such favors through the death of his only Son.  I suspect that if the Pope was dealing with an adult in a private situation, he would suggest the following scriptures:  Ephesians 2:8 For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God:  9 Not of works, lest any man should boast.  Mathew 10: 33   But whosoever shall deny me before men, him will I also deny before my Father which is in heaven.
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Next Class-Pasta! Learn how to make ravioli-April 29th

Home Grown New Mexico - Sun, 2018/04/22 - 8:34am


Still time to join us! Sign up now!

Sunday, April 29th—
12 noon to 2 pm

Pasta Making class-Ravioli
Join Michelle Michelotti-Martinez of Eatentions to learn the art of pasta making. She will talk about the use of certain flour and other ingredients to obtain the best results for fresh pasta & demonstrate how to roll out the dough, dry, & cut the pasta. A quick pan sauce will be demonstrated & we will finish with a sampling!

Instructor: Michelle Michelotti-Martinez
Location: 2520-B Camino Entrada (Santa Fe Area HomeBuilders Association-next to Habitat ReStore on south side) • Santa Fe
Fee: $20 per person for members or non-members

Please sign up through Eventbrite:

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Celebrate Earth Day on Saturday, April 21st

Home Grown New Mexico - Sat, 2018/04/14 - 8:22pm

Come celebrate Earth Day in Santa Fe on April 21st-10 am to 2 pm at the Railyard Park. Free workshops and demos, vendors, music and more! Come visit our table, Home Grown New Mexico and see what great classes/workshops we are having for 2018. We are all about growing, raising, harvesting, cooking and preserving homegrown food using organic and sustainable methods for urban gardeners. If you like to grow food, you should join us for some classes or better still become a member.

Categories: Sustainable SW Blogs
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